Riviera Riches Pokies: A Dose of Luxury

riviera riches poker machine
Riviera Riches game is a 5 reel, 15 paylines – Click to Play

Think casino – the company of fine gentlemen and sophisticated women sipping cocktails right from the comfort of your home, and only one thing comes to mind – the Riviera Riches Pokies app. This casino app is unique and matchless – it has not one, but two exciting games filled with riches: The Riviera Riches pokie game, and the classic Roulette game for casino enthusiasts. With many rich casino features at its disposal, you’ll feel like you’re transported to a real-life Vegas casino to play the pokies.

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There are plenty of mobile casinos to choose from when you are looking for your Riviera Riches mobile app but the one that sticks out a little more is Ripper Casino.

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How to Play Riviera Riches Pokies

Riviera Riches Pokies
How to Play?

The Riviera Riches game is a 5 reel, 15 payline virtual machine with symbols encapsulating the Vegas high-roller lifestyle. The Riviera Riches symbol and the Wild symbol act as the wild card that stands for any logo to complete your winning payline.

What’s more? The Riviera Riches symbol in your payline doubles your payline win! By itself, five Riviera Riches symbols on a payline can give you a jackpot of 1500x your bet.

The scatter symbol is a pile of chips and cash. Regardless of the symbol being on your payline, two scatter symbols across the reel can get you a massive payout. Three or more scatter symbols give you a free ride to heaven – 12 free spins with a 3x multiplier thrown in just for you. And if you get lucky, you have the option to retrigger your spins. You can win a jackpot of up to 190,000 coins. This makes it a very exciting and popular game amongst several online casino patrons to play this game.

The Riviera Riches Pokies Machine Gives you the Best Possible Outcome

The wild symbol in this game is the Riviera Riches pokie logo. When this wild appears ever it lands on an active payline, which is just one specific non-scatter symbol short of a winning combination, its wild feature will automatically spring into action by substituting for that symbol and giving you the win that you need. If there are two ways for the wild to create a win, the Riviera Riches Pokies machine will, by default, give you the best result. To further make the deal better, whenever this happens, the payout you receive for the payline in question will be doubled!

Fun Symbols and Slick Graphics

Of course, you’ll be aiming for the big jackpot, but you’ll need to stay afloat with all the standard wins as well. Here’s what you can expect to win as part of the base game.

Guarantee to Win at Least a 4x Bet Multiplier

Guarantee to Win at Least a 4x Bet Multiplier
Guarantee to Win at Least a 4x Bet Multiplier

Another great feature is the Roulette Bonus game, which launches instantly when you see the Roulette symbol on the first and fifth reels at the same time. Here, you have two chances to spin a roulette wheel in hopes of hitting any specific number of your choice. There are different rewards depending on the outcome, but you are sure to win at least a 4x bet multiplier. The maximum award is 30,000 coins – which is the top prize in the game – and which can be worth up to NZD 29,755.

Clear Why you should be Playing Riviera Riches

Riviera Riches has a unique theme, along with wilds, bonus rounds and free spins with multipliers. It’s ideal for players looking to manage their bankrolls or simply those who enjoy winning often. If you’re looking for an online pokie that drips with luxury and promises to payout on a regular basis, it’s clear why you should be playing Riviera Riches.

The Roulette Bonus

The Roulette Bonus
The Roulette Bonus

The best part about the Riviera Riches game is that it doesn’t end at the pokies. If you are lucky enough to get a Roulette symbol anywhere on the first or fifth reel, you get into an all-new world that captures the essence of the characteristic Roulette table. Get two free spins on the Roulette table and place a bet on any number between 1 and 36. All associated bets get added automatically with a 36x multiplier if the ball stops at zero. Also, regardless of whether you win on the Roulette table, you get a 4x multiplier on your bet.

Riviera Riches has an element of excitement in almost every stage of the game. Win big or lose (which won’t be often), and you are sure to have an enthralling casino experience with the catchy nature of the game. Start with this Riviera Riches and you’ll probably be filling up your pockets faster than you ever imagined.

Luxury And Decorum

Luxury And Decorum
Luxury And Decorum

Riviera Riches is a luxury poky which is suited to players of all experience levels. Admittedly, it would play in a spinner’s favour if they have some experience with the roulette table when it comes to the bonus game. But even then, the gameplay is fairly easy to get the hang of. So, if you are after a pokies machine with some class and decorum, this is your best bet. Given this game, jackpot lends itself to cash play we recommend playing at a well-reviewed Microgaming specialist site such as pokiesmobile.

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