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Due to the growing amount of videos published every day, the number of video editing apps has skyrocketed. In the past ten years, what used to be a niche profession has turned into one of the most common mobile uploads. Between Instagram and YouTube, a staggering amount of the world’s population routinely posts videos.

Every minute over 300 hundred hours of videos are uploaded, while 95 million photos and videos are posted on Instagram and Facebook every day. These figures don’t include the staggering amount of videos posted on other social media platforms, so it’s safe to say that publishing videos has gone mainstream. 

Video Editing Apps is the Future

As more people post media from their smartphones, a slew of video editing apps has stepped in to fill the void. Every day new apps make their debut in an effort to further streamline mobile video editing. This new wave of programs is a blessing for mobile users since they have completely revolutionized how people edit videos. Instead of having to download expensive software on your computer, creating epic videos is now possible for free on any phone. Editing videos has never been easier, and recent innovations continue to make the process even simpler. 

To showcase how much social media has revolutionized personal video production, we compiled this list. By providing an impressive dash of innovation and ingenuity, these programs have captivated users from around the world. With so many options available, there’s no reason to use an outdated video editing app. There are too many tools at our disposal, so take the guesswork out of editing your videos!

Best Video Editing Apps Available

App #3: FilmoraGo (Android)

Video Editing Apps
Now Android users can enjoy all the free features that were previously reserved for iOS users.

For those who want an easy-to-use way to edit videos on Android, this program steals the show. Instead of tying down the videos with watermarks and time limits, FilmoraGo gives users a platform that’s genuinely free.

Between exporting directly to YouTube and providing simple edits, this is easily the best free video editing app for Android. While users can purchase songs and effects, these additions aren’t necessary to produce excellent videos. 4K support and multi-track editing isn’t a part of it, so stick to using this app on the go!

App #2: iMovie (iOS)

Video Editing Apps
Apple gives users everything they need to make quick clips.

Ever since 2010, this program has given iOS users a simple alternative to complicated video editing apps. Even though it ships for free with new Apple devices, users get access to a robust amount of features. This clean interface allows people to add titles, music, photos and voiceovers to their footage.

On models newer than the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro, 4K video also runs. Even though this app can’t handle professional-grade video editing, it’s the perfect choice for casual users. Everything is integrated into Apple’s software, so take advantage of the cleanest free video app available!

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App #1: Adobe Premiere Rush (Both Platforms)

Video Editing Apps
Adobe is revolutionizing mobile video editing with this release.

By providing a simplified version of their powerful software, Adobe is giving users the best of both worlds. From its layout to capabilities, Premier Rush is designed to make video editing easy. Their icons and panels have been enlarged, which makes the app more intuitive to use on smartphones and tablets. Multi-track editing and 4K support are also available, which makes it the most powerful free video editing app on the market. 

For those who want more capabilities, professional-grade editing is also available. Premiere Rush is compatible with more advanced Adobe software through Creative Cloud. With this integration, users can open saved Rush projects in Premiere Pro to add the final touches. Even though this app is currently only available on iOS, Adobe released an Android version. Adobe editing has never been easier, so start taking your videos to the next level with this free program!

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