Why is Gambling Addictive?

Why is Gambling Addictive

When I first played pokies, my friend warned me and said, ‘Gambling is Addictive’. Though it has been over a decade since I started playing the games, fortunately, I have not become addicted.

The reason is simple. And the answer for those who ask: Why is Gambling addictive? You need to use your brain to play the games within your limits. Playing responsibly and not chasing the losses or wins is the key to stopping gambling addiction.

You must have heard it when people say that a little too much of anything is bad for you. The same applies to gambling. Too much gambling will cause addiction.

So, is that the only cause of getting addicted to gambling? Let’s find out

Why is Gambling Addictive?

Do you know? Gambling Addiction is also known as problem gambling.

Main causes of gambling addiction

  • Playing pokies often
  • Having a trigger factor in brain to bet
  • Friends and Family
  • Emotionally stressed
  • Hunger to win cash
  • Easy accessibility of games

What it means

  • If you play pokies often, you will form a habit of playing and thus will get into a gambling addiction.
  • Your brain triggers you to play more; seeing others playing with you forms a habit, and the brain signals that adrenaline rush.
  • Friends and family talk about gambling and betting, and you are lured to their talks, unaware that their false proclamation to win will get you into losses and addictions.
  • Emotionally stressed-out people want to cope with their anxiety either by eating more or playing games, thereby forming addiction.
  • If you are low on cash and hunger to win cash at once, you may consider gambling as an easy way to get money.
  • The easy accessibility of games in the form of game apps forms an addiction to playing repeatedly.

Trivia: The average amount a problem gambler loses per year is $21,000

The glamour of casinos and the music being played at such venues attract you to play pokies.

Like in a shopping mall, you shop more where the attractiveness of sales girls with loud music triggers the level of psychological emotions where you forget that it is only a way of marketing to fool people into spending more.

How to manage yourself when playing pokies

Pokies on Mobile
Mobile Casinos offer Promotions that lure punters to gambling

How do you know you are addicted?

  • You cannot wait to play pokies, lotteries or bet on sports
  • You lose often and are in debt
  • You are stressed
  • Fight with family and friends
  • Drink more
  • Lack of the ability to work properly
  • Feel Depressed and suicidal
  • You borrow money to play

Australia has pokies gambling problem – Read the report

Where to seek help if you have a gambling addiction?

Go for Cognitive behaviour therapy: Cognitive behaviour therapy involves looking at the logic behind gambling, such as the odds of winning, beliefs about luck and skill in non-skills-based games, and the likelihood of ‘chasing’ your way back to financial security.

Psychological therapies can also address underlying problems such as anxiety, depression or social isolation.

Some gamblers may find financial counselling helpful in offering alternatives to gambling as a way to financial recovery.

If you think that you or someone you know may have a gambling addiction, speak to your doctor. If needed, your doctor can provide a referral to a psychologist.

You can find support at

How to overcome gambling urges

Moving Forward

What i have learnt over the years is gambling becomes addiction when you don’t give a break to it. I prefer free pokies games to play over real money gambling.

Also, you need to play wisely and stick to your budget or bankroll.

I never spend more than $100 on pokies or lotteries quarterly of the year. Yes, once in six or three months, I gamble. During the rest of the days, I spend time with my family and friends doing creative and productive work for my community and society.

Ask yourself if you are suffering from gambling addiction. Then, immediately seek help.

Remember, like any disease, there is a cure and prevention to stop it.


How do I know if there is a gambling addiction?

If you play pokies or lotteries or spend on sports betting a lot, then obviously you have the addiction.

What is the national helpline number?

You can get immediate support by calling the National Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service is free and confidential.

My friends go to the casino often to play pokies machines, what should I do?

Don’t follow in their footsteps. Try to convince them not to play pokies machines regularly as they can harm them.

Is it true that I will lose on pokies?

Pokies are games of chance, and the odds to win are worst, ranging from one in one-in-5,000 to one in about 34 million.

How do you control kids playing games on mobile?

Though mobile games do not offer real gambling, still playing on mobile and buying virtual coins to play more is addictive. You can set parental control on gaming devices and send your kid on some hobby course.

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