Which OS Suits Android BlackBerry

How to know which OS suits best among Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone?
How to know which OS suits you best Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone?

Which OS Suits Android BlackBerry or Windows

BlackBerry OS was discontinued after the release of BlackBerry 10 in January 2013, and support for it ceased on January 4, 2022.

Whenever you are about to buy a new phone device for yourself you ponder what phone will suit you the best or which operating system will be your choice. Few among us must be crazy for Apple products and thus always go for iPhones and keep on upgrading them. No doubt it is a good phone but when we have a choice among others we get confused to have an Android be it Samsung, or Blackberry or have a Nokia Lumia or you can now say Microsoft Windows phone.

When we ought to compare among a variety of choices it is clear to say that it is basically the software that is behind the operation of any phone that should be compared.

Things to consider while choosing the right OS

Things to consider while choosing the right Operating system
Things to consider while choosing the right Operating system

Choosing among the four major smartphone operating systems and then once you have done installing apps on a particular OS but you again wish to have another platform will make you again have all those same apps which you had in your previous mobile. Therefore, what you should consider while choosing the best operating system for you is to look for the following features:

1. The Keyboard in Mobile

When choosing a mobile for you look at whether the keyboard is physical or touchscreen. Smartphones with touch screens give you more room for a larger screen. If you like to go for physical buttons, then BlackBerry is still accommodating in that area, most recently with the PRIV.

2. Mobile Connectivity

Look for whether smartphones use 3 G or 4 G for connectivity. Most smartphones still use 3G for connecting to the internet, but most new phones support 4G now too, which offers faster mobile web connections. Also, find which phone network 3G or 4G best works for you.

3. Mobile Storage

Ensure that the phone has enough storage for your apps, photos, music and more. Many smartphones accept microSD cards which are a great way to expand the amount of storage you have but some mobile devices don’t have that feature. If you but like to have a phone without microSD then you can opt for the cloud storage feature to store your photos and documents rather than on your device.

4. Mobile Battery

The battery is the most important part of a mobile device. You also know that with so many apps and their usage on phone your phone battery goes down very quickly.

A good smartphone gives you a more extended battery that can last up to eight hours. Therefore it is better to check the phone battery and do some research on it before buying the phone

5. Mobile Screen

Many phone users love to have big-screen phones. But it is commonly seen they are inconvenient to carry so if you want a pocket phone or easy-to-handle one then do not go beyond 5 inches phone. However, most smartphones offer large screens these days. Screens 5 inches and above also known as ‘phablets’ are ideal for entertainment like playing games and watching movies.

Mobile Operating Systems

Mobile Operating Systems
Mobile Operating Systems

The major four mobile operating systems to look for are the following

1. Android


Android, developed by Google, is the world’s most popular operating system. Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC and Huawei are some of the notable smartphone makers who use Android on their handsets, each adapting it slightly to their specifications.

Newer versions of Android are coming with new features these days. Each year Google pairs with a hardware manufacturer to release its own phones, like the branded ‘Nexus’. They are guaranteed updates for this phone for at least two years, so, to ensure you get the latest features, opt for a Nexus device.

Secondly Android has the biggest app store, with so many useless apps. But remember that all apps might not be safe and contain viruses therefore have only trustworthy ones.

As Android is run by Google, many of their existing services are already installed on your phone. This includes Google Maps, YouTube and Gmail. Android offers the widest choice of phones and screen sizes and you should easily find a handset that fits your budget too.

2. iOS


iOS is exclusively available on Apple’s own product which is the iPhone. The choice of apps on iOS is wide and they are very secure because of Apple’s strict guidelines.

Built-in apps include Music, Mail, the Safari web browser, iCloud backup and wireless transfers to your PC, iPad or Mac.

Everything on the iPhone is managed through iTunes with direct links to the iTunes Store, where you can buy music, rent or buy films, and purchase apps, games and iBooks. You can also take out digital subscriptions to magazines and newspapers.

3. Windows 10

Windows 10
Windows 10

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s mobile operating system, formally called Windows Phone. Like most existing Lumia smartphones running on Windows 10 mobile, making the user interface and features are similar to what you would expect on a Windows 10 PC, including mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Though apps are no less than iOS and Android still some apps are missing in this OS phone like the banking apps. Many of the high-end Lumias are strong in the camera department. The latest Lumia handset, the 950 XL, features a 20-megapixel camera with OIS (optical image stabilization).

4. BlackBerry


BlackBerry currently has two operating systems. BB10 is found on the BlackBerry Passport while BlackBerry OS is found on older phones like the BlackBerry Curve 9320.

BlackBerry phones were the choice many few years ago because you could use BBM (BlackBerry Messaging) to chat privately with your friends without using your text message allowance.

If you want a dependable phone for email, messaging and calls, plus web browsing and music, a BlackBerry will suit you very well. Blackberry recently released its first Android phone, the Blackberry PRIV, which has been well received.


So, now make a choice after looking for all these features in any mobile device you wish to have. Know what you want from your phone, and what purpose it will solve then make a smart choice for a smartphone.

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