Which Pokies Do Women Love To Play?

Pokies Women Love To Play

Pokies women love to play are free pokies and real money games. Most women want free pokies and mobile game apps that do not involve money.

Women like shopping and men don’t. Similarly, men like gambling and women are least interested.

But this does not apply to all men and women. In Australia, 28% of women love pokies and gambling. Men form gambling addiction, and so do women.

It’s a debate, and only research shows us which gender plays the most pokies. According to a survey, more men than women gambled sports, racing, and pokies.

I am a woman; I love pokies. Of course, I would like free pokies because I know I have a family at home that needs me more than losing money and myself in pokies.

Pokies Women Love To Play

Women love to play pokies to while away their time. They like all kinds of pokies, especially those related to fantasy, drama, beauty, food, jewellery, and movies.

Here are the few I have picked that are most popular among females.

1. Indiana Jane

Indiana Jane pokies to play
Indiana Jane pokies

  • Reels: 5 reel 25 payline
  • Important Symbols: Golden Tombs of Katun and Jane
  • Gaming Provider: RTG
  • Goal: Find Hidden Treasures
  • Win: 25000

Why Popular?

The story of an adventurous lady, Indiana Jane.

2. Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini pokies
Dirty Martini pokies

  • Reels 5 and 20 paylines
  • Important symbols: An olive garnish, Martini Shaker and alcoholic beverages
  • Provider: RTG
  • Goal: Right Cocktail
  • Win: 2000

Why Popular?

Women love to drink, right?

3. Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper pokies
Fixer Upper pokies

  • 5 reels, 20 paylines
  • Developer: Rival
  • Important Symbols: Tape Measure, Nail Gun, Paintbrush, Paint Can, Handy Man.
  • Goal: Fix up the house
  • Win: 88880 coins

Why Popular?

Women love to renovate and decorate their homes to look nice.

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4. Jenny Nevada And The Diamond Temple

Jenny Nevada pokies
Jenny Nevada pokies

  • 5 Reels 20 paylines
  • Provider: Rival
  • Important Symbols: Jeeps, binoculars, pistols, machetes, ancient maps and Jenny
  • Goal: Find Treasure
  • Win: 5000

Why Popular?

The adventure theme and the boldness of Jenny are things that women love.

5. Queen Of Kings

Queen of Kings pokies
Queen of Kings pokies

  • 5 reel 25 payline
  • Developer: RTG
  • Important symbols: Golden Scrab and Cleopatra
  • Goal: Find the Riches
  • Win: 4000

Why Popular?

Cleopatra was famous for her lascivious lifestyle and opulent wealth, and that’s what women want to see.

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6. Starburst

Starburst pokies game
Starburst pokies game

  • 5 Reels 10 Paylines
  • Provider: NetEnt
  • Important Symbols: Gems, Seven and Bars
  • Goal: Form Crystals
  • Win: 50000

Why Popular?

Colourful Gems. What else would a lady want?

Do you know? Many pokies games are based on some of the famous characters of women:

  • Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs
  • Wonder Woman Gold
  • Agent Jane Blonde
  • Viking Queen

7. Butterfly Staxx

Butterfly staxx pokies
Butterfly Staxx pokies

  • 5 Reels 40 Paylines
  • Provider: NetEnt
  • Important Symbols: Flowers and Butterfly
  • Goal: Match symbols from left to right across the reels.
  • Win: 800 X your bet

Why Popular?

Butterflies and colourful flowers are women’s favourites.

8. Cleopatra

Cleopatra pokies
Cleopatra pokies

  • 5 Reels and 20 Paylines
  • Provider: IGT
  • Important Symbols: Cleopatra the Queen
  • Goal: Land three or more matching symbols on an enabled payline. 
  • Win: 10000

Why Popular?

The beauty of the Queen is that women are fan of.

9. Moon Princess

Moon Princess pokies
Moon Princess pokies

  • 5 reels and 20 paylines
  • Provider: Play n Go
  • Important Symbols: Love Star, Storm, full moon with a gold border.
  • Goal:  Clearing the whole grid to trigger the main Free Spins Round.
  • Win: 5000 your bet

Why Popular?

Great Animation and the beauty of the Japanese Queen.

10. Queen of the Crystal Rays

Queen of the crystals rays
Queen of the Crystals rays pokies

  • 6 Reels and 50 Paylines
  • Provider: Microgaming
  • Important Symbols: The Crystal Queen, a Magic Jewel Box, a Chalice, and a Cauldron
  • Goal: Bring Ray cannons on the side of the reels and add extra wins to your gameplay.
  • Win: 2600x bet

Why Popular?

The Queen resembles Wonder Woman in appearance, though she is not afraid of wearing bright colours. 

11. Queen of Riches

Queen of Riches pokies
Queen of Riches pokies

  • 6 Reels and 117649 Paylines
  • Provider: Big Time Gaming
  • Important Symbols:
  • Goal: Find the Royals with Riches
  • Wins: 20000 x your bet.

Why Popular?

Travel to ancient Egypt and explore the wealth and luxury hidden.

12. Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe

Lucky lady charm Delux pokies
Lucky Lady Charm Deluxe pokies

  • 5 Reel 10 Paylines
  • Provider: Novomatic
  • Important Symbols: Ladybirds, rabbit foot pendants, four-leafed clovers and Lucky Penny with the number 10.
  • Goal: Land five identical symbols side by side on one of the win lines running from left to right.
  • Win: 500 x your bet.

Why Popular?

The luck and the charm with Lucky Lady inspire women a lot.

What do you say?

Do you believe that pokies women love to play show the emotional aspect of women? I believe to some extent.

The above pokies, though, are somehow interrelated to a woman’s life, but that doesn’t mean she cannot become a woman like Lara Croft or is afraid of Immortal Romance.

Women are no less than men. There are stories of women winners at casinos and those who have not played wisely and face losses at playing pokies.


How do women pick pokies to play?

It depends on what type of game one wants to play. It can be fantasy, food, movie, adventure or romantic pokies.

Why do women play pokies more than table games?

It is because pokies require no skill to play. Pokies are simple gaming machines that only require the spinning of the reels, which the women feel comfortable playing.

What other game besides pokies do women love to play?

It is a bingo game that women love to play besides pokies.

Are there any women pokies winners in Australia?

Yes, there are many women pokies winners in Australia.

What should women do to play pokies?

Women should play pokies very wisely and stick to bankrolls.

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