Secure your iPhone or iPad easily with a 4 Digit Passcode


Many a times we forget our iPhones or iPads at grocery stores, at the park, bank or any other such place. If left unattended our phone gets lost, stolen or picked up and it then becomes a worry for us as all our personal data is exposed and can be misused.

By enabling a simple, easy-to enter 4-digitLock screen passcode, you not only make difficult for someone to get at your data, but you also make it much harder for them to do anything.

With the following simple methods you can enable a passcode on your iPhone or iPad Lock screen

  • First Launch Settings from your Home screen.
  • Then Tap Passcode (or Touch ID & Passcode).
  • Then Tap Turn Passcode On.
  • Now you enter 4 digits to use as your passcode.
  • You’ll see the standard alphanumeric keyboard during your initial passcode creation and confirmation, but don’t worry—if you stick with numbers, you’ll get the numeric keyboard later.
  • Re-enter the same 4 digits to confirm your passcode.
setting passcode

You can choose to require passcode entry immediately, for maximum security, or after up to an hour, for increased convenience.

You can also choose to have 10 incorrect passcode entries trigger a data wipe. That means anyone who gets your iPhone or iPad and tries to force their way through your passcode by entering different numbers over and over again, will be limited to 10 tries.

If you enter a longer passcode made only of numbers, the lock screen will display the handy numeric keyboard rather than the alphanumeric keyboard. Yes, potential phone thieves will know that you’ve got a numbers-only passcode, but they don’t know how long it is, and you can considerably beef up your phone’s security.