Interesting Pokies Regulations Around the World

The Most Interesting Pokies Regulations Around the World
The Most Interesting Pokies Regulations Around the World

Out of all the games found at casinos, pokies receive the most regulation. This is due to the fact that they are the main money-makers for any establishment. Revenue generated from pokies machines accounts for over half of gaming profit. This translates to billions of dollars worldwide, which provides hundreds of millions in tax dollars. In Australia, the government literally thrives off this burst of income, since it’s one of their main tax revenues. You can find pokies at almost all states of Australia.

Even though the amount of money is staggering, there are downsides to widespread pokies machines. They are the most appealing machines to problem gamblers since they are the flashiest games in the casinos. Their ease to use and hypnotic themes have made them a favourite for responsible and addicted punters alike. Since there’s no sure way to weed out punters who shouldn’t be playing, measures are made to regulate pokies.

Each country takes a different approach to gambling, but no matter how strict people still find a way to play. This is especially apparent with pokies since these vibrant machines have stolen the show around the world. They are one of the most popular forms of gambling, so venues scramble to make them available to visitors.

This massive demand forces casinos to create some interesting loopholes. They range from simple to outrageous, depending on the laws of the country. Educating yourself isn’t just advantageous, it can also be entertaining. This is especially true with pokies regulations since it varies so much from country to country. For this reason, we compiled a list of countries with interesting pokies regulations. Prepare to be entertained, these loopholes show that pokies always find a way!

Pokies Regulations Around the World

1. The United States

Pokies Regulations
The types of casinos vary wildly in America!

There are 50 states, each taking a different approach to gambling regulation. For the most part, pokies machines are strictly regulated by the government. Out of all the states, Nevada has the most relaxed laws regarding gambling. These loose restrictions have made it a gambling mecca.

Even though Nevada has stolen the show, there are plenty of gambling hubs in America. New Jersey has many casinos, but gaming machines are only allowed in Atlantic City’s hotel casinos. Mississippi used to require casinos to operate on barges, but this changed after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. Faced with massive losses, they legalized land casinos to stimulate tourism. Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, and Indiana only allow pokies machines on riverboats or barges.

Delaware allows pokies on race tracks, while Wisconsin bars and taverns can have up to 5 machines. Native American reservations can have pokie machines if they agree to give a portion of the winnings to the state. America is a complicated political terrain, but plenty of places exist to play pokies!

2. Russia

Pokies Regulations
Despite Russia’s crackdown, a few casinos managed to survive…

During the beginning of the 21st century, gambling addiction in Russia soared. Over 1.5 million citizens regularly gambled in Moscow, but none of the money was going to the state. This disparity ended up motivating the government to ban gambling in all but four regions of Russia in 2007. Altay, Rostov, Kaliningrad and Primorie took advantage of this monopoly, but pokies are still tightly controlled. Machines have to pay out 90% of takings and there are restrictions on the net assets of gambling operators. It’s an interesting trade-off, but at least pokies survived!

3. Japan

Pokies Regulations
These machines are a bonanza in Japan!

Even though gambling is criminalized, the Japanese people found a way to gamble. Pachinko machines provide the same thrill as pokies, but they have a more roundabout system.

Punters put money into these pinball machines and bet on which hole the ball will fall into. If they pick correctly, the punter is awarded plastic balls that contain slits of gold. These can be traded for cash at neighbouring venues that are normally owned by the original parlour. It’s a complicated system, but the players still get in on the action!

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