The HTC U11 Aims to Change the Game

HTC is trying to reinvent itself with the highly-anticipated release of the U11. This flagship phone features a slew of new features that range from innovative to downright puzzling. In an industry where most phone companies seem to be copying each other, HTC is running in the opposite direction. For better or worse, they refuse to conform to many specifications that have become the norm. Instead of trying to fit in, the HTC U11 has multiple unique features. It’s the first “squeezable” phone on the market, & it’s packed with microphones for enhanced voice recognition.

On top of all these new features, the HTC U11 also features a seductive design. Glass backs have recently become a staple for HTC phones, & the U11 is no exception. Even though it’s a finger print magnet, this creates a very impressive design. Looks are often deceiving, so taking a closer look was essential. To see if the HTC U11 was ready to take on the competition, we put it through a lengthy examination. Enjoy the most in-depth review online!

Exploring the Potential of the HTC U11


The glass back is extremely eye catching!

When first grabbing this phone, it feels eerily similar to the HTC U Ultra. The U11 features the same glass back with a gorgeous shiny color. Like Apple, HTC decided to get rid of the headphone jack. Each U11 comes with a USB-C-to-3.55mm plug that allows users to keep using their headphones. On top of freeing up space, using a USB-C has its advantages. It allows users to enjoy active noise cancelling without using a battery.

Apart from these improvements, the HTC U11 looks a little archaic compared to recent releases. Instead of jumping onboard the latest slim-bezel design, HTC decided to keep using old school hardware buttons. These highlight the bulkiness of their top & bottom bezels. In an industry that prides itself on becoming more compact, this is a potentially disastrous move. Users want something new, not a recycled old design.

Even though the front screen is a little disappointing, the HTC U11 is packed with interesting features. The most notable is the pressure sensors that make this phone “squeezable”. By either squeezing hard or with a short burst, users can program their phone to open different apps. From Google Assistant to a flashlight, many cool features can be accessed by squeezing the bottom half of the phone. This new way to access programs is called “Edge Sense”, & it will be interesting to see if it catches on.


This phone is filled with surprising features!

Another unique feature is the HTC U11’s dual wake word system. This harnesses the power of the 4 microphones located in different areas of the smartphone. By simply saying “Ok Google” or “Hey Alexa”, users can get instant help from either voice command system. Allegedly this is the future of voice transcription, since it should produce an extremely accurate reading. Users will have to hold their breath for this feature, since it won’t be available at launch. HTC is still tight lipped about when this will be ready, but it shouldn’t take long to add.

The rest of the features of the U11 are on par with other 2017 releases. This 5.5 inch screen comes to life with 2560×1440 LCD & is powered with a 2.45GHz eight-core Snapdragon 835. The U11 has 4G of RAM & 64G of storage that’s expandable with a MicroSD card. Just like the competition, this phone is dust & water resistant. The camera is impressive, with both sides sporting a 16MP camera.

At the end of the day, the future of HTC looks hazy at best. This company has fallen behind Samsung & Apple in both design & features. To their credit, HTC isn’t afraid to try something new. Their new features will either put them on the map or sink the ship. There’s no middle ground, which is a dangerous move for a company that’s bordering on becoming irrelevant. Since this release is going for $650, this model is going up against the finest phones in the world. Only time will tell if this daring release can revive HTC’s sales.