Treat Your Tastebuds With These Cooking Apps

Treat Your Tastebuds With These Cooking Apps
Treat Your Tastebuds With These Cooking Apps

In an age full of fast food, apps are making eating healthy a whole lot easier. Nowadays people are sick of being stuck with garbage meal choices, so they are taking things into their own hands. By cooking your own food, nothing that you are eating is a mystery. Before the internet, this used to be a daunting chore, since someone had to personally show you how. This was either done as a favour or through family tradition, but now it’s public information.

Plenty of apps are available to guide novice chefs since they take the guesswork out of cooking. Celebrate this newfound freedom by educating yourself and eating right. There’s a whole world full of opportunities, so push your culinary skills to their true potential. Eating healthier doesn’t have to be expensive, and can be cheaper than fast food once you learn how to cook.

Cooking is a skill everyone needs to learn, since eating out all the time taxes both your health and wallet. For this reason, we have compiled a list of easy-to-follow cooking apps. They will revolutionize your approach to cooking, so quit relying on other people for food!

Best Cooking Apps for New Chefs

Cooking App #3: Tender

Cooking Apps
Make foodporn come to life!

Unlike with the popular dating app, the only thing you will be hooking up with is delicious recipes. This app has a strikingly similar name since its layout is practically the same. They took advantage of everyone’s love of quality cuisine to create something tailor-made for foodies on the go. This app gives users a slew of epic recipes that are represented by a high-quality photo that could make anyone drool.

Once you see the photo, you can either trash it or get the recipe by swiping it. This allows users to browse a massive amount of recipes from a number of reputable sites. No matter what you’re into, it’s impossible not to find something to motivate you to get in the kitchen.

Cooking App #2: SideChef

Cooking Apps
Get all the help necessary to easily cook epic dishes!

This app caters to new chefs by providing multiple ways to simplify cooking. They have a massive library of over 2,500 recipes that are broken down in layman’s terms. Every step is documented with photos, videos, timers and voice commands. This impressive array of help makes this app the perfect sidekick in the kitchen.

It also allows you to adjust the serving size of the recipe, which automatically converts the number of ingredients used. From one plate to a whole party, this allows you to easily plan for any occasion. Even if you see a recipe but don’t have the ingredients, you can email yourself the recipe to cook later. This is a fantastic app for beginners, so quit making excuses and start cooking!

Cooking App #1: Yummly

Cooking Apps
Get the necessary ingredients delivered to your door!

Out of all the cooking apps, Yummly has taken its search engine to the next level. On top of providing hundreds of mouthwatering recipes, it has incredible customization options. It can cater to diet-friendly cravings and deadly or inconvenient food allergies. Just type in what you are looking for, and it will flood you with recommendations. From low-carb burgers to curries without peanuts, it will find something to fill the void.

Once you start picking recipes, the app will automatically recommend recipes based on your choices. It will create shopping lists, and can even connect to Instacart. This allows users in big cities to get all the necessary ingredients shipped to their homes within an hour. It doesn’t get more streamlined than this, so start cooking dishes you actually enjoy!

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