7 Tips to Increase Your Android Battery Life

Your Android phone is the most precious companion you have as you spend most of your time with it. It knows you well and is the source of unending information that you collect every day. Be it new or refurbished phones, here are the 7 Tips to Increase Your Android Battery Life. Why not you need the tips to increase the juice of your phone to play pokies at the mobile casinos.

But often the battery of your android gets drained out quickly. To keep your phone charged with the least battery consumption, here I have rounded up 7 tricks that you can use:

7 Tips to Increase Your Android Battery Life

1. Disable wireless services when not in use

Disable wireless services when not in use

It’s recommended to turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use. When WiFi is working, your device searches for new networks at some intervals. In the same way, the Bluetooth keeps draining the battery.

You should also use GPS only when needed or disable it when not in use. It prevents your phone from going to sleep which saves your charge. Also while travelling keep your mobile in aeroplane mode in case you’re not expecting any calls or do not want to listen to music. This is one of the 7 Tips to Increase Your Android Battery Life.

2. Optimize Display Options

Optimize Display Options
Optimize Display Options

To optimize your display go to Settings>>Display. You can disable Adaptive Brightness as it continuously uses the battery by monitoring the ambient light. The best is to keep adaptive brightness as your default display.

You should also set the Sleep option to one minute or less to stop draining battery consumption fast. You should also disable the ‘Proximity Wake’ option, if you can see the Proximity Wake’ option, to increase Android battery life.

3. Don’t use Animations

Animations are also a battery drainer. To set animations, go to ‘Developer Option’ in your Settings. In case it’s not there, go to Settings>>About phone and tap on ‘Build number‘ a few times. Go back to Settings, and now you’ll find ‘Developer Settings.’ Tap it and there you’ll see three options namely ‘Window animation scale,’ ‘Transition animation scale,’ and ‘Animator duration scale.’ Set them off, and this way you can save a considerable amount of battery and also can improve performance.

4. Reduce vibration and haptic feedback


To optimize vibrations go to Settings>>Sound. From here you can disable vibrate on touch. Custom keyboard apps also offer access to additional settings to turn off vibrations while typing.

5. Disable Background data and Auto Synchronization


Many synchronization processes run in the background and keep draining the battery. To stop this Go to Settings>>Accounts. See the sync services on your accounts and turn off the unnecessary ones.

Better to exit an app as soon as you are done with it or else it will continue running in the background. To boost your Android battery, keep your widgets at a minimum.

6. Optimize Google Apps


Google Assistant is a great service, but its voice recognition feature can drain your battery considerably as it continuously keeps listening for the ‘OK Google’ keywords. If you do not use Google Assistant frequently, disable it.

7. Turn off Apps Notifications

Notifications are mostly annoying and they also consume processor power. Better Go to Settings>>Notification and view app-specific settings for notification and turn off notification by clicking on it and selecting ‘Block All.’ It’ll stop the processor from checking on it frequently, saving your battery.


So, are you ready to save your Android battery by using the above-listed tips and tricks? You must try it all for better Android performance and a long-lasting battery life!

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