Top 4 PSP Android Emulators to have in 2019

From a child’s dream to the worldwide renowned gaming console, Sony PSP is one of the longest-running gaming consoles ever. It enjoyed quite a long time period of 7 years and re-launched every year with new versions of itself. It has a ton of games programmed for it and Sony even ported some PlayStation games for the fulfillment of every consumer with a high recommendation of PPSSPP, here are some of the best Android PSP Emulators.


Price: Free / $4.99


PPSSPP is by far the most downloaded PSP emulator on GooglePlay Store. It is able to run games like DBZ Shin Budokai Tenkaichi, Pokemon diamond version and many more! This is by far the easiest emulator to use and is the most compatible one with Android mobiles. This is, however, the benchmark for emulators that other developers copy from. It is also available at a paid version and ad-free version. The $5.99 removes ads. The app is also open source.

2. RetroArch

Price: Free


Using the Libretro system, Retroarch is a unique emulator which can emulate a ton of different gaming systems. Due to the plugins that it runs, RetroArch can do anything from SNES to PSP as long as the plugin’s qualifications are matched. It obviously isn’t a perfect device and hence compatibility problems arise now and then. It’s completely free with an open source.

3. PSPlay

Price: Free


PSPlay, being one of the new emulators on the Google Play Store features a bunch of stuff such as save and load stats, hardware controller support and networking capabilities. There are far more games than accounted for hence issues such as game lag and bugs might be reported occasionally. After all this, it is still an above average emulator. There are ads as well.

4. Rocket PSP Emulator

Price: Free


Rocket PSP Emulator uses PPSSPP’s open source project so it has many same features. It’s relatively new, and has issues with some bugs and fixes, here and there. It includes software controller, decent compatibility and save and load tabs just like in PSPlay and PPSSPP. If you want to choose something more perfect surely go for PPSSPP but this, however, it also has an option. It’s free of advertising. All in all, this is an emulator close to PPSSPP so give it a go.


These are some of the most popular and widely played PSP emulators for Android if you are gaming freak and looking for the best options of emulators.

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