How To Play Virtual Horse Racing Online

Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual Horse Racing is where you bet on virtual horses online. These horses run on tracks with visual stimulation.

This type of racing is available at online casinos that offer video games. Instead of betting on live horses and jockeys, you place wagers on a simulated race.

Each runner pays different odds and you can choose from various bet types, just like you would at an online bookmaker.

What Is Virtual Horse Racing?

Virtual Horse Racing is a virtual sport where you can bet on imaginary visual horses. You can find one or more of the 6 to 8 horses racing at the video game track.

These games offer the best 3D graphics visualization of live standings and race progress, as well as visually appealing statistics and a unique real racing experience.

Is it fun to play?

Horses sprint down the grass valley in a realistic environment, and you will feel like a real horse track.

Is the game fair?

Like pokies at online casinos, these games are powered by random number generators (RNGs), which use complex algorithmic patterns to determine how each race pans out.  

How To Play Virtual Horse Racing Online

  • You only need to join the online casino or site that offers virtual horse racing.
  • Open your account and make an initial deposit to play it with money (not necessarily; you can even play for free)
  • When you visit the virtual games section, you will find tens of such races to watch and bet on.
  • Also, virtual horse racing is not merely a case of clicking a button and seeing an instant result.
  • You get to watch the whole race, from start to finish and cheer on your runners just as you would when betting on live thoroughbred racing.
  • Punters who want less time and immediate results can even skip the track vision altogether – an option you certainly don’t get with real-time racing events.

Virtual horse racing games provide an easy, on-call alternative to betting real money at online bookmaker sites.

How to play Virtual horse races
Derby Day Horse Racing

Do you know? Virtual Horse games are fun and straightforward virtual horse racing games.

Also, Premier Racing games are the most accessible virtual racing game for punters. It is also one of the very best, with highly immersive HD graphics, a nice spread of wagering options and an overall maximum bet of $1600 per race.

Virtual Racebook

Virtual Racebook is popular for its stunning animations and attention to detail. Also, find Premier Trotting, arguably the better of the above games.

  • Aside from the harnesses, the big difference is an expanded betting slip, including forecast (exacta) and dual forecast (quinella) wagers.
  • You can also switch between fractional and decimal odds, making life much easier for born-and-bred Aussie punters.
  • Most players like Virtual Derby, which is a throwback to the older RNG horse racing games but with better audio-visual quality and software performance.
  • While the race animations may look a bit simple compared to the other titles on this list, the Virtual Derby betting screen has everything you need for an entertaining and authentic online gambling experience.

Betting options

  • Straight bets – Pick a horse to win the race.
  • Place bets – Pick a horse to finish in the top three. Sometimes called show bets.
  • Lay bets – Rather than ‘backing’ a runner, pick a horse not to win the race.
  • Forecast bets – The same as an exacta, where you pick two runners to finish first and second in exact order.
  • Dual forecast bets – Like a quinella, where you pick two horses to finish first and second in either order.
  • Tricast bets – Just like a trifecta, where you pick three horses to run first, second and third in exact order.
  • Boxed bets – Wager on every possible finishing order for exotic bet types. For example, a box tricast with three horses simultaneously covers six potential outcomes.

Virtual Sports To Play

Here are a few of the best virtual sports games to play online.

1. Horses Go

Horses Go - Virtual race
Horses Go – Virtual race

  • There are 12 horses per race available.
  • These will be different in every race unless you choose to rebel. The special bets available are dynamic; some may change or not be available depending on the race.
  • A Bonus Event may randomly occur during the game. If this does, you can spin the bonus wheel and see that your bet returns will be multiplied by x2, x5 or x10. This multiplier will only apply to winning bets.
  • All non-winning bets on this race will refund the bets for those particular bets.

2. Cars Go

Cars Go - Virtual race
Cars Go – Virtual race
  • You bet on various car races, with a wide range of bets.
  • There are 12 cars and drivers per race available. These will be different in every race unless you choose to rebel. The special bets available are dynamic; some may change or not be available depending on the race.
  • Bonus Event is quite similar to the above-mentioned game.

3. Soccer Go

Soccer Go - Virtual race
Soccer Go – Virtual race
  • This virtual sport is also known as Football Go. Here, you place bets on various matches from a wide range of bets.
  • Soccer Go features a cash-out feature that allows you to close your bet before it has reached its natural conclusion or result. The cash-out value may be greater or less than your bet.

4. Speedway Go

SPeedway go
Speedway go – Virtual Race
  • A speedway race allows you to place bets on various races with a wide range of bets.
  • Here in the game, 4 riders per race are available. These will be different in every race unless you choose to rebel. The special bets available are dynamic; some may change or not be available depending on the race.
  • Like all the above games, each placed bet can individually trigger a Bonus Event randomly during the game.

Final Thoughts

Virtual Horse Racing is a kind of video sports game that can be played at online casinos. Even a few such games can be found at TAB Australia.

These games make you feel like you are on the racing track.

It is also suitable for high rollers, as top titles like Virtual Racebook 3D and Premier Trotting allow stakes of up to AUD $100 each.

Though I played only for a few hours for free just for my amusement, I prefer live horse betting against these video games.


What is Virtual Horse Racing?

It is video or digital horse racing that runs on mobile devices or computers. It is developed by gaming developers.

Are they played with real money or free?

It’s your choice: You can play it with real money or for free. These are games of chance that work similarly to pokies.

If I don’t bet, can I still watch the game?

Yes, you can watch without spending money.

Where can I find these games?

At online casinos and certain sports bookies.

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