Raytheon Makes History Launching Rifle Missile


U.S. defense company Raytheon successfully launched their first laser guided missile from an assault rifle. It was fired from a standard tube grenade launcher attachment that was mounted on the rifle. This brilliant new invention is called Pike, and it is getting ready to revolutionize modern warfare as we know it.

These precision missiles have an incredible projectory range that puts current grenade launchers to shame. With a worldwide race to create the most lethal and sophisticated electronics Raytheon is one company that is trailblazing a whole new way of waging war.

“Pike uses a digital, semi-active laser seeker to engage both fixed and slow-moving, mid-range targets. This new guided munition can provide the warfighter with precision, extended-range capability never before seen in a hand-held weapon on the battlefield.”

Raytheon made history when they announced that they had successfully fired two laser guided missiles at Mile High Resources in Texas. Pike is a truly outstanding product since it utilizes a sophisticated system in an impressively simple manner. These missiles are precision guided by 40 mm lasers. Weighing in at less than two pounds and measuring 16.8 inches Pike is perfect for a soldier on the go.

The area where this missile truly shines is the stunning distance that it can cover. In the recent tests Pike hit both of its intended targets from a whopping 2,300 yards. This easily beats out grenade launchers’ current range of 150 yards, creating a fierce competition between arms manufacturers.

“Pike will become smarter and smarter as we continue to develop its capabilities,” said Smith. “In the current configuration, the warfighter will enter programmable laser codes prior to loading Pike into its launcher. Spiral development calls for multiple-round simultaneous programming and targeting with data link capabilities.”

Immediately following this historic achievement Raytheon is doing anything but slowing down. They are already going full throttle at improving and modifying Pike. They have already announced that they aim to evolve Pike into a myriad of different combat options, each one completely outdoing the next. So the question remains, what will be the end result of such deadly and sophisticated weapons? We can only hope that we don’t piss off one of Raytheon’s clients.