The Top 7 Members of The Blackjack Hall of Fame

It’s been almost a decade that the world’s best blackjack players founded their sacred club of distinction, The Blackjack Hall of Fame. This body collects the top professionals from all over who have earned a name playing blackjack. These players of distinction are included in its list of honor. This body is introduced to inspire blackjack gamblers as well as great thinkers who create amazing ideas and concepts for the game of twenty-one.

The Top Seven

Here is a list of those seven lucky blackjack players who make their name into the list of The Blackjack Hall of Fame.

1. Edward O. Thorp

Edward O has been a talented and extraordinary mathematics professor who is also the founder of the blackjack card counting technique. He also wrote a revolutionary book “Beat the Dealer” in which he introduced twenty-one players to the boundary-breaking and super-winner-friendly scheme enabling gamblers to figure out the expected outcome of the game by counting the cards that were dealt prior. Due to his theoretical contribution to the game, he was put on the final list of the lucky seven.

2. Ken Uston

Initially played as the member of Francesco’s team, Uston created some special teams. He has been not only a great gambler but also a great theorist and has also scripted a series of books talking about the major aspects of blackjack strategy. His major contribution was at the New Jersey Supreme Court hearing where he managed to convince the court authorities to lift the ban on card counters at casinos.

3. AI Francesco

Francesco is known to refine Thorp’s strategy as the professor’s breakthrough was not successful after casinos got rid of card counting, Francesco suggested another evasive skill. He introduced the skill of concealing the counting for the card counters so that they didn’t appear to the security.

4. Peter Griffin

Griffin supported and complemented Thorp’s theoretical creation by publishing “The Theory of Blackjack”. This book offers the complete strategy of the game of blackjack. It also talks about the mathematics underlying the blackjack strategy along with a series of methods used to compare the card-counting systems of this game.

5. Tommy Hyland

Hyland is popular for his strong analytical and strategic skills due to which he spearheaded one of the twenty-one teams for over four decades. His professional contribution has since enabled the team to maintain an image of the most successful team in the history of blackjack bring dozens of million-dollar wins to its members so far.

6. Stanford Wong

Stanford has been savvy and vigilant who used to think out of the box and elaborated on the strategy of winning a 4-deck blackjack card game through his book “Professional Blackjack.” The book talks about the table-hopping pattern, implemented by Wong himself, which is known as “wongoing.”

7. Arnold Snyder

Snyder is known as a prominent writer and a keen player. In addition, his writing contribution is far more valuable. His theoretical contribution includes “The Blackjack Formula,” “The Blackjack Shuffle Tracker’s Cookbook,” “Blackbelt in Blackjack,” and “The Big Book of Blackjack.”


If you are an avid blackjack player, this piece of information would definitely help you broaden your knowledge bank and become a better player.

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