Pokies Hubs in Asia You Need to Visit

Despite common misconceptions, Asia is one of the best places to play pokies. This may be surprising, but after looking at the numbers it makes complete sense. Even though their casinos are booming, they remain shrouded in secrecy. When most punters think of pokies hubs, Asia rarely makes the list. This is due to the fact that America & Australia has stolen the media’s spotlight. Even though pokies has become embedded in our culture, Eastern casinos are rushing to catch up. They single handedly created a bonanza that has taken many exotic territories by storm.

There’s a lot of places to gamble in Asia, but only a few where pokies is openly celebrated. Unlike the West’s unpredictable financial situation, during the last few years the economies in Asia have been booming. China has emerged as a newborn superpower, & tourism in South East Asia is exploding. This fresh influx of cash has paved the way for some of the world’s biggest pokies hubs.

Since they don’t generate the same amount of kickbacks, they are rarely promoted in Western media. This gives them a unique appeal that mega-destinations like Vegas can’t compete with. There’s something undeniably unique about visiting a place that’s just starting to flourish. For this reason, Asia’s casinos are the perfect places for punters to visit. We compiled a list of the best countries to play pokies in Asia. These hubs will blow you away with their casinos, so start planning your next trip with this article!

Best Countries to Play Pokies in Asia

Asian Countries

South Korea has been missed by punters for too long.

Pokies Hub #2: South Korea – While this country has become infamous for creating good smartphones, their casino industry is just as impressive. Even though there are dozens of casinos, most are located in two major hubs: Seoul & Jeju-do island. The most impressive casino in Seoul is the Paradise Casino Walker Hill. It’s the biggest venue in the country, & sports a larger than life facility. They even host gift events, where the casino gives back to its guests. It overlooks the Han River, providing a spectacular view that has captivated visitors since the 60’s.

For those who want to escape the city, Jeju-do island offers the best of both worlds. It’s surrounded by pristine natural surroundings, but also has 8 major casinos. Ironically, even though South Korea’s casino industry is booming locals can only legally play at one. The Kangwon Casino is the only option that allows you to go up against locals. All these options make South Korea an indispensable addition to every punters bucket list.

Asian Countries

It’s hard to beat the decadence of Macau.

Pokies Hub #1: Macau – When discussing gambling in Asia, it’s impossible not to mention Macau. This is due to the fact that it has exploded in popularity, even managing to surpass Vegas’ revenue. With over 30 massive casinos to choose from, picking the right one can be a daunting task.

Technically they are all worth a visit, but the most famous is the Grand Lisboa. It was originally the Stanley Ho hotel & casino, but over the years it has morphed into a modern marvel. Now it spans multiple buildings & is shaped like a giant lotus flower. Each building is connected by footbridges, giving it an adventurous feel. This is just the tip of the iceberg with this destination, so take a trip & explore the endless opportunities for punters!