Why Gambling is Addictive?

You must have heard it when people say that a little too much of anything is bad for you. But have you ever given a damn thought to why gambling is addictive?


The same thing applies to gambling. You must be moderate in every aspect of life. It is quite astonishing and exciting that you forget to stop doing it. But that is not the only cause of getting addicted to gambling. Here are some of the major causes of gambling addiction.

Why Gambling is Addictive?

Why Gambling is Addictive?

The fact that there are several casinos out there that are generous and welcoming. You will walk away with prizes. It becomes even more attractive and tempting when you know it gives amazing and most importantly progressive jackpots! There are people who come into the gambling world without any money. And they gamble just to satiate their desperation for money.

If a person wins once or twice they can’t let go as they already know that it is possible to win as they already have. And for them, it becomes hard to let go of the casino fortunes. The fact is, once one is in the circle of gambling addiction it is hard to let go.

Signs of Gambling Addiction

Signs of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction also has its own signs just like how you might have signs and symptoms that raise a red flag when you are about to catch the flu. It is the same way that you will notice signs when you are having gambling problems! Being player should be aware of these signs which include:

  • Do you suddenly feel like you have to gamble in secret? Then this is the first warning sign.
  • If you still gamble even if you do not have money, it is a warning sign.
  • If you feel that your last penny goes to gambling because you are hopeful that you will win, you are a gambling addict.
  • Do you have problems controlling your bankroll? Do you exceed the limit that you would have set for yourself?


All these are signs and are sufficient to realize you are becoming gambling addictive and that you have to know that it is time to back down. The best way and one of the golden rules of gambling is knowing when to walk away. If luck is not on your side that day then fine. Try again some other day but do not get addicted to this.


Want to know more? Some frequently asked questions about gambling addiction and problem gambling are below.

1. What is problem gambling?

Gambling addiction is any form of gambling that disrupts other areas of your life, or the lives of the people around you. It might include work or school, relationships with family or friends, or your physical and mental health. Problem gamblers mostly bet more and more to feel the same thrill and continue to gamble despite serious adverse consequences.

2. Can I enjoy gambling without becoming a problem gambler?

Yes, for most people, gambling is fun. They know they will mostly lose and only bet what they can afford. Such gamblers cannot control their gambling and will continue to gamble no matter their losses.

3. Can I still be a problem gambler if I have never visited a casino?

Yes. Opportunities abound to place a bet. You can buy lottery or scratch-and-win cards, bet at charity events, play cards or roll dice for money, wager on sports events, or even games like pool. With the internet, casinos operate 24/7, and anyone with a credit card and a computer can play high-stakes card games. Irrespective of your game of choice, when the urge to gamble becomes beyond control, this could be a gambling problem.

4. Can children or teenagers develop gambling problems?

Yes. Research signals that a majority of young people have gambled before 18 years of and that children may be more likely to develop problems just like adults. The fact is, problem gambling rates among teens and young adults are two to four times that of adults.

5. Why don’t gamble addicts stop after they realize that gambling has become a problem?

Of course, people do stop, but it can be quite difficult for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons could be due to the way addictions, such as gambling addiction, cause changes to the brain. Another reason is that recovery from addiction needs significant behavioural change. Behavioural change of any sort can be difficult.

6. How do you know if you are a gambling addict?

There are at least two ways to make out whether you might be a gambling addict: 1) a formal diagnostic performed by an addictions expert; or, 2) an informal self-assessment.

7. Gambling addiction is a specific type of addiction called an activity addiction.

The best way to decide if you have a gambling addiction is to request a formal assessment by an addiction expert.

8. What are the factors for a successful recovery from gambling addiction?

There are four key actors for successful addiction recovery. These are:

1. Humility
2. Motivation
3. Constant effort
4. Restoring meaning and purpose to life

Of these, motivation is perhaps the most essential. It is important to note that motivation can be strengthened.

9. What is an addictive personality?

Personality has a unique and enduring pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaving. There are some personality traits that are more commonly observed in people with addictive issues. These personality traits include nonconformity; impulsivity; sensation- or thrill-seeking; negative affect, for instance, depression, anxiety; and low self-esteem.

10. I think I might have a gambling problem. What to do?

There are many different types of help you can find from self-help groups to professional treatment. You can follow a personal action plan for recovery if you would prefer the self-help approach. The most important thing is to take some action, rather than just wondering about it.

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