Discover the Top Yoga Apps

Discover the Top Yoga Apps
Discover the Top Yoga Apps

As the popularity of yoga in Australia continues to grow, it’s quickly becoming an essential part of the country’s exercise routine. This trend isn’t surprising, since every year more Aussies are taking up this healthy hobby. While only 5% of Australians practised yoga in 2008, in the last ten years that number has more than doubled. Today nearly 11% of Australia’s population regularly perform asanas, which translates to 2 million users. This impressive user base allowed yoga to beat Pilates and aerobics as the country’s top cardio, strength and flexibility exercise. Let’s discover the top yoga apps.

Fueled by a growing amount of participants, Australia’s yoga community is transforming into a booming industry. Currently, yoga generates $621 million in Australia and as per estimation, it will grow by 2.2% every year. This generous amount of revenue funds 3,278 yoga-related businesses and employs 9,379 Australians. From hosting classes to selling gear and apparel, there’s no shortage of businesses surrounding yoga. This wellness practice is a crucial boost to the local economy, which makes it beneficial for more than people’s bodies.

Now that yoga has proved it’s here to stay, the ways people are learning it are becoming more diverse. Not everyone can afford to sign up for yoga classes, and even less people have time to fit it into their schedules. Developers haven’t ignored these issues, which is why several yoga apps have invaded both app stores.

By providing free classes, it can access at home, they cater directly to this previously neglected demographic. To showcase the best ways to take up this beneficial hobby, we compiled a list of the best yoga apps. These programs provide instant guidance that used to be unattainable, so take advantage of this mobile revolution!

Top Yoga Apps

App #3: Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Yoga Apps
Discover how easy it is to fit yoga into your schedule!

For those who want access to yoga on the go, this app is the perfect sidekick. Their library guide covers 280 yoga poses that also have by 80 HD video classes and meditation courses. Various factors of every lesson you can adjust from the skill level to the amount of time.

Boasting hip hop yoga, sun salutations, yoga for back pain, deep relaxation and yoga for runners, users get access to plenty of fun features. Users can select and schedule classes, which allows them to fit yoga into even the most hectic lifestyle. There’s no excuse not to pick up this habit, so incorporate yoga into your routine!

App #2: Daily Yoga

Yoga Apps
Enjoy the perfect balance of yoga and fitness.

When it comes to learning yoga and burning calories, this top Yoga apps provides the best of both worlds. On top of a staggering amount of asanas, users get access to an intriguing combination of Pilates, Vinyasa and HIIT. Their 50+ yoga classes range from beginner to advanced, which allows anyone to get in on the action. Their 500 yoga poses are complemented by detailed voice instructions and 200 HD video classes that are updated monthly. These sessions range from 5 to 70 minutes, which allows them to accommodate any schedule.

Even though this extensive library is impressive, it’s far from this app’s main appeal. On top of providing endless yoga classes, they offer options for getting toned and cultivating inner wellness. The app can count calories burned during 50-plus workouts, which allows users to track their progress on their fitness journey. All this is accompanied by a thriving online community, so get motivated with this versatile app!

App #1: Down Dog

Yoga Apps
This app makes learning yoga possible anywhere!

Between their robust library of classes and various teachers, it’s easy to forget that this is an app. By incorporating 30,000 distinct configurations, Down Dog insures that users aren’t bombarded with the same monotonous videos. From the teachers to the end goals, everything about their program can be tailored to each user. The best part is, that each class can be downloaded and enjoyed offline. This allows users to enjoy classes in serene natural settings, so take your courses to the great outdoors!

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