Treasure Nile Pokies for Mobile

Treasure Nile Pokie for Mobile
Treasure Nile Pokie for Mobile

Mobile Pokies are becoming the talk of the town as of late and are growing in popularity every day. The best online pokies that caused all the excitement on personal computers all over Australia and the world; are now being designed for your iPhone, which allows you to take the fun everywhere you go.

It is our desire to review the most popular pokies so that you have the valuable information needed when you get ready to play. The online pokies game we are going to review today is Treasure Nile Pokie for Mobile.

Treasure Nile Pokie for Mobile is known for its lavish jackpots. This progressive pokies game has 9 lines and when you get the Pharaohs Golden Image completely across the special 9th pay line then you are a winner. As with every game, there is a secret to winning.

If you want to be successful at this progressive pokies delight; then you have to keep in mind that you will only hit the big jackpots if the maximum 9 coins are bet.

This may sound a bit risky, but that is what a progressive pokies game is all about isn’t it? You take the risk for the big payoff. The worst situation would be to hit the big jackpot and you did not bet the maximum required.

Progressive Jackpot

The progressive starts at $40,000 and is now AU$57,313. To win the jackpot you need to get five of the Mask symbols on the 9th pay line with no wilds as part of the winning combination.

If you get the same combination with or without wilds on any other line you win $3,000 which is quite a decent pay for a $4.50 bet. The game has quite a few nice mid-level pays including $1,500 for five Sphinx symbols.

There are scatter symbols on the reels and these can pay up to 50 times your total bet but don’t activate any feature which is a bit of a disappointment.

Treasure Nile Pokies for Mobile – Download it from a reliable source

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Play Treasure Nile Pokies

Treasure Nile Pokies for Mobile
How to play Treasure Nile pokie machine

Treasure Nile Pokie for Mobile is a game where the values of the coins are not changed. The value of each coin is half credit. The secret is not in changing the value of a coin but in betting on the right amount of coins if one wants to secure the big jackpot.

There are 9 lines and you can bet a coin for each one. Of course, you can only bet 1 coin, but that will offer the least payoff. When you choose to bet all 9 coins then you have many more chances of being successful.

The Treasure Nile Symbols

Treasure Nile
The Treasure Nile Symbols

This Pokie for Mobile game uses symbols that take you back to Ancient Egypt. You will see everything from Cobras to Sphinxes. You will even find galley ships, Egyptian tomb dogs and parchments.

To win all you have to do is get sets that match on coins that you have activated. All it takes is 3 to win, but of course, if you can get all 5 across pay lines you can win much more on this progressive pokies game. The scatter symbol is the golden scarab beetle, which is pretty cool. These allow you to win extra credits.

The wild symbol is the Egyptian Pyramids and you can use them as a replacement for any other symbol except one; it cannot be used for progressive jackpots. The only way you can be a winner for the progressive jackpot is to place 5 Golden Pharaoh images across the 9th pay line.

If you enjoy progressive pokies games that you can take with you where ever you go; the Treasure Nile Pokie for Mobile may be just right for you.

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