The ten wonderful tips for your new Google Pixel phone

Google Pixel Phone

Google Pixel phone is the new Android phone launched by Google and is being considered the best smartphone with its new features and software like the Google Assistant. Obviously as a new Google Pixel phone user you might be interested in knowing some of the wonderful tips to enhance the working of the phone to your choice. Here find below the ten wonderful tips that will surely give you a great pixel experience.

1. Use the scanner for quick access to the notification bar

In the Google Pixel and Pixel XL you need not always stretch a thumb to the top of the screen to pull down that all important notification bar, as you can have a quick access  to it by a simple tip. The fingerprint scanner on the rear of the phones doubles as a gesture control, and with a swipe down on it with your forefinger the notification will appear, showing you any notifications and a bar of six quick settings. Swipe down on the digit reader again and you’ll expand the quick settings bar, allowing you to view all nine options and the screen brightness slide. Swipe up on the scanner and you’ll close the bar. This is especially useful on the larger Pixel XL, as its 5.5-inch can be a struggle to navigate one-handed. If gesture control isn’t working, go to Settings then click on Moves and enable “swipe for notifications”.

2. Call the Google Assistant to help you

It is like Cortana on Windows and Siri on Apple. The Pixel and Pixel XL are currently the only phones which offer Google Assistant. It can help you manage your life, tell you jokes, read you poems, update you on the latest sports scores and even play games with you and it’s just two words away. Say “Okay Google” and Assistant will spring to life, waiting for your next command. If you don’t like using that phrase, holding down on the home key will also launch Assistant.

3. Double twist for selfies

There’s an easy way to quickly switch to the selfie camera on the Pixel and Pixel XL. A double twist of the hand and you’ll go from the 12 mp rear offering to the 8 mp selfie snapper. It’s easier than reaching a finger on screen to tap the switch cameras icon. Double twist again to return to the rear snapper.  If the double twist isn’t working for you, go to Settings tap Moves and enable “flip camera”.

4. Return to previous app with a double tap

Both the Pixel and Pixel XL run Android 7.1 Nougat, which brings a host of new features to your phone. One of those is the ability to quickly return to the last app you were viewing. A double tap of the multi-tasking icon that’s the square in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen will see you speedily return to the last app you were looking at. It’s especially convenient if you’re working between two apps and need to regularly hop between the two.

5. Quick launch camera by double clicking the power or lock key

Sometimes the perfect picture requires instant action, and you can load the camera app on the Pixel and Pixel XL in a flash by double clicking the power/lock key. This works even when the phone is locked and the screen is off, ensuring no time is wasted capturing the exact moment that you wish to capture. If quick launch isn’t working or simply if you want to turn it off, go to Settings tap Moves and enable “jump to camera”.

6. Access One-Handed Mode to type

If you’re busy with another piece of item on your free hand and you have no choice but to type with just one hand, you can press and hold the “return” button while the keyboard is open. A new icon will appear, depicting a single hand holding a screen. Tap this to go into one-handed mode.

7. Automatically turn on the  power saving mode

The battery life of the Google pixel 5 inch phone is a bit more sluggish. To ensure you get the most from your new phone go to Settings tap Battery then tap Battery Saver and select it to turn on automatically when the battery level hits 15%. This will help you eke out the remaining charge.  Another good way to save on precious battery is to turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and mobile data when not in use.

8. Edit quick settings by just swiping the notification bar

Swipe down once on the notification bar or use the fingerprint scanner to do so and you’ll be find a row of six quick settings.These are handy, but may not be the settings you most frequently use. Pulling down again and then hitting the pencil icon at the top of the screen will allow you to reorder the settings, with the first six appearing in the condensed initial drop down.

9. Long press apps for handy pop ups

A long press on an app icon  of Google Pixel phone will have options pop up for easy access. Like maps will give you options to instantly navigate to your saved locations, the camera allows you to jump straight to the selfie cam or video mode and the messages apps shows your favorite and most frequent contacts for some quick messaging action.  Note that currently it only works for the pre-installed or you can say default Google apps.

10. Wanna have the Google search bar tap the Google Logo

In Google Nexus phone you were quite comfortable with the Google search bar right on the home screen but on Pixel and Pixel XL however that bar have been replaced by a weather widget and a Google logo. Tap the Google logo and the search bar returns while swipe it from left to right takes you into Google Now, where various cards containing information relevant to you are displayed.

With all these 10 awesome tips you will find it much easier to work on your Google Pixel Phones.