Sheriff Gaming Games Coming Soon

Sheriff Gaming has a wealth of new games soon to be hitting the smart phones of mobile casino players across the globe. Currently Sheriff Gaming is solely enticing us with brief information on the new games supported by intriguing images to capture the imagination.

The first game to talk about has to be Spartania, a take on Sparta from what we can see, with the image given showing what looks like to Spartan men.

Spartania looks set to take us back to Ancient Greece where the Spartan warrior reigned supreme across the Greek peninsula. Here you will see battle masks and more as you play to win over thirty paylines of fruitful payouts.

The Amsterdam Masterplan is the second instalment and this has 20 paylines. Whilst we do not know the full ins and outs of this game, it does look like it involves the Dutch city of Amsterdam and some upper class criminals that look right out of the film Oceans Eleven. Only time will tell if we are right and what the game play will be like.

Incash is number three and here we go to the time of the Incas of South America for a rip roaring ride through the Incas home of old. With great graphics and Inca based symbols we know this will be a huge game. This is also a network progressive slot too!

Dr. Magoos Adventure is number four and an adventure you shall have playing this game as you creep through foliage to find new creatures and pots of cash on the way. This game has 20 winlines.

Mr. Good is the final game and it reminds us of a Fox based version Robin Hood similar to that of the well known Disney film. We are sure this is going to be a great game to play.