How to Use the SkyBuys App for Duty Free Shopping in Australia?

How to Use the SkyBuys App for Duty-free Shopping in Australia?
How to Use the SkyBuys App for Duty-free Shopping in Australia?

A Sydney-based mobile commerce start-up SkyBuys has struck a deal with Heinemann Australia to trial the SkyBuys App and technology platform for duty-free shopping. Announced at the Airbus BizLab DemoDay in Hamburg, the SkyBuys-Heinemann Australia project started in Q3 2018 at Sydney Airport.

SkyBuys App for Duty Free Shopping

The SkyBuys App allows international passengers to shop duty-free at any stage of their journey, including inflight. The App allows passengers to search and purchase duty-free inventory in-app from the time they receive their ticket through to the time they arrive at their destination, with fulfilment in-store through duty-free shops in airports or downtown.

SkyBuys app for duty free shopping
Skybuys app for duty-free shopping

According to SkyBuys CEO and Founder Alec Kemmery, today’s passengers are “increasingly connected and demand a better experience” when they fly and its App addresses this by delivering a duty-free shopping application that enhances the end-to-end journey experience.

For the project with Heinemann, during H2 2018 passengers arriving and departing from Sydney Airport can use the SkyBuys App to buy goods from Heinemann duty-free stores. Geo-fencing technology used by SkyBuys will also ensure passengers are reminded, within the airport precinct, of items they have tagged as being of interest. Additionally, Heinemann and brand partners will be able to use the SkyBuys App to push notifications to passengers alerting them to special offers or to new product lines.

Features of the Skybags App

Features of the Skybuys app
Features of the Skybags App

As said above International airline passengers can browse, compare and save items, and then buy duty-free based on their itinerary, at any point on their journey even in-flight.

  • Search by category or location. Includes access to inventories in participating airport duty-free stores, in-flight duty-free and “downtown” city-based duty-free shops.
  • Use SkyBuys to compare and discover the best price at the best location to buy duty-free, based on your travel and flight itineraries.
  • Save items to your personal wishlist. Get alerts and notifications on items at various stages of your journey, including as you walk through airport stores. Share wishlists and items with friends.
  • Cut out queues with seamless payment solutions. Save items into a wishlist ahead of your travel so you forget items, miss out on offers or turn up to find items that are not in stock.
  • Get reminders and updates with special offers on your mobile and access convenient payment and delivery options based on your Itinerary.

Find the special duty-free offers now.

Note that SkyBuys functions where airport duty-free stores, airlines and “downtown” city-based duty-free shops partner with SkyBuys Pty Ltd to make their inventories accessible to Passengers via the SkyBuys App; and, SkyBuys requires Passengers to have access to wireless or mobile data services. Also, not all airlines provide in-flight wireless services.

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About Heinemann

Heinemann and Skybuys

Heinemann is the world’s leading duty-free group. Heinemann has a significant investment in technology and logistics for travel retail and was the first duty-free company to utilise technology to develop a highly personalised digital offer for customers linked to in-store privileges. SkyBus sees this as a logical fit with SkyBuys’ online-to-offline mobile commerce focus, and their ability to offer a revolutionary service to the passengers will extend the world-class shopping experience already on offer at Sydney Airport.

According to Heinemann Australia Managing Director Constantin Wiesmann, the retailer is keen to trial new ideas. As they have inspiring shoppers since 1879, their goal is to remain an engine of innovation in the travel retail market while continually surprising travellers with outstanding offers and ideas. Engaging with new technologies, such as SkyBuys, is an important part of achieving this objective.

Skybuys app Australia
Skybuys app Australia

SkyBuys was in discussions with Heinemann since being selected for the acceleration program at Airbus BizLab in Hamburg in October 2017, where Kemmery is currently based. The SkyBuys project with Heinemann in Sydney represents the first live trial with a global concessionaire. Before this, SkyBuys developed its beta at Airbus BizLab with the Airbus Shop, allowing the start-up to showcase the functionality of the SkyBuys App and to test user experience, payment integration and fulfilment options.

You can get the app at app stores all free to download on your smartphones as well. Note that as the app requires GEO location to work your phone battery may drain out faster so better keep your phone charged.

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