How to Enable the New Swipe Gestures on Samsung Galaxy Mobile?

Swipe gestures
How to Enable the New Swipe Gestures on your Samsung Galaxy Mobile in Android Pie?

Android Pie also known as Android P or Android 9 “Pie” is the ninth major update and the 16th version of the Android operating system. It was first released as an alpha quality developer preview in March 2018 and released to the public on August 6, 2018. This was initially available for Google Pixel devices and the Essential Phone. The Sony Xperia XZ3 was the first device with Android Pie pre-installed.

Added features

Android Pie brings Samsung’s new One UI software to the Galaxy Note 9. This UI is a drastic change from Samsung Experience. The update includes the usual array of Android Pie goodies, including Adaptive Battery, and the latest features from Samsung.

To give you a truly immersive experience on Infinity Display phones like the Galaxy S9 and Note 9, Samsung added the option to hide the navigation bar when not in use, then easily reveal it with a swipe-up gesture for quick access. If you’ve always found this process a little too difficult to handle then Samsung has introduced a nifty feature within its “One UI” that’ll make it a lot more intuitive.

With the Android Pie update, you now have the option of totally avoiding the navigation buttons in favour of new gestures. This completely does away with the bottom bar and is incredibly easy to enable and grow accustomed to.

Enable the New Swipe Gestures on Samsung Galaxy Mobile

Enable the New Swipe Gestures on your Samsung Galaxy Mobile
Enable the New Swipe Gestures on your Samsung Galaxy Mobile

First, make sure you’ve updated to Android Pie on your Galaxy. Then, head to “Display” and choose “Navigation bar.” From there, tap on “Full-screen gestures” to enable the feature, and you’re all set.

Compared to the traditional navigation bar, the new gesture-based navigation tabs are significantly less intrusive. Instead of three buttons set on the home screen, there is an option to use a new single home button that allows you to swipe up to view recent apps along with a UI that suggests apps you might use. 

Sliding too far left and right across the device would showcase recent apps and lets you quickly switch between them. Samsung’s new navigation gestures on Android Pie improve the overall experience on Galaxy devices and save time as you navigate around your handset.

Other Features in Android Pie

How to enable swipe gestures on mobile
Other Features in Android Pie

It’s easy to lose track of time while you are playing games or pokies or watching YouTube videos, or checking out social media. This is why Google has introduced a bunch of features that let you control how you use your phone.

One of them is ‘Dashboard’ which breaks down phone usage data to show how you spend time on your device. It displays a pie chart indicating the time spent in each app per day and also on an hour-by-hour basis, the total number of hours spent on the phone each day, the number of times you unlocked your phone and the total number of notifications you have received.

App Timer Feature

Then there is the App Timer feature which lets you set time limits on apps you use for a more extended period. An approaching the time limit, a notification pops out warning you have reached your time limit and the app ‘pauses.’ So with Android P, you can manage your time better and improve your productivity.

Android Pie features
How to Enable the New Swipe Gestures on your Samsung Galaxy Mobile in Android Pie?

Also, meetings and family gatherings often demand your full presence, and Android P is going to help you with that through its modified Do Not Disturb mode. It not only silences the phone calls and notifications but also all the visual interruptions like notifications that frequently pop up on your screen.

Another gesture-based Android Pie feature called ‘Shush’ makes it easier to distance yourself away from calls and notifications by enabling Do Not Disturb mode. To activate Shush mode, just put your phone face-down on the table, and it automatically enters the DND mode.

Slices the best Android feature

‘Slices’ is one of the best Android P features which comes in handy at several places. It lets you perform basic application activities outside the app. n short, Slices are fully functional UIs that can be embedded externally in other applications to provide a variety of options to the user. This feature, just like tons of other segments in Android, performs a deep analysis of your inputs and contexts to show you the best parts of the apps you use most of the time.

The latest addition to the power menu is the “Enter Lockdown” button. It’s one of the top features of Android P that further boosts the security of your phone. Once enabled, it disables the fingerprint unlocking option which can be quite useful in case any assailant force you or trick you into unlocking your phone. After launching the mode, you will be required to insert your PIN, password or pattern for any other unlock methods to work again.


There are various other wonderful Android Pie features to explore so update your Android mobile now.

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