What do People do with their Winnings at a Casino?

Have you ever thought what actually people do with their winnings at a casino? It could ideally be a crazy state of mine on winning any game or pokies at a casino! We usually feel the winners probably would have a well-defined plan to spend their winnings or probably they would like to keep it safe for the rest of their lives. But the truth is another way around! Let’s find out what actually people do when they win at a casino, how they handle this win?

Jon is a lotto caller and Jennifer is a female security guard at a casino. They both usually interact with those few peoples who actually win huge at a casino and they have disclosed amazing facts about their state of mind and plans how they are going to spend their money.

The first thing is, people, get excited when they win real money.

Meanwhile, Jon says there are actually great screamers out there when he tells them they have won millions. But often, it is a different story altogether, winners completely go quiet for a long time when they receive the good news.

Crazy Things at the Casino

Meanwhile, Jennifer has to deal altogether different thing as she has to deal every time with a certain lady, who takes off her bra and throws her bra away going semi-naked. Wow! That’s also a way to celebrate.

The casino often makes people get away with anything. That’s public indecency, but anyways you can get away with it in casinos. Especially with a big win. You wouldn’t want to spoil the mood of a customer if you are a security guard by making them play elsewhere they are more comfortable.

Often funny thing is that due to public indecency at a casino, they often get to land in jail for a day yet someone out there is getting arrested for wearing Robin or a Batman’s suit. That’s why it is so much fun, especially at the casinos.

Suicidal Ending

The tragedy is when people get their lump sum wins and get overemotional and overexcited. They sometimes make enemies as they go and the situations end up messy.

You must have to have a simple life so that when you win a lottery no one is blackmailing you or wants you dead. Billy Bob Harrell Junior ended up committing suicide because he could not stand the pressure of winning the lottery.


So friends, be safe and in your right sense of mind while playing at a casino. Play it safe wherever you are!  Remember your life is more precious than your winnings.

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