7 Popular Celebrity Games for Android

Celebrity games for Android are available to play for free. Simply install the game app on your Android mobile and begin playing.

These games are based on some celebrity, such as a character from a TV show, a movie personality, or a cartoon character.

These celebrity games can vary immensely in style and gameplay, which makes them fun to look at if nothing else.

7 Best Celebrity Games for Android

These games offer free credits to play the games, and few might contain in-app purchases, though not necessary.

1. Disney Crossy Road

Price: Free to play

Celebrity Games for Android
Disney Crossy Road

This game features almost every Disney protagonist! This game is a Disney-made off-shoot of Crossy Road. Unlike Frogger, you can cross roads, rivers, etc. without hitting obstacles.

In the Disney variant, you can unlock nearly 100 Disney characters, most of which have a unique soundtrack and level theming. This game is kid-friendly, easy to play, free to download, and an excellent way to waste a few minutes.

2. Alien: Isolation

Price: Free upto Level 2

Alien isolation
Alien Isolation

It is an arcade mobile game like the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. You have to guard a position and keep the aliens from getting close to them. It would be best if you had various strategies and decisions that will change the course of the game.

This game includes seven levels and is part of the Amanda Ripley story. Play missions 1 and 2 for free, then unlock the complete game and all DLC via a single in-app purchase.

3. Injustice 1 and 2

Price: Free to play

Injustice 2
Injustice 2

This entertaining tap fighter features a range of superheroes from the DC Comics universe and cameo appearances from many other popular characters.

Superheroes are celebrities these days, right? The game has playable characters, simple controls, and stuff to do.

It’s not as in-depth as a classic arcade fighter. It’s fun enough to kill a few minutes. Both games are freemium, and you can have his thing easily. Don’t expect too much here. It is a simple game with some nice graphics.

4. Pocket Mortys

Price: Free to play

Pocket Mortys
Pocket Mortys

This game features characters from the Rick and Morty cult show. Pocket Mortys plays like a Pokemon game. You are the Rick here and will collect and battle various Mortys against other Ricks. Here, you will find 70 different Mortys and collect them.

You have the whole story to play through, which is rife with Rick and Morty’s unique, dark humour. It’s not that long a game. Updates have helped to make it a long game. It’s fun, and it’s different from most celebrity games.

5. Reigns: Game of Thrones

Price: Free

Pocket Mortys
Pocket Mortys

You will play this arcade simulator with an elegant premise. It is a story and a stack of cards. You will have to swipe these cards left and right (like Tinder) to approve or deny the actions presented on the card.

If you make good decisions, the game will stretch, and it ends abruptly if you make bad decisions.

This includes characters and locations from the Game of Thrones universe. You can exist outside the main story, so it’s entirely different. You can purchase this game in-app or for free with Google Play Pass.

There are also two other versions of this game without Game of Thrones tie-ins.

6. The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Price: Free to play

The Simpsons Tapped Out
The Simpsons Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is one of the first vast and popular celebrity games. The premise is that Homer finally blows up Springfield, and your job is to rebuild it from scratch.

It features many references to the show, and you can even interact in ways consistent with the series (such as making Apu work long shifts).

There is much content to devour, and it’s still getting new stuff in. It’s large enough to keep one busy for months at least.

7. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

Price: Free to play

Walking Dead
Walking Dead

It is famous because it still receives consistent updates, and most players enjoy it. It’s a free mobile gacha game with RPG components.

You can collect your favourite characters from the show and rank them up. Here in this game, there are also PVP game modes and a storyline quest. It’s a decent game.

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Final Thoughts

Celebrity Games for Android are free to play. Be it Rick and Morty, the Simpsons or the Crossy Roads, all the games are quite engageable.

To play these games smoothly, you generally need Android 5.0 and up and an Internet connection.

There are in-app purchases, but you can choose whether to make them available or simply play with the free credits.


What is the cross-road game about?

Where you cross roads, train tracks, and rivers and unlock and collect over 300 characters in retro style.

What is the story behind Alien Isolation?

It is based on the 1979 film Alien, Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror masterpiece, using its atmosphere, art direction and production values to deliver the same terrifying thrills.

Can I play celebrity games on my PC?

Yes, you can play celebrity games on Android and PC.

What is so special about these games?

The games are based on celebrities and their characters and engaging storylines.

Do these work offline?

Unfortunately no. You need Wi-Fi or the Internet to play these games.

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