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The end of the long hot summer is upon us and this means Sweet Harvest pokies time to the farm community. This time of the year may not be celebrated in the big cities, but it is a time of joy for those who make their living on the land. When you mix romance into the harvest ritual it simply enhances the celebration.

This brings us to the all-new Sweet Harvest Pokies from Microgaming. This pokies uses the fall harvest as the theme and then enriches it with the inspiring romance between the country farm girl and the hard-working farm boy who courts her.

Sweet Harvest Pokies – The Features

There are plenty of fun features in the Sweet Harvest pokies. The graphic symbols are stimulating and bring the features to life. You will see pumpkins, farmers and corn, and a barn full of winning combinations just waiting to be spun. The Farmers are the wild symbols in this fun-filled pokie. Up to 10,000 coins can be won in this non-progressive pokie.

The Barn is the scatter symbol. They will double your winnings. All you need to do is spin up two or more and instant rewards can be gained. If the gamer can pull up 3 or more the free spin feature is ignited. The stacking wilds feature with a 2x multiplier enhances this game as well.

How The Game Is Played

Sweet Harvest Pokies
Sweet Harvest Pokie Review

This exciting new pokie from Microgaming is played like all the others before it. The gamer must attempt to wager coins on the 5 reels and 20 paylines, and spin the reels. The goal is to spin up winning combinations that can be enhanced with wild or scatter symbols. This pokie is actually referred to as a penny pokie. However, gamers can wager up to $25 on each spin which can certainly lead to earnest winnings.

The Bonus

The Bonus
The Bonus

When the fruit basket appears on the second and fourth reels the bonus round is ignited. When this occurs a varied payout will be received. If the gamer can spin up 2 scatter symbols on the first and second reel they will stay in place while the gamer spins the final 3 in hopes of spinning a better winning combination. The bonus round can continually be triggered with the 12 free spins that are obtained.

With great online video pokie games come great bonuses and Sweet Harvest by Microgaming is no exception. The bonuses and scatters abound in this love story set on a beautiful Midwestern farm.

There are over thirteen symbols that can trigger free spins, bonuses, and more! Match any three symbols and a hefty harvest is coming your way with massive amounts of cash. Lining up three matching symbols triggers a free spin round that will make your harvest oh-so-sweet.

A Basket symbol, if on reels two and four, triggers a Harvest bonus! This type of bonus can harvest you a hefty amount of free spins.

The barn symbol triggers free spins also. Match up three on the reels and you will be raking in free spins all day long. Three or more scatters matching up can even get you up to twelve free spins before any of the multipliers kick in.


The Sweet Harvest pokie offers up a pleasant theme with graphics that will take you out on a sunny day on the farm. There are many bonus rounds to be triggered and good payouts are available to be won. Microgaming has another winner here because this pokie offers something for every gamer. It can be said that this pokie offers up a rich harvest that is sweetened by the nectar of monetary rewards.

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