How to Play the Westworld Game on your Smartphones?

Westworld game app
How to play the Westworld game on your Android and iPhone?

Westworld game app for iOS and Android is soon launching in Australia. This game is based on the hit HBO series and brings the experience to the palm of your hand. You can explore the iconic locations and interact with familiar characters including Bernard, Dr Ford, Maeve, Dolores and more.

The game is all about Delos and its destinations where as a trainee you’ve been granted access to the official Delos Park Training Simulation (DPTS), developed to help you learn all aspects of park operations and Host maintenance. You will build and control the park, create and evolve Artificially Intelligent Hosts, and indulge the many human appetites of your Guests. You can prove yourself as an employee, and you’ll gain access to the park in ways only Westworld’s creators could have designed.

Play the Westworld Game with your Android or iPhone?

Play the Westworld Game
How do get started with your Android or iPhone?

Getting started with the Westworld game on your Android or iPhone is quite easy.

The game is all free and is available at the app stores for you to download on your mobile.

All you need is to visit the Google Play store if you are an Android smartphone user and visit the iTunes store if you own an iPhone to download the free game app.

Once you have the game on your mobile, all you need is to play the game instantly.

Note that you require iOS 8.0 or later iPhone to have this app and for Android phones, you need a 4.4 and up device.

Pre Register with this Game to Get Awards and other Superb Offers

Pre regsiter Westworld game and get rewards
Pre Register with this game to get awards and other superb offers

You can Pre-register now to get special rewards, including early access to the Lawrence Host Code and other cool offers from WB Games and its affiliates. As a bandit and slickster, Lawrence is the ultimate wingman for any adventure.

Rewards will be unlocked to all pre-registered players who can only claim rewards by downloading the game. Note that rewards have no cash value and are awarded without any express or implied warranty.

How does the Westworld Game Work?

How does the Westworld game work?
How does the Westworld game work?

There are different levels in this game and what you need to do in this game is to satisfy guests by pairing them with the right hosts. Drop by Manufacturing, where the Narrative team sends created concepts for new hosts. Using a Host Code to manufacture a new host, you can build a basic model.

Westworld game app- Level 1
Westworld game app- Level 1

You gain XP points by completing objectives, like building hosts, engaging guests, and staging hold-’em-ups in the Sweetwater Bank. Work hard enough on your objectives and you can unlock the manufacture of Westworld character hosts like your ol’ pal Teddy Flood.

Westworld game app- Levels
Westworld game app- Levels

To find your guests you need to look at the train station where they are dropped regularly in groups, just like in the show. You can also head over to the Mariposa Saloon to engage them.

Westworld game
Westworld game app- Levels

Each host can play a few specific roles, which satisfy matching guest desires and needs. For example, some might be really into rolling the dice, so you’d build them a Gambler. Some might want to rob a bank, so you’d build them a Bandit. You can also build Cornerstone, Basic, Social, and Legendary Hosts, some of whom you know from the show.

If you make a guest happy, you earn rewards and resources to expand operations and upgrade your hosts. You can also earn new Host Codes to add to your arsenal.

From the Control Room, you can upgrade park locations, and as you level up, you can unlock different rooms, including Dr Ford’s office.

Features of the Game App

Westworld game features
Features of the game app

Though most of the features are what we have described above you can:

  • Upgrade the Delos facility to build, optimize, and unlock park locations such as Sweetwater, Escalante, Las Mudas, and more.
  • Manufacture, collect, and upgrade over 170+ Artificially Intelligent Hosts as you create the ultimate experience for Guests.
  • As the guests want to “live without limits.” Match the right Hosts with Guests, in order to satisfy their every desire with these violent delights.
  • Improve and upgrade A.I. Hosts by performing diagnostics, addressing glitches, and unlocking reveries.

Remember that though the game is all free there are few in-app purchases if you want more Delos premium or hosts or gems which range from AUD7.99 to AU$79.99 but that is your choice to buy them or not. Now enjoy!

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