What Are The New Game Apps To Play Now With Your Android Mobile?

What are the new game apps that I can play now with my android mobile

There are many new game apps that you can play now with your Android mobile. Here we are not taking casino game apps but those game apps that are found in the Google Play store for you to download. All these new game apps are the most wanted game apps by players to play on your android mobile.  Remember that few of these new game apps are buy-in apps which means you need to buy them to download them as new apps cost a few bucks for a few months and then soon these apps become free too.

10 New Game Apps To Play Now With Your Android Mobile?

  • Asdivine Saga
  • Astracraft
  • Basketball vs Zombies
  • Dream Score: Soccer Champion
  • Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast
  • Onmyoji: The Card Game
  • Princess Connect! Re:Dive
  • Raising Archangel
  • Run Boggo Run
  • Stella Arcana

1. Asdivine Saga

Asdivine Saga
Asdivine Saga

This is the latest JRPG from Kemco. It’s also the eighth game in the long-running Asdivine series. It has 1990’s console-style mechanics and graphics. Master the art of throwing and level monsters to the dust! Get powerful support from spirits that can be equipped to enhance the magic, upgrade weapons and synthesize rings to power up in battle. You can even get special endings by building up trust with other characters and taking on the strongest in the battle arena to enjoy this fantasy RPG in its entirety.

This app costs US$6.99 with in-app purchases to remove ads.

Click here to download it now

2. Astracraft


It is a mech-building sandbox game protecting the peace of the galaxy with you! Death’s Legion vs. White Knights—Rivals of a millennium in the galaxy. A plot and war are brewing in the dark.War of the ARMS is about to unveil. You can start with the parts, build your ARMS and send them into battle. Gather your comrades into a team of 5 to join this epic galactic war against the unknown forces deep within the universe.

Put on powerful boosters, the latest glider tech, and turn into the angel of justice, ruler of the skies! Soar as high as you can, expand your field of view, and scour the land for prey and danger with eagle-like acuity. Once you find your target, aim, lock, and fire hundreds of laser-guided missiles to show your opponent the meaning of “shock and awe”!

This is a free game to download. Click here to download now

3. Basketball vs Zombies

Basketball vs Zombies
Basketball vs Zombies

It is an easy and entertaining game. You basically kill zombies as fast as you can and pop their heads into a basketball hoop. There really isn’t much else to say about the gameplay. It’s good for five-minute bursts but since that’s the point, it’s not all that bad. The game has over 50 skins and 60 weapons for some customization.  This game app is though free but contains in-app purchases.

Click here to download it now

4. Dream Score: Soccer Champion

Dream Score: Soccer Champion

It is a soccer simulator game to play all free on your Android. In this strategy & collection football game distributed by ELEX and co-developed by Capstone Gaming and OneSports, you can recruit the players you like to build your ultimate football club and be on the top of the world.

Officially authorized by FIFPro and Juventus you can find1000+ famous players from all over the world, taking control of P. Dybala, C. Ronaldo, G. Buffon. You can collect your favourite players at different stages of their careers, serving their legendary memories. Deep upgrading options are available to take your favourite players to the top the way you like them. This game app is all free to download.

Click here to download it now

5. Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast

Gordon Ramsay app
Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast

Who doesn’t know Gordon Ramsay? In this new game app of Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast you will find this is an arcade match-three style game.  In this Gordon Ramsay’s new puzzle game tap matching cubes to blast them to smithereens and cook up a storm! Master your cube-crushing skills to impress Gordon Ramsay and become a top chef through mouth-watering levels! Find the smartest way to solve puzzles, crack high scores, and earn three stars. Blast fast using the Win Streak and climb the leaderboard to claim the title of Culinary Genius!
 Build up an amazing Recipe Book featuring exclusive Gordon Ramsay dishes – available only in Chef Blast – along with some of his personal all-time favourites. Obviously, you have to Chop, slice, cook, and bake your way through the tastiest game around!

This is a free game app. Click here to download it now

6. Onmyoji: The Card Game

Onmyoji: The Card Game

This game is a card game spinoff from the popular Onmyoji series.  Hundreds of top painters and voice actors joined forces with the development team to create a paradise of Yokai.

You will step into Shinkiro, the mysterious tower ship city, and explore the promised land of Yokai. Here you will have a taste of the Hyakubun—a card game that got the Yokai into a frenzy. Onmyoji: The Card Game inherits the aesthetic style from Onmyoji, with an exquisite Japanese fantasy style for the card drawings and scene design. Board the sky cruise now and explore the fairyland of Yokai. An amazing audiovisual experience is waiting for you! You may choose 4 Shikigami for your duel, each can bring 8 exclusive cards. Build your deck with strategy and fight it out in the combat zone.

This is also a free game app. Click here to download it now

7. Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Princess Connect
Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Princess Connect! Re: Dive saw a global launch after a couple of years as a Japanese exclusive game. This one is a mobile gacha RPG. This blockbuster title that enveloped Japan and China with its success, the game arrives upon new shores thanks to an exciting collaboration between Crunchyroll Games, Cygames, and fun plex. You begin your journey across the land of Astraea with Heroines! Mesmerizing cinematics produced by the renowned animation studios! Charming Heroines partake in spirited real-time battles! Just tap to activate their UNION BURSTS and gorgeous cut-in animations! Select characters with unique skills to form your favourite team!

This game app is also free. Click here to download it now.

8. Raising Archangel

Raising Archangel
Raising Archangel

This is an idle game with some RPG mechanics.  With easy operation and auto hunting, you will find Archangel’s spectacular swordsmanship action! Strong with automatic skills! A Death knight and a Reaper that cannot be easily defeated! An attack fast and powerful! With an additional CRIT hits of tremendous damage.  You can be strong even without a partner! Archangel’s infinite growth.  Even while AFK, growth continues automatically. Grow endlessly and non-stop with a simple and convenient idle system! Break through the stages with infinite upgrades and easy levelling up! There are 60 kinds of equipment including powerful weapons and accessories! Compose to make more powerful equipment! Power UP with reinforcement and transcendence. This is a free game. Click here to download it now

9. Run Boggo Run

RunBoggo Run
Run Boggo Run

It is an endless runner-style game by, believe it or not, BuzzFeed. A monster chases while you dodge obstacles in various ways. The monster catches you if you hit too many obstacles.

A loathsome Stress Monster is living rent-free in Boggo’s head! Team up with her best friend Boe to help Boggo escape the Valley of Despair. Act fast to dodge life’s annoying stresses, be sure to avoid the Anxiety Gremlins, and use your arsenal of calming bath bombs to stave off the ever-growing Stress Monster! There are 10 challenging achievement levels featuring Land of Boggs characters you know and love!

This game costs US$0.99. Click here to download it now.

10. Stella Arcana

Stella Arcana

Stella Arcana is an MMORPG. Eons ago, Baldur the God of Light created the Light Realm, a blessed land over which the stars shone brightly. Envious of this creation, Chaos the God of Darkness brought war to this sacred land. In order to fend off the incoming invasion, Baldur the God of Light sacrificed himself and sealed the forces of darkness. After Baldur’s sacrifice, he transformed into 12 constellations to protect all beings.

As time passed, people turned their backs on their beliefs and the old legends, and the 12 constellations gradually lost their power to protect the beings of the Light Realm. As darkness threatens to strike back, you must now help the Light Realm recover its faith, restore power to the 12 constellations and bring about another Star Era, in order to protect the Light Realm in this game. This game is free. Click here to download it now.