10 Worst Apps Ever Made

Worst Apps

Worst apps are those that have poor performance and have been major flops in the apps industry.

Even though Pokemon Go became Nintendo’s salvation, not all apps have lived up to the hype. Throughout the years, we have seen thousands of apps that range from innovative to downright bad ideas.

Not every app developer was blessed with the million-dollar idea, which has led to some horrible flops. It’s not easy being a successful app developer, & these horrible apps prove it.

10 Worst Apps That Never Should Have Been Made

Fortunately, for humour’s sake, some of these failures still live in infamy to this day. Some horribly bad ideas will never fail to perplex us.

Sometimes, examining apps at their worst is good for understanding how far we have come.

For this reason, here is a list of the worst apps of all time. So get ready to be blown away by the outrageous ideas that these developers had the gumption to publish!

1. I am Rich

Worst Apps 1
This red icon shows everyone that you have too much money.

In 2008, Armin Heinrich had a brilliant idea. He realized that many people prance around with expensive gear to boast they have money, which led him to develop the most expensive app ever.

The I Am Rich app costs $999. The best part is that it doesn’t actually do anything—it only displays a red icon—so you can brag about buying it.

There was no other feature. The only point of buying the app was to prove to people that you could afford it. While this seemed like a great idea to Armin, everyone who was stupid enough to purchase it thought differently.

After multiple complaints, Apple removed it from the app store. While this get-rich-quick scheme only lasted a day, Armin made enough cash to become one of the most infamous app developers ever.

What happened to the app?

The app was pulled from the App Store less than 24 hours after its launch. Critics gave it poor reviews, and only eight copies were sold. In the years since several similar applications have been released at lower prices.

Similar name app

Yes, a similar-name app was recently launched by Flutter Ninja. Open the app and bask in the envy of your peers as you proudly display the symbol of prosperity on your device.

2. Send Me to Heaven

Worst Apps 2
This app leads to a smartphone genocide.

This is one of the worst apps that caused the deaths of more smartphones than any natural disaster could ever hope to achieve.

The app’s premise is simple: throw your phone as high as possible, and it will register how high it reaches.

The hard part is pulling off this stunt without destroying your smartphone. While most of the high scores hover around 1.5 meters, hundreds more records couldn’t be logged since the phones smashed on impact.

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What happened to the app?

After countless complaints from people who damaged their phones, Apple pulled the app from its store. Unfortunately, to this day, this one of the worst apps is available on Android devices!

3. TweetPee

Worst Apps 3
Peeing & Tweeting don’t mix.

For many struggling parents, any help is welcome. That’s why the developers of this app decided to step in & save the day.

They created a sensor that attaches to any diaper & alerts the parents when their child is urinating. While this part of the app is helpful, the alert system wasn’t as well thought out.

The Tweet Pee app was developed by Huggies Brazil in 2013 but soon was a flop show.

What happened to the app?

The parents’ Twitter accounts proudly tweeted every peeing session. This led to thousands of innocent people being alerted every time their friend’s child peed. Many parents also raised privacy concerns. It didn’t go over well, and this app was discarded before long.

4. Fartr

Fartr app
Fart or Burp-Who knows

Fartr is a paid app that grades your flatulence. It actually works rather well. You hit a button in the app, rip one, and the app measures the sound and gives you a score out of 100.

Additionally, the app produces a snowflake-like visualization of your fart based on its pitch, volume, and length. You can even share your results with others.

This app, launched in 2019, was hilarious for how useless of a function it provides.

What happened to the app?

Apple also removed the app from the Google Play store because many users considered it offensive or inappropriate.

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5. Useless Button

Useless button
Want to waste time then download it

Useless Button is a free and useless app that Riccardo Camattari developed. When you open the app, it has a red button, and pressing it does nothing. Will you love blank when you open the app and some with decently designed buttons?

All you will hear is a click sound. This is one of the worst apps, and it is easy to find with a simple search.

