Discover the Top Job Search Apps for Australians

Discover the Top Job Search Apps for Australians
Discover the Top Job Search Apps for Australians

Job search apps for Australians are on the rise. Even though they are normally viewed as distractions, apps help thousands of Australians find jobs every year. From compiling relevant job listings to connecting workers to clients, there’s no shortage of ways apps can help your job search. These features are a godsend for those who are desperately in need of employment. Even though Australia’s unemployment fell to 5% in 2018, there are still plenty of Aussies looking for jobs. Last December over 666,000 Australians were unemployed, which was down 14,000 from the previous month. Fortunately for this dwindling demographic, finding a job has never been easier.

Job apps are gaining Traction

Faced with a growing number of quality options, every year more Australians are using apps to get hired. Developers have gone the extra mile to create apps that are advantageous for both workers and employers. Over time these releases have evolved into vibrant online communities that are bursting at the seams with opportunity. Thanks to this new wave of job-finding apps, users have a massive amount of programs to choose from. While this is an inspiring trend, it does have some unintentional consequences.

Now that the number of job-finding apps is endless, identifying the best apps has become a surprisingly daunting task. There are literally too many options to choose from, which is an unexpected conundrum for workers to face. Fortunately, a few apps have managed to stand out amongst the sea of competitors. To help guide our readers to better employment, we compiled a list of the best job search apps online. These programs will revolutionize the way you secure employment, so quit guessing and download nothing but the best apps!

Best Job Search Apps for Australians

App #3: SEEK Job Search

Job Search Apps
This app has been helping Australians land jobs for years.

This app is tailor-made to help workers in Australia and New Zealand find quality jobs. They feature hundreds of thousands of job listings that cover Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne and beyond. Their searches are easy to hone by role, industry, location and availability, which provides direct access to nothing but relevant postings. The app learns the more you use it, and users can track their job progress as they go. This program is an essential tool for any Australian who needs a job, so download SEEK to get local employment!

App #2: Glassdoor Job Search, Salaries & Reviews

Job Search Apps
Join millions of users on this streamlined app.

Over the years Glassdoor has managed to create an impressively informative online community that revolves around employees. On top of providing a staggering amount of job listings, users get to see what it’s really like to work for each company. Through examining their unique company rating system, users get the inside scoop from past employees. This insight is invaluable, since it allows users to pick the best company for their needs. Over 11,000 Australian companies have been rated by 168,000+ workers, so get a real preview of your next employer!

App #1: Indeed Job Search

Job Search Apps
Get access to the best selection available.

Boasting a massive community of over 250 million job seekers, this is easily the best job-finding app available. After filling out some basic information, users get access to their massive database of 16 million jobs. These encompass employment opportunities in 60 countries and 28 languages, which allows users to find jobs both in and out of Australia. On top of streamlining connections, Indeed provides plenty of advice and templates to hone your resume. They also allow users to follow companies and get notifications when jobs open up. This app makes getting hired simple, so take the guesswork out of finding your next job! There are the top job search apps for Australians to find the best one suiting their qualification.

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