Tarzan & Jane Forbidden Temple Pokies

Tarzan & Jane Forbidden Temple
Tarzan & Jane Forbidden Temple

Aristocrat is the game developer that has become hugely popular for producing a wide range of themed pokies for gamers to enjoy. One of their latest works of art is the Tarzan & Jane Forbidden Temple pokies. 

This game is set up in 3D and offers plenty of rewarding features. Tarzan & Jane should need no introduction because they have existed in books, television, and movies for nearly a century. This pokie brings the jungle to life and Tarzan & Jane are right with it.

Tarzan & Jane Forbidden Temple Pokies – The Features

Tarzan & Jane Forbidden Temple Pokies
The Features

The surround sound and 3D graphics alone make this pokies game alluring. The enhanced storyline and the 243 paylines make the pokie all the better. To top it all off there are no less than 8 bonuses to be won.

The jungle can be a wild place to be and this pokie is just about as wild. Tarzan & Jane is setting the tone for future pokies. Tarzan has his own reel and Jane has her own reel as well. For a mere 50 cents, a gamer can bet on both reels.

The symbols in this pokie are the Chimp, the Gorilla, the Elephant, and the Lion. You can also use the Ace down to the 9 playing cards. The difference is that each card is also joined by a symbol like a flower, frog or parrot.

How To Play The Game

Tarzan & Jane Forbidden Temple
Tarzan & Jane Forbidden Temple

Tarzan & Jane forbidden temple pokies has two reels and 243 paylines, which really enhances the players winning opportunities. It offers a rich green jungle theme colour, a Tarzan swinging through the jungle and that famous Tarzan yell that has become a part of the Tarzan legend.

The addition of Jane, Tarzan’s jungle bride, adds to the already epic storyline. This pokie has wild and scattered symbols. The most a player can bet at any given time is 50 cents. The player can also decide to participate in the wild play process and wager another 50 credits.

The ultimate jackpot in this pokie is $100,000, which makes it well worth playing.

The Bonus Options

Tarzan is the wild symbol. If you can pull up 3 or more Tarzans on the reel in order then the wild bonus process will be initiated. This is only 1 of 8 bonus options in this pokie. The Elephant Crush is another popular bonus feature in this slot. It triggers an unbelievable 7776 winning possibilities.

Ape Battles is another one of the bonus rounds. It offers 4608 possible winning combinations. Another popular bonus rounds the Random Wheel bonus. All you need is 3 of these on the screen to trigger the round. When it is triggered Tarzan will swing out of the jungle and spin your reel for you to see what you have been rewarded.


Tarzan & Jane Forbidden Temple has found a home in the hearts of many gamers and casino’s around the world. It is a thrill ride to be sure and the opportunities to win are unlimited. Throw in the marvellous features, graphics, and sounds and this pokie is a must for the avid gaming adventurer.

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