What is the most unique feature of Snapchat and how to use it?

If you are find the most unique feature of Snapchat for 2017 then it is the Snap Map which is a global map showing you stories of people around the world and where your friends currently are.  Recently in June 2017 Snapchat made recent updates which make the app feel entirely new where not only you can use at social tool but also now be a part of more meaningful conversation around news and events.

What is Snap Map

snap map

Snap Map is thus Snapchat’s latest feature that lets you share your location with your Snapchat friends, and view their location on a map, and update when you open the photo messaging app. The new feature will be available today to all iOS and Android Snapchat users across the globe.

On the Snap Map, you’ll see Bitmoji, which Snapchat now calls Actionmoji, across the map. Actionmoji are friends and family who are sharing their location with you. The Actionmoji might change depending on their location, time of day, and how fast they’re going. Like if your friend is in car  you might see an Actionmoji of your friend driving. If you post a snap to the Our Story feature, your snap might be featured on the map for 24 hours.

It is not that your privacy is not maintained as there is an option to turn off this feature called the Ghost mode but you can turn it on and select certain friends to share your location with. Your location also only updates while the app is open. If the app isn’t open for a few hours, your Actionmoji will disappear. But, if you do see a friend’s Actionmoji on the map, you can tap on their icon to start a chat, as well as loop in other friends to begin a group chat.

You’ll also notice areas on the map that appear in red or soft blue. Those are places where people are snapping and submitting to the Our Story feature. It might be a popular tourist destination or something related to breaking news.

How to use Snap Map on Snap Chat

To get started, zoom out of the Snapchat camera to access Snap Map.


You’ll see the above screen the first time you try this and after updating the app. Now select who to share your location with or stay in Ghost Mode.

Find your friends

As said above you can always go back and change location-sharing settings.  Add a snap to Our Story and potentially see it on the Snap Map.

On the map, you’ll see popular places that have plenty of snaps submitted by users.

If you see a particular area that’s red or slightly blue, zoom in!
Find your friends and zoom
It might be a tourist destination or somewhere that’s getting a lot of submissions via Our Story. Zoom out and see more popular areas. You’ll see popular tourist destinations and locations with snaps. Or zoom out and see what’s happening across the world.