What Mobile Providers Use The Optus Network?


Australians have a unique love affair with their mobile phones and they rely heavily on the three major networks that support them. We recently discussed the mobile carriers in Australia that use the Telstra network. Today we are going to explore the carriers that use the Optus Network. Optus is known as the network that says “yes” to their customers needs.

The Optus mobile network continues to evolve in incredible ways, and now covers 98.5% of the Australian population. Both its 3G and 4G networks have received significant upgrades in the past couple of years, and its fastest speeds keep rolling out to more regions beyond the major cities. Optus currently has LTE in selected areas of Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide CBD.

Unlike Telstra and Vodafone, Optus gives its partners full access to the 4G network. When you take all Optus network providers into account, there are hundreds of plans to consider which give you the best value of Optus 4G network
They offer a variety of options that promise no surprises. Optus shares its great network with a number of mobile carriers. The mobile carriers listed below utilize the Optus network to allow those Aussie iPhones, iPads, Smartphones and Androids to operate effectively.

1. Amaysim

Amaysim- Mobile service provider

All Amaysim mobile and data plans are powered by the Optus Mobile Network, which covers 98.5% of the Aussie population. Their new range of 4G plans are powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network, giving you faster data speeds in more places. Note that you’ll need to be using a 4G enabled device and be in a 4G coverage area to access 4G. When you’re on the go you may find your device switching from 4G to 3G since it automatically selects the strongest signal for the area. As the Optus 4G Plus network continues to expand, you’ll find yourself getting 4G coverage, inside and out, in more locations

2. Commander

Commander Telecom
Commander- The Best in Business Communications

Thousands of Australian businesses use Commander phone systems, services and solutions to stay connected. For over 30 years, Commander has been providing communications and technology solutions to meet the needs of Australian businesses. With commander you can connect all forms of communications – office phone, mobile, broadband and data technologies. Commander Mobile Phone and Mobile Broadband services are delivered over the Optus 4G and 3G/HSDPA GSM networks depending on the plan you select and subject to network availability.

3. Club Telco

Club Telco
Club Telco- Australian Telecom Company

Club Telco is an Australian owned telecommunications company which offers a range of products and services including their very popular cheap unlimited broadband plans. The company at present provides over 120,000 services all across Australia on month to month plans with no long term commitments including cheap unlimited broadband and cheap NBN plans. It provides Optus GSM coverage in New South Wales, Sydney, Northern Territory, Queensland, Brisbane, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Melbourne, Western Australia and few others

4. Dodo

Dodo- Offers great plans and the latest handsets to suit any budget

Dodo  provides 4G, 3G, 2G Optus network. 4G is powered by the Optus 4G network. This network is currently available in selected areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth and the Adelaide CBD. You will require a 4G 1800MHz compatible device to access 4G coverage. Outside 4G coverage areas, your device will access the 3G Dual Band network coverage. 2G services are only available within GSM/GPRS areas of the Optus Network. You will require a GSM/GPRS 900 compatible device to access the 2G service. Optus 3G single band service is part of the Optus Network and refers to 3G 2100MHz coverage. You will require a 3G 2100MHz compatible device to access the 3G single band coverage

5. iPrimus

iPirimus- Discover the full range of great value plans for your mobile

iPrimus Mobile Phone and Mobile Broadband services are delivered over the Optus 3G/HSDPA GSM networks depending on the plan you select and subject to network availability. Discover the full range of great value plans for your mobile. There are no worries plans and handset plans.
No Worries Plans come with Mobile and National Calls including SMS and MMS with generous data allowance on 4G and offers contract and no contract options. No Worries plans are available on a 24 month term or SIM only plans available on a month-to-month basis upfront SIM Set-up Fee of $20

6. Live Connected

Live Connected
Live Connected- Mobile service with a difference

Covering 98% of Australians Live connected is a simple mobile service offering simple to use mobile plans. It is the best mobile phone provider that places value on your time and empowers you to tailor your service need for your mobile. Powered by Optus network you can access 3G services in the Optus dual band coverage area. Many factors affect Wireless Broadband speeds including volume of internet traffic, your equipment, location, software and source of your download. Different speeds will be obtained at different times, depending on congestion, location, local conditions, hardware, software and general internet traffic.

7. Vaya

Vaya Mobile Plans
Vaya- Mobile Plan starting from $16 only

Vaya is an Aussie online mobile service provider offering value-driven SIM only mobile phone plans and data plans powered by the Optus 4G Plus network. All plans are for use Australia-wide and are powered by the superfast Optus 4G Plus network. The unlimited plans come with unlimited standard talk and text.

Whether you like to text, talk, meme or stream, the range of value-packed mobile plans have got you covered, starting from just $16 a month.

If you find a comparable 4G (non-promotional) mobile plan with the same inclusions as one of their Vaya plans, they not only price match it, but also give you your next month of your Vaya plan for free. Optus 4G plus network gives you access to faster data speeds.

8. Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile- Find Plans with a Difference

With Virgin Mobile you can expect a great experience on your mobile phone. Virgin Mobile uses the Optus mobile network, which already reaches 98.5% of the population in Oz with 3G, and continues to get even better with its expanding superfast 4G Plus network.
As well as super fast speeds, you also expect consistent, reliable network coverage, with Virgin mobile that gives you all the coverage checker tools you need.  It offers both SIM and Phone Plans starting with $30 per month.

9. Jeenee Mobile

Jeenee Mobile
Jeenee Mobile- Providing free service to the disabled

Jeenee Mobile is a small, Australian, social enterprise mobile provider which focuses on providing the best possible service. Jeenee Mobile uses the Optus Mobile Network, which covers 98.5% of the Aussie population. You can also have access to their 4G network, with a compatible device, you’ll get super speedy internet too.

The best thing to state about Jeenee mobile is that it provides free mobile services to people living with disability. You can get a bundles plan for just $12 per month for the first six months with any unlimited pennywise plan. For 5 GB data plan you can get in $25 or $20 per month.
There are many mobile carriers that use the Optus network, which indicates their ability to deliver the coverage Australians are looking for to stay connected. With so many options to choose from there has got to be a carrier in your area that will meet your expectations.

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