How To Play Pokies Tournaments On Mobile With Real Money?

How to play pokies tournaments on mobile
Pokies tournaments on mobile

Pokies Tournaments on Mobile

Pokies tournaments on mobile are offered by online casinos. Also known as slot tournaments, they are a popular form of competitive games to punt at online casinos. These tournaments allow players to compete against each other for a chance to win prizes or cash rewards. You can play pokies and poker tournaments with mobile at any Australian online casino with real Australian dollars. You can play pokies tournaments at Ripper Casino, Bitstarz Casino, and others. These tournaments are not available on daily bases at online casinos but many casinos do offer them monthly for punters to enjoy and have fun as well as win thousands of Australian dollars.

Types of Pokies Tournaments

Vikings Gold Tournament at Bitstarz Casino
Vikings Gold Tournament at Bitstarz Casino

Pokies tournaments on mobile are of three basic types

  • Time-Limited Tournaments: In these tournaments, players have a set amount of time, such as 15 minutes or 30 minutes, to play a specific pokies game. The goal is to accumulate as many credits as possible within the given time frame.
  • Credit-Based Tournaments: In credit-based tournaments, players are given a certain number of credits to start with, and they must try to maximize their winnings by spinning the reels. The player with the most credits at the end of the tournament wins.
  • Winning Spins Tournaments: In these tournaments, players compete to achieve the highest multiplier or the biggest win on a single spin. The player with the highest win or multiplier wins the tournament.

Many pokies tournaments feature a leaderboard that displays the current rankings of participating players. This allows participants to track their progress and see how they stack up against others in real-time.

Free Pokies Tournaments

One of the most popular types of pokies tournaments on mobile is free pokies tournaments. Also known as freerolls these tournaments cost you nothing to enter and award real money prizes. While the prize pools may not be as big as some of the buy-in tournaments they do offer a chance of trying out online tournaments without risking any of your own money.

How to play pokies tournaments on mobile

Tourneys on mobile
Tourneys on mobile

Pokies tournaments enable you to compete with others for a share like percentage-wise or fixed amount of a pre-revealed prize pool. To enter a pokies tournament you need to pay an entry fee and get a chance to win real cash prizes or free spins or even free credits to play more. Casinos or pokies apps may offer special promotions or bonuses related to pokies tournaments, such as leaderboard bonuses or extra rewards for participating.

Winning combinations in pokies tournaments on mobile comes from the uniquely engineered software – Random Number Generator (RNG), which uses irregular algorithms to produce a range of up to a billion numbers, which then divides to produce a stop number each time a player hits the spin button. This combination is ever-changing and auditor-approved to ensure fair results.

  • All you need is to choose an online casino offering pokies tournaments and join that casino with your iPhone Safari browser or Android Chrome browser.
  • Click on sign up to register yourself as a player and make an initial deposit of say AU$10 or more.
  • Once done click on a tournament that looks appealing to you, and starts playing right away.

Note some online casinos may not allow you to join the pokies tournaments on mobile as a new player and ask you to at least play for a month at their casino and become a regular player to join tournaments. But that may depend on the casino to the casino.

Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are structured competitions where players compete against each other by playing various variants of poker, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, or Seven Card Stud, with the goal of accumulating chips and, ultimately, winning the tournament. Poker tournaments are competitive card game events where players compete against each other to win a portion or all of a prize pool, which can include cash, tournament tickets, or other rewards. These tournaments follow specific rules and structures, and they can be found in both physical casinos and online poker rooms.

Types of Poker Tournaments

Poker Tournaments at Bitstarz
Poker Tournaments at Bitstarz

Poker tournaments can come in many shapes and sizes – from a single table with just two players, to a field of thousands where players shift from table to table to balance out the numbers. Almost all poker tourneys fall into one of two categories:

  • Scheduled tournaments – This is the traditional way to play competitive poker, with a set starting time by which all players must be registered and ready to play.
  • Sit & Go Poker – Instead of a scheduled starting time, sit-n-go tournaments commence once a predetermined number of players have signed up. This format is popular in online poker and allows for speedy gameplay.

Within these brackets, there are multi-table tournaments (MTTs) and single-table tournaments (STTs). This doesn’t take a degree in rocket surgery to figure out: an MTT features larger fields spread across multiple poker tables, while an STT uses a solitary table with up to 10 players in total.

Sit and go poker tournaments
Sit and go poker tournaments

Sit and Go Tournaments are popular at online casinos and these games begin when after a fixed amount of players sign up and the contestant with the most credits claims victory once a time limit or certain amount of reel spins has been reached.

Many online casinos have tournaments scheduled only for VIP players. This is simple to adhere to. All you need is to play pokies or poker regularly at online or mobile casinos to add comp points to your play. When you reach a certain tier your VIP status is upgraded and you are offered many benefits in joining a tourney.

  • You can play with real AUD or Bitcoins to play pokies tournaments with mobile.
  • You can get free play in tournaments as a bonus to play tourneys at casinos

When you choose an online casino to play pokies tournaments with mobile always select the legit casinos that are licensed and regulated so that they offer you your wins on time.

