Smartphone Xperia XZ – The great smartphone with $80 plan from Telstra

Sony Xperia

Sony’s latest and greatest smartphone Xperia XZ  was released in October 2016 and is one of great smart phone brands from Sony. Telstra is the exclusive launch partner for the Xperia XZ  in Australia, and offer the phone on a $80 Go Mobile Plus plan or My Business Mobile plan with an additional $10 monthly phone replacement on a 24 month contract. Also you can also lease your phone at Telstra.

Here are the basic specifications and features of this smartphone

The Body and Screen Display

While the Sony Xperia XZ still retains a rectangle shape, it is curvier than its predecessors, with slightly rounded edges. As a result, it is much more comfortable to hold. The fingerprint scanner of the Xperia XZ is placed on the power button at the side of the phone, making it much more convenient to unlock. With a waterproof rating of IP68, the Xperia XZ can be submerged in 1.5m of water for 30 minutes. The Xperia XZ also packs a bright Full-HD 5.2 inch screen, with excellent contrast and viewing angles. Sony has historically known for making extremely colourful and vibrant screens, and it’s clear that hasn’t changed.

Camera with 23 megapixel rear and 13 mega pixel front

The Camera of the Xperia XZ is what really makes it stand out from the rest. Looking at the specs, it has a 23 Megapixel rear camera, and 13 megapixel front camera, which is significantly higher than the competition. There is an imaging sensor and laser autofocus to ensure that moving objects are captured clearly with detail, and also assisted with low light conditions.  The Xperia XZ is also able to record in 4K video.

The Processor, Memory and Performance

The Xperia XZ has the extremely fast Snapdragon 820 processor, like in Samsung S7 phones. In terms of Memory, it has the standard 32 GB of storage and 3 GB of RAM, allowing you to be able to complete many tasks at once. If you’re going to be taking lots of photos and recording 4K video, the Xperia XZ has a MicroSD slot of up to 256GB to allow you to expand your storage.

Battery- With two saving modes

The Xperia XZ has a 2900mAh battery, which is more than enough to power it’s 5.2 inch Full-HD screen. Sony also supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 on the Xperia XZ  – so it won’t take you long to recharge. There are also two battery saving modes – Stamina Mode and Ultra Stamina. Stamina mode turns off features such as background data, and Ultra Stamina only leaves basic features.

Therefore Sony has made a top of the range flagship phone with its 23 megapixel back camera making it stand out from the rest. Combine that with its excellent design, Snapdragon 820 processor, 3GB of RAM and battery life, and you have a complete package.