Tally Ho Mobile Slot


Tally Ho is a mobile slot many enjoy; it is one of the big named slots found across a plethora of different online casinos. What is interesting about this slot is the way that it has combined two different themes to create one interesting and unique theme for all to enjoy.

Whilst Tally Ho has been around a long time at the online casinos, it didn’t make it to the mobile casinos until later on. Part of the reason for this is because the initial mobile casinos were not capable of delivering the quality needed for a game of this stature to be worthy of development. Now however, the speed and quality of smart phones has caught up so you can enjoy this game on your mobile.

Tally Ho Game Story

The Tally Ho game story is a unique twist of high opulence living mixed with countryside animals. In fact imagine Fantastic Mr. Fox as a rich high flyer who lives the life of luxury and loves to chase a human or two and you are very close to the story of Tally Ho.

You can expect to see a fox in a fine robe with flash cars and haute cuisine to dine on whilst living in a home that many of us can only aspire to dream of.

Tally Ho Game Play

This is a five reel, nine pay line slot. Now nine pay lines doesn’t sound like much, but you can win up to a whopping $60,000 on this slot if your luck is in.

There is everything you can expect from a mobile slot in this game, you can enjoy multipliers, free spins, wild and scatter symbols and there is even a bonus game to be had if you fancy! One of the big lure of the Tally Ho slot is the fact that you can start wagering from as little as one cent.