Walmart Shocks the World With Its $10 Smartphone


In the last 8 years smartphones have become an essential part of most people’s lives, and thanks to Walmart the price of a smartphone now costs less than a pizza. It’s an invention that has transcended cultural barriers and has made its way into the hands of billions of users around the world. There’s no arguing that the invention of the smartphone has revolutionized the way that we communicate. It’s inspiring & worrying to see our dependence on smartphones escalate to the levels that it has reached today.

Even people in some of the world’s poorest countries are saving up their hard earned cash to get a smartphone. From Cambodia to South America people are accessing the internet and their social media accounts almost exclusively through their smartphones. While it’s exciting to see people being able to connect to the web so easily it’s shocking to see what lengths people will go to come up with the relatively large amount of cash that you need to purchase a smartphone. Thankfully those days are now over, the LG Lucky has officially arrived.

When the first version of the iPhone was unveiled in 2007 it was heralded as the future of communication. It retailed at shocking prices and consumers stood in lines for hours just to purchase one. While the features are considered pitiful by today’s standards at the time this was some of the most cutting edge technology that people had ever seen. Some people even went as far as calling it the “Jesus Phone”, which sparked international controversy and a response from the pope:

“Is a Saviour needed by a humanity which has invented interactive communication, which navigates in the virtual ocean of the Internet and, thanks to the most advanced modern communications technologies, has now made the Earth, our great common home, a global village?”

The LG Lucky is revolutionizing the accessibility of smartphones with its basic features & unbelievably cheap price tag. While this isn’t an iPhone 6 it has the capability of doing all of the basic functions that originally made us fall in love with smartphones. Sporting a 3.8-inch display, 3G and Wi-Fi networking, and a 3-megapixel camera this phone has already surpassed the “Jesus Phone” that was unveiled 8 years ago.

The most shocking part is that this phone is retailing at $9.82. While its features pale in comparison to modern smartphones it’s the perfect choice for the elderly, kids & people with limited budgets. This extraordinary smartphone is going to broaden access to smartphones for people around the world who are living in the poorest conditions.

This smartphone is going to give people around the world a way to connect to the internet for a price that almost anyone can afford with some saving. It has the potential to connect billions of people who are currently unable to fork out over $200 for a smartphone. So in a sense this phone has the ability to transform the act of owning a smartphone from being a privilege to a human right. It will be exciting to see how this cheap smartphone evolves over the years!