Playboy Pokies Review


One of the latest pokie releases from Microgaming this past summer is Playboy pokies review. Just the mention of the name sends a shiver up the spine of male gamers around the globe.

The Playboy brand is well known, and this pokie combines the sensuality associated with the Playboy Bunnies with the challenges of a spirited pokie game.


Playboy Pokie Review
Playboy Pokie Review

The only difference between this pokie and the single-player version, aesthetically speaking, is that you will play the game in the same «room» as a handful of other players, and you can see all of their reels and your own. This is important, as discussed later, and the multiplier bar you see to the right of the reels is also very important. 

Playboy Pokies review – Betting 


You need to bet at least $1 on this pokie to get the most out of it. If you bet any less, you won’t generate much action in the multiplier bar, and your returns will suffer drastically. If this amount is out of the question, you’re probably better off simply giving this pokie a miss because lower amounts will struggle to profit from this game. 

The Features

Playboy pokies review
The Features

As one would expect from the Playboy theme, many beautiful women are to be appreciated in this pokie. In addition, you will see symbols like the red sports car,  a bunny riding a motorcycle, a male model with a bunny and 4 of the sexiest Playboy bunnies a red-blooded male could imagine. You will also see the Playboy Logo. The poker deck has a scatter symbol and the top 5 cards.

The wild symbol is the Playboy Logo. The girl standing by the swimming pool is the scatter symbol. There are no less than 4 free spin features that are designed to surround each of the 4 sexy Playboy bunnies.

How To Play The Game

How To Play The Game
How To Play The Game

The Playboy Pokie is a 5 reel, 243 payline pokies that can deliver a jackpot of 1,215,000 coins. Like most pokies, the goal is to spin up winning combinations on the reels.

This can be done using various symbols, including the wild and the scatter symbols. When the gamer spins up the right winning combinations, they can ignite the free spin features and gain bonus coins.

The Bonus

The Bonus
The Bonus

In this game, the Bonus opportunities in Playboy are the free spin features.

  • The first free spin feature surrounds beautiful Kimy, delivering 10 free spins and a 5x multiplier.
  • The second free spin feature surrounds Sofia which will deliver 15 free spins that come with running wilds.
  • The Third free spin feature surrounds Ashley. Ashley offers 20 free spins and the benefits of rolling reels.
  • The final free spin feature surrounds Jillian. You can get 25 free spins with this sexy beauty and enjoy the wild night feature that alters random reels to winning combinations.


Playboy is one of the few multiplayer pokies we have played, but it is also the best. We can’t understand why these games are not more popular as this really was incredibly fun, at least to begin with.

After all, it’s easy to enjoy yourself when you’re winning, and those wins never end, but when you’re betting as much as you possibly can to get your multiplier up and then you hit a losing streak, you can lose a small fortune very quickly. By all means, give this pokie a chance, but be careful and keep an eye on your stake.


Can I Play Playboy Gold Jackpots for Free in NZ?

Yes, you can try Playboy Gold Jackpots without registration here at this website. Any gambling site associated with Microgaming would also provide free access to the test mode for NZ residents.

Can NZ Players win Real Money on the Playboy Gold Jackpots Pokies?

Yes, a registered account with a New Zealand casino operator is the only option for playing and winning real money Playboy Gold Jackpots.

What is the Best Place to Play Playboy Gold Jackpots for NZ Players?

When testing the version any trusted gambling operator or a casino-related site such as pokiesmobile would do.

If you want to play the pokies for real cash, you should select any licensed operator with a good reputation and premium services. The best casinos will differ according to your personal requirements.

Can I play Playboy Gold Jackpots Pokies on a Mobile Phone in New Zealand?

This pokies machine is mobile-friendly and can be uploaded on any device.

How to Win Playing Playboy Gold Jackpots in New Zealand?

This licensed title offers random results. Whether you are from NZ or another country, all you need to win on Playboy Gold Jackpots is good luck.

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