How to Play Virtual Sports at Ignition Casino?

Virtual Sports at Ignition Casino
Virtual Sports

Virtual sports at Ignition Casino are sports games where you form a team and play in a group or solo as an individual.

They are not real sports but electronic games where you place your bets, like pokies games. The outcome of these fantasy games is through a random number generator.

How to Play Virtual Sports at Ignition Casino?

Virtual sports at Igniton Casino
Virtual sports at Ignition Casino

To play virtual sports at Ignition Casino, you must first join the casino and open your account.

  • You should have a WIFI or good internet connection to play virtual sports online.
  • After that deposit to place your bets.
  • Head to virtual sports and Click on the virtual sports tab at the top of any page.
  • Next select a match, racing, or numbers game from the left-hand menu. 
  • Using the bet slip to the right of the game view, place a bet, Single, Combi, or System bet, or split your bets between more than one event.

How do you deposit to place bets?

Ignition casino deposit
Ignition casino deposit
  • Go the banking section after login
  • Select the method of deposit.
  • Choose the amount of deposit you wish to make.
  • Your deposits will be processed and reflected on your dashboard under transactions.
  • Now you can place the bets
  • Play virtual sports.

Deposit methods can vary, and you can make your deposit using credit, debit or gift card, a Voucher code, or Cryptocurrency, which is 100% free of additional fees on Ignition.

  • The minimum deposits vary from $5 to $20 according to the method of deposit.
  •  As a security measure, you must provide your ID before making a deposit.
  • You need to be 18 years and above age to place your bets.

For Withdrawals of your wins following methods are available at Ignition Casino:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • USDT
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Voucher
  • Player Transfer
  • Check by Courier
  • MatchPay

Your request to withdrawal are processed from 1 to 17 days.

Withdrawal limits depends on the method of withdrawal you choose and range between $10 – $1500.

Types of Bets

BetsWhat you need to do
Single This is bet on 1 selection from a virtual event. The stake will be multiplied by the odds to calculate the return. Multiple selections can be made from same or different events.
CombiA bet on 3 or more selections, where at least 2 selections are made from the same event. To win, at least 1 selection from each event must be correct. 
SystemA bet on 3 or more selections from different events. Bet how many selections must be correct to win. The more selections that are correct, the higher your return.
Split ColumnA bet on 3 or more selections where at least 2 selections are made from the same event. At least 1 selection from each event must be correct to win. 

You can also remove selections from the bet slip by clicking the trash can icon. 

Finally, review your open bet by clicking the ‘My Bets’ tab on the bet slip. To list all your bets, visit ‘Transactions’ on your dashboard by clicking the profile icon at the top of any page. 

Virtual Sports Rules

At Ignition, you can create your favourite teams across various sports and more.

Bet on soccer leagues, basketball playoffs, racing greyhounds and other tournaments of your choice anytime, anywhere. 

You can visit the virtual gaming menu, which includes match sports, racing, and numbers games. The rules for each game type are listed below:

1. Team Sports

Ignition - virtual sports- Team Sports England League
Ignition – virtual sports- Team Sports England League
  • National teams and clubs play in the events.
  • The teams are grouped into leagues.
  • The league teams are split into pairs, and the matches are played simultaneously.
  • After the match ends, the teams are recombined and play the next matches.
  • The teams are recombined until they play the whole season.
  • Each team plays the other as the home and away teams. After that, the league is reset and starts from the beginning.
  • Each event lasts between 60 and 180 sec. 
  • For Basketball, each event contains 5 highlights from the match.
  • In Soccer, each event contains 6 highlights from 1st and 2nd half, showing a goal, miss, foul or penalty.

Note that up to 6 goals can be scored in each match.

The statistics table of the whole league contains the following information for each team:

  • Number of matches played
  • The number of wins, losses and draws in the previous matches
  • Number of goals scored and missed by the team in the previous matches
  • Number of points earned by the team in the previous matches (win gives +3, draw +1 and loss – 0 points)

The final results of the match are displayed for at least 15 seconds.

2. Racing

Ignition - virtual sports- Races
Ignition – virtual sports- Races

When you place bets on Racing Racing there are 4 racers (Speedway) and 6 or 8 racers in each race (all other virtual races)

For each racer, the casino will display results in the last 5 races: 

1 – first place
2 – second place
3 – third place
X – not in the winners

  • Each race lasts 20 – 45 seconds (Speedway) and 30 – 90 seconds (all other virtual races)
  • After each race, the final results are displayed for 15 sec.
  • For results, the casino considers only the racers who have finished first, second, and third. Positions of other racers do not affect results.

3. Spin & Win Games

Ignition - virtual sports- spin-win
Ignition – virtual sports- spin-win

If you bet on Spin and win games then the rules are as follows. Spin and Win’s games are like roulette games or wheel of fun games.  Spin & Win is a game of chance where a wheel with numbered segments revolves until it stops.

 The betting options include: 

  • Place bets on the exact number at which the wheel stops. 
  • If that number is odd or even. 
  • Whether that number will be red or black (or green zero),
  • Between 1-18 or 19-36 or between 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36.

4. Color-Color game

Ignition - virtual sports- Color-color
Ignition – virtual sports- Color-color

Colour-colour game is a game of chance where 6 balls are drawn, from 49 (16 red, 16 yellow, 16 blue and 1 grey number). Players bet on possible draw outcomes, such as, but not limited to:

  • Betting on the correct drawn numbers
  • Betting on winning colours of drawn numbers
  • Betting that none of the predicted numbers was drawn

For all the games matches and rounds last just enough to get you the results quickly while the action is sufficient to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Sports

Available 24.7Not Realistic
Games are Random and FairLimited Betting Options
No Skill RequiredLack of social aspect and No Bonus to play


Virtual Sports at Ignition Casino are electronic sports games to play. They can be played easily as no skill is required to play them.

The only thing to remember is to play within your budget as, like pokies games, they are games of chance.


Q1. What are virtual sports at Ignition Casino?

Virtual sports at Ignition Casino are simulated sporting events that you can bet on. You can bet on matches, races, and other games. You can play in groups or individually.

Q2. How do I bet on virtual sports at Ignition Casino?

To bet on virtual sports, log in to your Ignition Casino account, navigate to the virtual sports section, and select the sport you want to bet on. Choose your desired bet type and amount, and then confirm your wager. The virtual event will unfold on the screen, and you can watch the simulation play out.

Q3. Are the outcomes of virtual sports truly random?

Yes like pokies games, the results are random. They work on random number generators, which means games are fair and have no influence of any kind.

Q4. Is virtual sports different from traditional sports?

Yes, they are different. Virtual means in video format, and traditional sports are where real sports games are played.

Q5. Does Ignition Casino offer a bonus to play virtual sports?

Unfortunately Ignition casino bonus policy doesn’t offer any bonus on these games.

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