Pub Fruity Pokies for Mobile

Pub Fruity Pokie for Mobile
Pub Fruity Pokie for Mobile

Pub Fruity Pokies can be played on mobile. There is nothing quite like the convenience of being able to play the game; when you want to and where you want to. The key in these games is to make the transition from the PC to the Mobile Phone easy and just as exciting. In this case, that goal has been achieved.

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How Pub Fruity Pokies is played

Pub Fruity Pokies
How the Pub Fruity pokie machine is played

One of the good things is that the Pub Fruity Pokies for Mobile offers all the great themes players have grown accustomed to on their computers. This game will make you feel like you are in your favourite pub throwing back a few pints. Let one not forget the mesmerizing barmaid that is there to fulfil your every desire. All of the fruit symbols that you have grown to love on the computer version are on your Mobile Pub Fruity game as well. You can expect to see watermelons, lemons, grapes, cherries, and oranges.

There is even a special symbol in the mobile version. All you have to do is line up 3 of the Pub Fruity symbols, and you enjoy a payout that is 250 times your original bet. That is quite exceptional for any mobile pokies version.

Additional Mobile Pub Fruity Pokies Features

Additional Mobile Pub Fruity Pokie Features
Additional Mobile Pub Fruity Pokie Features

The Pub Fruity Pokie for Mobile offers some features that other mobile pokies do not. If you get a lemon and two watermelons, you will have the option to hold on to the mobile Pub Fruity version. This allows the player to take another spin in an attempt to get the third watermelon. There is even a nudge feature that allows the player to give the reel a nudge in an attempt to achieve that 3 in a row. These features allow the player to be more involved and that makes this Pub Fruity Mobile Pokie all more fun.

We are not through yet. The Pub Fruity Pokie for Mobile game has other outstanding features as well. You can make a prediction on the player you think will be victorious in the contest with the Dart Contest feature and if you are correct the payoff will be 1000 times your original bet. If your prediction was incorrect; you still get 50 times the original bet. The player can even take a trip down the Pub Fruity Drinks Trail and enjoy numerous prizes along the way.


Pub Fruity Pokies has a very simple interface, even for this type of slot machine. The player adjusts the bet amount with the plus and minus buttons and then initiates the round with the Spin button. Near the main menu, BET and WIN windows display precisely what was wagered and won for the current round. Combos are viewable via the Paytable button; the remainder of the paytable is displayed via a series of beverages at the borders of the play area.

Special Features

Play Pub Fruity
Play Pub Fruity

Pun Fruity Pokies has eight symbols, from low value to high: cherries, lemons, oranges, grapes, watermelons, bars, bells and Pub Fruity logos. Each symbol can appear on the reels normally or with a single digit at its lower right-hand corner. If a player hits a combo and any amount of numbers are present, then those numbers are totalled and used to count off the various cocktails at the border of the screen. The last cocktail counted indicates the special prize for that round. Some cocktails have no prize at all, but others provide free spins, win spins, bonus nudges and win multipliers.

The game also has three golden darts near the spinning reels. By default, the darts are greyed out. With each spin, the player has a random chance to win a dart, at which point, one of the golden darts lights up. When all three darts are lit, a second-screen bonus game will begin: The player chooses one of three dart throwers and then wins if his/her dart thrower wins the match. The winnings from this bonus can be as high as a 1,000x bet multiplier.

Graphics And Audio

The game uses a 2D style with reel animations. The graphics are good but below Microgaming’s usual level of quality. The sound effects are diverse but mechanical, and many players may opt for the mute button to play without them.


The standard jackpot is 250 coins, which is worth £2,500 at the max bet; however, the win multiplier can be as high as 500x, and with that action, the max win is an impressive £1.25 million. The dart bonus game can pay out as much as £10,000.

It would appear that this Pub Fruity Pokie for Mobile game was designed for fun and excitement and is certainly a pokies game worth exploring.

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