Work While Lying Down With This Epic Workstation


Altwork is an innovative new startup from California that aims to revolutionize the way we work at the office with their new line of workstations. These brilliant workstations allow you to work on the computer while lying down. The goal of company is to give people who work every day on the computer a healthy alternative to sitting down at a desk and straining their neck to look at the screen. The demand for this product is exploding amongst the tech industry with a growing number of negative health effects being associated with making a habit out of sitting down at a desk.

Ever since the invention of the typewriter in the 1800’s technology has advanced rapidly while we have stagnated & continued to use the same way of working at a desk. For the millions of people who work in an office this has created a myriad of health complications. Studies have shown that the act of sitting for a period of over 3 hours can have detrimental effects on your health. The shocking list of consequences for sitting for too long includes: increased blood pressure, greater possibility of obesity, high blood sugar, metabolic syndrome, increased risk of cardiovascular disease & cancer. The health problems associated from office work isn’t limited to just sitting, it’s the way we bend our necks to look at our electronics. Recent studies have shown an explosion in damage to the neck, back & spine come from looking down at our smartphones & laptops. The more you incline your head, the more pressure you put on your neck and spine. In moderation you will not get these severe repercussions but for those who work online the danger from the aforementioned list of health problems is very real.

The Station from Altwork aims to alleviate the symptoms from working at a computer by giving its users a variety of different positions to work from. The Station has four settings, ranging from completely reclined to semi-sitting. Luckily your computer, keyboard and mouse will not fall on you since the Station is equipped with powerful magnets to hold everything in place. So far users who tested it loved their experience & it has been heralded as a ground breaking invention by tech guru’s worldwide. It seems like this revolutionary new product has only one disadvantage: the price. Unfortunately being a small startup company in California doesn’t allow them to give you this bold design for the same price as mass produced office chairs from China. The $3,900 price tag showcases how extremely complicated & labor intensive that this design really is.

As our society becomes more tech oriented the health issues associated with working at a computer will continue to rise. We just have to hope and pray the Altwork Station ushers in a whole new way for us to work in the office. So far they have done an admirable job of showing that working while laying down is more than possible, it’s more productive. Now we just need a bigger company to start mass producing these so that we don’t have to take out a loan to purchase one.