Spot and Avoid Rogue Gambling Sites

Tips to Spot and Avoid Rogue Online Gambling Sites
Tips to Spot and Avoid Rogue Online Gambling Sites

Rogue Gambling sites try to sell you something that is too good to be true. In many instances, you will not find the product like it was advertised, but once you make the purchase, you are stuck with the result. It is a truth, scammers can be found everywhere, but when it happens online, it becomes even harder to not only determine if you are being scammed, but who is behind the activity.


The online casino world has often been accused of being full of scammers, but that truly isn’t right. There are plenty of online casinos to choose from, and the majority of those are reputable. However, the industry does not come without scandal, so it is necessary to feel confident in the online casino choices you make so you can avoid these rogue operators.

The Safest Casinos to Play Casino Games Online

The Safest Casinos to Play Casino Games Online
The Safest Casinos to Play Casino Games Online

Do you want to play at some of the safest sites online? Well then let’s get you to it! While you can feel free to read on and find out how we come up with these recommended sites, we can get you started with the safest sites we have come across for all online casino players.

This list not only covers which site we think is the safest but goes a step further to filter the safe sites by those that offer the best quality of software content, the most payment options, and the most attractive promotions and bonuses.

How to Identify Rogue Gambling Sites

How to Identify a Casino Rogue?
How to Identify a Casino Rogue?

Before we give you some tips on how to avoid rogue casinos, we should define what makes a rogue casino in the first place. There are many players who feel a casino is cheating them because they never seem to win, but again that is more of a myth than fact. 

Casino games are all built with a house edge of some sort – why would a casino operator start a business if they were set to lose money? When people play casino games online, they are playing at a much faster rate, which means that they may feel that they are losing more than normal.

Now, this doesn’t mean that some casinos aren’t scamming players in some way, let’s look at some of the ways you can find a casino rogue:

1. Bad Software

This is not a big concern these days, but in the early days of the online casino industry, there was far less oversight when it came to the games themselves. Some operators were able to “tweak” the payout odds of games, giving them a much higher hold percentage.

2. Slow Payouts

While there is some cooling time in getting your withdrawals processed, some sites use this to hide the fact that they are paying you late. The site could be slow paying simply to make you reverse your request and play some more, while others are simply not interested in paying players in a timely manner.

3. No Payment

You might not get paid at all. This is a worst-case scenario for players – make a deposit, play some games, then try to get your money only to find out you can’t track down the casino at all. While this is an extreme case, it still exists, so it is something to be wary of when managing your casino balance.

4. False Advertising

You are likely going to have your antennae up when you see an offer that seems too good to be true. These massive bonuses and promotions usually are, especially when they come from a site you haven’t heard of before. Rogue sites use these offers to draw you in even though there is no chance of actually winning what is being offered.

5. Removal of Funds

Some sites will have in their terms and conditions a line that outlines their right to remove money from a player’s account if they feel the player has broken any rules. However, this is another way rogue casinos can hide the fact that they are scamming players. We have heard many stories of players who have logged into their accounts to find their balances gone as a result of some technicality.

What Makes a Rogue Online Gambling Sites?

What Makes a Casino Rogue?
What Makes a Casino Rogue?

This is not as straightforward an answer as you may think. Of course, a casino operator could simply not be a law-abider who has set up their business to rip off players. However, these days that number is smaller than ever as the software vendors try to do enough due diligence on a possible customer before granting them a license for their products.

Another reason a casino could go rogue is simply that they have mismanaged the money that has been deposited at the site. The industry is highly competitive, and it costs a lot of money to stay relevant. Even though it is a terrible business idea, some companies leverage the player funds to help operate the business assuming that some of the money will be lost by players regardless.

How to Protect Yourself Against Rogue Casinos

How to Protect Yourself Against Rogue Casinos
How to Protect Yourself Against Rogue Casinos

Whatever the reason, rogue casinos are a fact of life, and all we can do is put you in the best possible position to not get scammed when you make your deposits online. Let’s review some of the items we look for when trying to determine the reliability of a site, and what you can do to avoid finding a rogue operator.

1. Gaming Licenses

The easiest way to check that you are playing with a reputable site is to see if they have a gaming license. There are many different jurisdictions which offer online casino licenses, and each of them offers a varying degree of player protection. Some of such licenses include licenses from the United Kingdom or Malta, as these two jurisdictions require that all player funds be stored in a segregated bank account which is audited on a regular basis.

There are other jurisdictions like Curacao and Kahnawake, which aren’t as strict as the European regulators, but, at the very least, a casino featuring one of these licenses has had to endure some form of the due diligence process.

2. Software Audits

There are some casinos that do not have gaming licenses based on where they are trying to attract clients. For instance, Malta and the UK will not issue a license to operators planning to accept bets from the United States. In this case, the next thing we look for is a software provider that has had its games audited by a third party. This is something that vendors are proud to display, so if you are having a hard time finding a logo from an auditing firm, this should raise a red flag.

3. Casino Reviews

Independent websites like ours are there to give players the most comprehensive, honest reviews of all the online casino sites we find. We have top mobile casinos that cover many online casinos you will find, and this includes a blacklist of casinos we simply cannot recommend to players.

4. Read Casino Forum Sites

There are many player-driven sites like forums that give a voice to players who feel they have been wronged by an online casino. Now, some of these posts on forums are players venting because they lost their money playing games, so when you are reading a forum post about a site, you want to look for responses from casino representatives. Forums can be a way for sites to perform customer service in the public eye, so if you aren’t seeing a response from the casino itself, then you should have some cause for concern.

5. Trust Your Friends

The odds are that you know someone who has played with an online casino site, so it is worth asking around for recommendations. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will find the best sites or sites that are fair, but with our reviews and the forums sites, getting a seal of approval from someone you trust may be exactly what you need to make a final decision.

6. Make Small Deposits

Even after all of this research, you are still at the mercy of the casino after you send them your money. We always recommend that you play within your means, but if you are even a bit concerned about the reliability of a site, then you should test it with the absolute minimum deposit amount. Then, you want to manage your balance well, making withdrawals whenever possible and leaving only a minimum amount in your balance. Yes, this could cost you a little bit more in transaction fees, but that is still better than having your entire balance wiped out by a rogue operator.

Can There Be an End to these Rogue Operators?

Can There Be an End in Sight for Rogue Operators?
Can There Be an End in Sight for Rogue Operators?

No. As long as the industry exists, there will be people who have bad intentions of trying to take advantage of players. With the information we have outlined on this page, you will put yourself in the best position to make educated decisions about where to play. However, you may still face issues with your casino of choice. If that does really happen and you can’t get any resolution from the casino directly, you can take your case to the forums, regulators, and sites like ours for assistance.


The online casino industry has always done a great job of self-policing, and you as a player are part of that ecosystem. Anything you see that doesn’t seem right should be reported so many other players can get alert and continue to get a safe, secure environment to enjoy their favourite casino games.

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