Safari Heat

Let’s play some Safari Heat on your Mobile phones!

Safari Heat is an African wilds 5 reel 15 paylines poker machine with an added bonus feature. Since this is not a progressive jackpot game there are plenty of free spins to be had so the coins can pile up.

Playtech mobile can be located in a variety of online casinos. The app makes it easy for game play by simply tapping a few buttons on the mobile device.


Download it from a reliable source

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How the Safari Heat pokie machine is played

Pokie games are in place so people everywhere can enjoy playing them while making a little cash and that is the same concept behind Safari Heat. Playtech has been able to capture the live action on a poker machine and bring it to online playing. The theme of this machine is African wilds.

Curl up with the pokie and mingle with the wild animals that come charging onto the reels. Players can find an African zebra and elephant, Ace through Nine, Flamingo, Wildebeest, and the hefty Rhinoceros. Safari Heat has a few modes offered for playing the game, but since there is no growing progressive jackpot try stacking the free spins for sucking up some loot.

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The Wheel of Fortune Safari Heat Mobile game

There is nothing wrong with wondering if the machine really pays off. They all do at some time or another. The easiest way for getting the coins to pile up is when the bonus feature comes dancing in. When the free spins start coming in there will be 15 awarded at once. That means there is opportunity for gathering another 15 while playing the free spins. If the player has hit the bonus twice while in free mode then all winnings will be paid at tripled.

The gaming circuit is sounding like bees buzzing when discussing this hot game. There may not be huge growing piles of cash waiting, but there is still plenty to be had at any given time. There is no charge for playing the game unless players decide to deposit their own money for playing with real money. Look for the download link and get started stacking the cash today.

—> Download Safari Heat jackpot pokie in your mobile today!