What happened to the app?

The app is still available at the Google Play Store.

6. Taxi Hold’em

Taxi Holdem
Texas Holdem or Taxi Holdem – What a cheat

Taxi Hold’em displays a large “TAXI” sign in bright yellow and black on your phone to help you hail one down. Imagine being a taxi driver with your eyes on the road.

You spot a passer-by with some letters written on their phone. You squint your eyes, trying to see what the tiny screen says. Next thing you know, you’ve crashed into the car in front of you.

Launched in 2013, this app has “zero buttons” functionality. Just tilt your iPhone, and it starts. It’s as easy as that. Tilt back to set your favourite pace and transition. If you’re tired of whistling, let your mobile do it for you! Just tap the screen.

What happened to the app?

Due to safety concerns and limited use, this app was pulled from app stores.

7. iBeer

Drink beer on mobile

iBeer is just like drinking a beer in real life minus the taste, alcohol buzz, socialization or happiness. The app changes your screen to a mug of beer, and you can tilt the phone to simulate pouring beer down your throat. What’s the taste of having such a beer?

Just tilt your phone and watch how lager moves in a glass. When the glass is empty, you can pour yourself another free carbonated drink. Just shake your phone!

What happened to the app?

The app is still working and available at the Google Play store and App Store.

8. Yo

Yo app
One word conversation

Yo app was launched in 2014. Yo app does nothing except that it says yo. You are not expected to hold solid conversations or convey any message at all using just yo is up to your creativity.

In June 2015, Yo released the second version of its app with several new features. The user interface was updated to allow users to send photos or their location with one swipe and a tap from the home screen.

It’s great for troubling someone non-stop and making them feel insane.

What happened to the app?

Because it was useless and had minimal functionality, the app was removed from the Play Store.

9. Peeple

Peeple app
Changes your character at once

Peeple Lunched, launched in 2016, is a controversial people-rating application that lets its users rate and review anyone. Mamy calls this a terrifying app.

The founders of this app were harassed following the bad press the app received, which they said was “ironic” as the complaints involved concerns about the potential for cruel bullying, threats and abuse that could take place on its platform.

They also said it made several changes in light of those concerns, including giving users full control over what goes on their profile, offering the ability to deactivate their profile and more.

What happened to the app?

The app failed due to privacy concerns. It also drew criticism over harassment concerns and was finally removed from app stores.

10. Ghost Radar

Ghost Radar app
After people, it is Ghost Radar. Unfortunately, no ghosts were ever found.

With this app, you can find out now and detect supernatural entities near you. All you need is to start the app and allow camera access, then walk around your house to recon and see if there’s a ghost or spirit.

The radar scope will show you the direction and distance of the entity. If you find a ghost, you can ask it questions. This is yet another one of the worst apps that are usually unused.

What happened to the app?

The app is available for iPhones at app stores. Both classic and legacy versions.

You can find a similar app called Ghost Detection app at the Google Play Store.

Final Thoughts

Most of these the worst apps have received negative feedback and criticism from users for various reasons, such as being poorly designed, having security issues, and being irrelevant or unnecessary.

It’s important to note that while some apps may not appeal to everyone, they may still serve a purpose or have value to a specific group of users. However, most of the apps are no longer available at app stores.


Why do some apps become the worst apps?

Some apps become worse because they are criticized by users; they are of no use to people, take away your privacy, are less functional and have lots of bugs.

Why does Apple remove the worst apps?

Apple checks whether an app violates its rules and privacy policy. If so, it removes the worst apps.

Why does Google remove these useless apps?

Like Apple, Google checks whether the apps violate its policies and guidelines and pose a risk to society.

How can I find out if an app is worth it?

If an app has a good rating and positive feedback and solves your downloading purpose with secured privacy and safety, it is worth installing.

Why do developers create the worst apps?

Well, many developers do this out of ignorance and lack of skills. Few create just for publicity and monetary gains.

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