Why the Galaxy S7 Edge Blew Us Away

Galaxy S7 Edge 1

Enjoy the extra perks of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung has truly outdone themselves with the Galaxy S7 Edge. This innovative smartphone artfully combines a sexier curved display with a beefed up battery. It also features extra navigation tools that can enhance your experience while using this marvelous phone. The best part is that Samsung didn’t have to compromise any of the features we love from the original S7 to create this masterpiece. From the expandable storage to the waterproof design, all the high end specs remain intact. This phone is great for those who like larger phones that pack a punch. If you have the extra money to invest there’s no reason to hold back on purchasing this high end smartphone.

The Ends & Outs of the Galaxy S7 Edge

Galaxy S7 Edge 2

The S7 Edge gives you a little more space than the original S7.

One of the biggest selling points of the Galaxy S7 Edge is its seductive design. Clocking in at 5.94 x 2.86”, this model is noticeably larger than the original S7. Its 5.5 inch curve screen is drop dead gorgeous. However, it isn’t quite as sharp of a display as the S7. This is due to the fact that they spread out the same amount of pixels over the slightly larger curved screen. But don’t worry, the difference is so small that you won’t notice.

Samsung also went to great lengths to improve the Galaxy S7 Edge’s navigation. They made the secondary menu bar more useful by adding speed dials to your frequent contacts, news headlines, favorite apps & the flashlight. There are also bigger icons & multiple panes that you can customize to avoid having to go back to the home screen every 5 minutes. You can also access the Edge display navigation from any screen, making it quicker to reach your favorite features. Just don’t get too carried away with the 9 tab limit, since this overwhelming number of tabs usually has you scrambling to find what you want.

Even though those features are great, the Edge’s calling card is its improved battery. Its supercharged Li-lon 3600 mAh battery allows you to go well over a day on a single charge. You can also talk for 27 hours, listen to music for 74 hours & watch HD video on playback for 20 hours straight. These epic battery times make this smartphone an instant favorite for anyone who needs high quality entertainment on the go.

Even though the Galaxy S7 Edge celebrates progress, it isn’t perfect. The occasionally overwhelming beauty features of the 5 MP front facing camera can make you look like a plastic figurine. The glass screen is also prone to collecting finger grease so you will have to clean it repeatedly to wipe away the grime. The battery is also non removable so you need to be careful not to abuse it. Another drawback is the hefty price. Starting at $750, this may make your bank account do a back flip. However, all these minor drawbacks don’t come anything close to a deal breaker for the right client.

All in all Samsung did a marvelous job with the Galaxy S7 Edge. They have managed to provide a stylish alternative to the Galaxy S7 without sacrificing functionality. The improved battery life & sexy curved screen make this one of the most sought after phones in 2016. Even though all these upgrades come at a price, its well worth it for a smartphone that will be your new sidekick for at least a few years.