Buy-ins & prize pools

Almost all poker tournaments worldwide require players to pay a buy-in. This amount which may or may not comes coupled with a separate entry fee goes towards your chip stack for the event. Every player pays the same amount to enter (unless you have won through a satellite event and thus covered your expenses), so everyone starts with the same amount of chips.

In most real cash poker tournaments, the buy-in money goes straight into the prize pool. So if there was a tourney with 120 entrants and a $100 buy-in, the total prize money would be around $12,000. For invitational poker events where there is no buy-in, the prize cash instead comes from sponsorship revenue.

Knockout tournaments
Knockout tournaments

Cash payouts in tournament poker

Tournament payouts in live and virtual poker are typically arranged in one of two ways:

  • Fixed payouts – More common in events with a low buy-in, a fixed prize structure awards predetermined amounts to a set number of winners like in a $10 buy-in tourney with 10 players, the prize pool is $100. The first place might get $50, second place $30 and third place $20, while the rest win nothing.
  • Proportional payouts – Here the winners earn a certain percentage of the total prize pool, with the number of paying spots and the exact percentages determined by the size of the field. As in a live poker tournament with 100 entrants and $100,000 prizemoney, the top 10 finishers get reward. The first place might get 65% of the pool for $65,000, second place could score 15% ($15,000), and so on down to 10th place, which might wind up with 0.5% ($500).

Points to note if you opt to play pokies tournaments on mobile

Pokies tournament on mobile with real AUD
Poker or pokies tournament first prize range from $5000 – $25000

1. Need Internet Connection

Pokies tournaments are always for online play and need good WIFI or internet connection to play all smooth. If in case your internet is not good, you can re-connect to the internet and you will be able to resume play as normal. Should your unceremonious exit be of a more permanent nature, however, your balance simply “freezes” at the disconnection point, and that amount you can see as your total winnings.

In pokies tournaments, you are actually playing against other players so play if you know the poker tips and how to play pokies.

2. Time Limit

Generally, tournaments range between 10 and twenty minutes long. To win the tournament you need to be top of the leader board by having the most coins in your Win Box. There are also prizes for second and third spots, making them a little more rewarding to a wider group of players

To play pokies tournaments fees range from between $2 up to $30. The bigger the entry fee the bigger the prize pool is. The top prize in the latter would be in the region of $20,000.

Pokies mobile tournament
Different pokies are offered to play at the pokies tournament

3. Know the tournament Lingo

You should be aware of various pokies and poker tournament terms and lingo. Like play time where you only have a certain amount of time during which to complete your tournament game. This limit may extend by obtaining either a Continue or Rebuy or the Leader board that enables you to check your position in real-time by displaying all your awards and tallies in play.


Pokies tournaments on mobile have become a captivating and convenient way for players to enjoy the excitement of competitive pokies gaming on the go. The ease of access and the flexibility offered by mobile devices have made these tournaments increasingly popular at online casinos. Whether it’s a time-limited competition, a credit-based showdown, or a test of luck on a single spin, mobile pokies tournaments provide players with diverse and thrilling experiences.

With mobile pokies tournaments, players can test their skills and luck against others from around the world, all from the palm of their hand. It’s essential, however, for participants to approach these tournaments with responsibility, setting clear budgets and time limits to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.


Q1. How do I participate in a mobile pokies tournament?

To participate in a mobile pokies tournament, you typically need to register at an online casino or a dedicated tournament platform. Once registered, you can find upcoming tournaments in the casino’s tournament section, pay the entry fee if required, and join the competition at the specified time.

Q2. What types of pokies tournaments are available on mobile devices?

Mobile pokies tournaments come in various formats, including time-limited tournaments where players try to accumulate the most credits within a set time, credit-based tournaments where you start with a fixed number of credits and aim to maximize your winnings, and winning spins tournaments where players compete for the highest win or multiplier on a single spin.

Q3. Are mobile pokies tournaments fair, or can they be rigged?

Reputable online casinos use certified random number generators (RNGs) to ensure the fairness of their pokies tournaments. Additionally, strict regulations and licensing requirements govern these platforms to prevent rigging or unfair practices. It’s important to choose a licensed and trustworthy casino for a fair gaming experience.

Q4. What are the prizes in mobile pokies tournaments?

Prizes in mobile pokies tournaments can vary widely. They may include cash rewards, bonus funds, free spins, or other casino-related perks. The prize structure and distribution are typically outlined in the tournament’s rules and can depend on factors like the number of participants and the entry fees collected.

Q5. Is it necessary to download a specific app to participate in mobile pokies tournaments?

Many mobile pokies tournaments are accessible directly through a casino’s mobile website or app. While some casinos offer dedicated tournament apps, it’s often not necessary to download a separate app. Players can generally access tournaments using their mobile device’s web browser, provided the casino’s website is mobile-friendly.

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