The Tiny Smartphone That Helps to Disconnect During Downtime

Palm Tiny Smartphone Australia
How about the New Tiny Smartphone that Helps to Disconnect During Downtime?

Tiny Smartphone hit the market few years back called the Palm. This phone can run the full version of your favourite Android apps and acts as a complementary device that helps you disconnect during downtime. It’s essentially an alternative to a dumb phone or a smartwatch that gives you more features while hopefully discouraging you from staring at a screen all the time.

Tiny Smartphone – The Palm

The most unique thing about The Palm is that you need already have a smartphone and a cellular plan. Launched in the US this phone costs $US349  (or AU$491) This phone has been designed by Dennis Miloseski who is a former Samsung designer and he joined other industry veterans to relaunch the Palm brand. The Palm is all about on-the-go activities like listening to music, working out, or just enjoying your weekend.

Full Specifications

Palm tiny phone
Full specifications

With an 8cm display, it’s just 0.2-inches smaller than the original iPhone. It offers 3GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 435 processor, and 32GB of storage. Both the front and back are Gorilla Glass 3, and it’s rated for IP68 water and dust protection. There’s just one button, the power button which serves multiple purposes.

It’s obviously tiny at just 50 x 97 millimetres, it’s not much bigger than a credit card, but it’s thicker at 7.4mm and weighs 62.5 grams.  It is not a very powerful phone, by design. It has a tiny 3.3-inch, 445-ppi LCD display, big enough to use to check information and type on but not big enough to make you want to do real work on it.

One feature that Palm is pushing is “Life Mode.” The device has an 800mAh battery that the company claims will last about 8 hours on a single charge as the whole concept of this phone is to use it as little as possible. When Life Mode is enabled, the cellular and Wi-Fi radios will disable unless the screen is on and battery life should extend to a full day. This also means you won’t receive calls or notifications unless you’re actively using the phone.

Also, you get a single USB-C port and one virtual button. Headphones can connect via Bluetooth and you have to swipe down on the screen to adjust the volume. Palm is also promoting the device as a large wearable that you can strap on with an armband for workouts. A G-Sensor, Glonass, GPS, Proximity sensor, E-compass, and Gyro take care of your fitness tracking needs.

Palm tiny phone- Camera

The Palm mobile
Palm tiny phone- Camera

The 12-megapixel rear camera and the 8-megapixel selfie cam also handle facial recognition is there to fulfil your photogenic needs. For iPhone users, there’s an extra layer of hassle. You’ll need to disable iMessage whenever switching to The Palm. Apple lovers might want to stick with the cellular-connected Apple Watch for their screen-limiting needs.

There’s a single virtual button on the bottom. You tap it once to go back, twice to go home, and long-press it to get to the multitasking screen. Since there are no volume buttons, you need to swipe down the quick settings panel to adjust that

Would people love Palm?

Palm tiny phone- Specifications
Would people love Palm?

As people are so much over exhausted using bigger phones all the time people will surely like Palm tiny phones. This phone will serve as an alternative to smartwatches as well. Also, it is easy to carry, will have less addiction to mobile it will be of help to those who want their hands to relax carrying the big phones. By all means, this is an interesting device for those who don’t always want to carry their main smartphone all the time, such as hitting the gym or going for a hike where accidents tend to happen.

But for those who want to play pokies or want some real gaming on a big screen then obviously iPhone and other Samsung Android phones will be the people’s choice.

Other features

The Tiny Smartphone Palm pairs with Android and iOS, but the Palm wouldn’t be able to sync iOS-only apps like FaceTime and iMessage. For now, the phone is exclusive to Verizon in the U.S. as it uses the carrier’s NumberShare feature. The feature allows the Palm to sync messages and notifications between it and your primary phone.

The Palm Phone is manufactured by TCL, which also manufactures other handsets such as BlackBerry and Alcatel, the phone is exclusively sold on Verizon at $349, which you might probably be off buying a cheap entry-level device, not unless you appreciate the connectivity to your main smartphone.

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