Find 6 Useful Things Your Mobile Camera Can Do

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Can your Mobile Camera Only Click Photos – Here Find 6 Useful Things your Mobile Phone Camera Can Do for You

Things your Mobile Camera can do will take you by surprise. When you buy a mobile phone the first thing you ask is how much mega-pixel camera it have. The simple reason for your query is you need a mobile camera that can have the best photos and selfies. But a mobile camera can do more of useful things apart from snapping pictures. All you need are a few apps that can work as an assistant for the mobile camera to be more productive. Here are the three useful things that a phone camera can do for you.

6 Things Your Mobile Camera Can Do

1. It Can Help In Translating a Language

Things Your Mobile Camera Can Do
It Can Help In Translating a Language

When travelling to another city or country or even at your own place you find some foreign language signboard or text you can easily read it by translating it with your mobile camera. All you need is to have Google Translate App for your iPhone or Android and get an instant translation done by your camera. From the front page of the app, tap on the camera icon and away you go. You don’t get access to as many languages as the text part of the app does (29 vs 103) but it’s still cool to have, and you can load up a previously snapped picture too. Also apps like TextGrabber and Translator and WayGo app work in a similar way for both Androids and iOS devices.

2. It Can Help in Scanning your Documents

It Can Help in Scanning your Documents
It Can Help in Scanning your Documents

You must have seen this often that people use a mobile cameras as a scanner. This is a cool feature and you can also upload documents to the cloud for safekeeping, convert them into editable text, or just use it as a handy tool when you want to memorize your train or air ticket or maybe a bill number for your purchase at the grocery. You can use the following apps like Evernote’s Scannable which works for iPhone or Windows, Google Drive for  Android  CamScanner for Android and Scanbot which works well for iPhone too

3. It Helps You to Look at Stars and Enjoy Astronomy

It Helps You to Look at Stars and Enjoy Astronomy
It Helps You to Look at Stars and Enjoy Astronomy

You can use your mobile camera with augmented reality or mixed reality apps. Install an app like SkyView for Android or iPhone point your phone camera up at the sky, and you can pick out stars, constellations and more without the aid of a telescope. There are many stars gazing apps like Wikitude or Blippar both work well with Android and iOS phones.

4. Look up information

Look up information
Look up information

With a little help from the Google Lens technology built into Google Photos for Android and iOS, you can snap an image of anything and receive information about that object.

To use this trick, you should use Google Photos to open any image. Now tap the Google Lens button, which looks like a simple camera shape, which you can find at the bottom of the screen. This software will identify an object in the photo, whether it’s a historical landmark or a type of flower, and provide information about it. Think of it like a visual search tool, recognizing everything from celebrities to famous works of art.

If you own a Google Pixel phone, you can also access Lens through Google Assistant. Tap the Assistant button on the right end of the Google search bar, then tap the Google Lens button in the lower right and point your camera at a target. Tap the screen to confirm that the pictured item is the one you want to learn about, and information will pop up on the display.

5. Access websites

 Access websites
Access websites

Photographing a QR code—those squares filled with a random-looking mosaic of black and white tiles—will give you a shortcut to open a website. You’ll find QR codes on menus, packaging, posters, brochures, stationery, and other items. For example, scanning one of these boxes on a magazine advertisement can lead you to a website with more information about the item or open a special online discount.

6. Act as Watchdog

Act as watchdog
Act as watchdog

Your phone can do double duty as a security camera that keeps an eye on your property, pets, or even kids. For this task, you’ll need two devices, one to film the video feed and another to tune into it. An old device that’s been gathering dust would be perfect for the job.

This can act as one of the best apps called Manything (for Android and iOS). It lets you tap into the livestream from afar at any time, and it can send alerts when it detects motion in front of the camera. A subscription, which costs $2 to $20 per month, will let you save footage to the cloud and set up more than one camera.

If you’re focusing on baby monitoring, we like the apps Dormi (for Android only) and Cloud Baby Monitor (for iOS only). It lets you connect to your monitoring phone or tablet from multiple devices, and it automatically amplifies the volume when it detects crying. The free version can get you only four hours of monitoring a month; after that, subscriptions cost $2 for a month, $10 for a year, or $17 for life. Using Cloud Baby Monitor, you can also tap into a live video feed from any other device. You can also receive alerts when the app detects motion or sound and send audio messages to your child from afar. It costs $5 up front.

Any other things you can do with your mobile camera?

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