Where To Play Online Roulette In Australia?

Play Online Roulette

Roulette is my favourite game. It is so easy to learn; I only need to spin the wheel and see where the ball lands.

To play online roulette in Australia, you must join an online casino. You can also install a free game app on your mobile.

Otherwise, you can play roulette at a local casino near you.

Where To Play Online Roulette In Australia?

Following are the online casinos to play roulette in Australia

You can play Online Roulette at the following sites in Australia:

1. Fair Go Casino

    Fair Go Casino
    Fair Go Casino

    Roulette Game Offered: European Roulette

    2. Play Croco Casino

    Play Croco Casino
    Play Croco Casino

    Roulette Game Offered: European Roulette

    3. Ripper Casino

    Ripper Casino
    Ripper Casino

    Roulette Game Offered: VIP European Roulette

    4. Ozwin Casino

    Ozwin Casino
    Ozwin Casino

    Roulette Game Offered: VIP European Roulette

    5. Bitstarz Casino

    Bitstarz Casino
    Bitstarz Casino

    Roulette Game Offered: Live Roulette, American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette

    Mobile Casinos in Australia

    How to Play Online Roulette?

    Roulette at Fair Go
    Roulette at Fair Go Casino

    • I joined Fair Go Casino to play a free Roulette game.
    • The game available was European Roulette, powered by RTG gaming.
    • When I clicked on practice mode, the game loaded on my mobile’s gaming screen in seconds.
    • I was offered $1000 free virtual chips to play the game for free. (To play for real money, I must make a deposit.)
    • I placed my bets on the table layout.
    • Next, I clicked the spin button, and the game started.
    • The roulette wheel spun, and the ball landed on one of the numbered slots.
    • The game software displays the winning number and colour, and the winning bets are automatically credited to my balance account.
    • On the next spin, I was not so lucky and lost, which was debited from my virtual money.
    • It was fun to play and watch the game.

    Do you know?

    There are two main types of bets in Roulette: Inside and Outside.

    • Inside Bets: These can be the Straight Up, Split, or Street.
    • Outside Bets: Bets can be Red/Black, Odd/Even, Dozens or Columns.

    Big Number Trick in Roulette

    Types of Roulette Games To Play Online

    1. French Roulette

    French roulette
    • Invented by mathematician Blaise Pascale.
    • Similar to European Roulette.
    • The wheel has 37 slots (0-36).
    • The table layout includes special betting areas for French bets.

    2. European Roulette

    European Roulette-
    • The European Roulette wheel has 37 slots, numbered 0 to 36.
    • The table layout includes various betting options where players place their chips.

    3. American Roulette

    American roulette
    • This is played like the French and European Roulette.
    • The American Roulette wheel has 38 slots, numbered 1 to 36, including a single zero (0) and a double zero (00).
    • The table layout has various betting options for placing chips.

    4. Mini Roulette

    Mini Roulette

    Mini version has just 13 slots on its wheel – a single green and six each of red and black.

    The gameplay is simpler and faster.

    5. Mutliwheel Roulette

    Multiwheel roulette
    • You’re playing with multiple separate wheels at the same time.
    • They all function independently, and you can place different bets on each of them.
    • Play with as many wheels as you can manage, placing wagers to cover the various outcomes of the spins.

    6. Multiplayer Roulette

    Multiplayer roulette
    • Where multiple players play the same game.
    • Live chat allows you to speak with your fellow players.

    7. Live Roulette

    Live Roulette

    Live Roulette is played against the live dealer online.

    Everything is recorded and then live-streamed to you in real-time

    Final Thoughts

    To play online roulette in Australia, you must join an online casino. These are sites that offer free games as well as to play with real money.

    The most popular online roulette game is European Roulette, as I found that almost all the casinos only offered this variation of the game.

    Remember that, like pokies, roulette is a game of chance, and there are no sure-shot strategies for winning.


    Which Roulette is best to play online?

    European and French Roulette are considered the best games to play online due to their lower house edges compared to American Roulette.

    Does an online casino offer free roulette?

    Yes, you can play free roulette at online casinos.

    Are there any roulette apps?

    Yes, if you search Google Play Store or App Store, you will find a few free Roulette apps to install on mobile.

    Where can I play Live Roulette?

    You can play live roulette online at those sites that offer live dealer games.

    What is the minimum bet to play?

    At online casinos, you can use a minimum bet of $0.1 to play the game. Though it varies from game to game. The maximum can be $200 or more.

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