Play Google Stadia on Android Phone

Although Google Stadia have experienced a rocky start that doesn’t mean people are no more using the cloud-based gaming service? It’s missing many marquee features and needs a ton of data, but it’s still a gateway to the future of cloud gaming. And now, if you have an android phone, you can enjoy it. Here is how to Play Google Stadia on Rooted Android Phone.

What is Google Stadia

Google Stadia is a game streaming service that allows the user to play games over the Internet on any of the connected devices. Gaming hardware and all games are stored in the Google cloud, which is streamed directly to your phone. Furthermore, users can even play games at 4k@60fps. However, you need a compatible display to experience 4k gaming. And you don’t have to download the game either.

Play Google Stadia on Android


You can play Google Stadia on Pixel devices only. For this, you need any one of the Pixel phones — Pixel 4, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 2 — to play games on Stadia.

Still, there is a way out if you do not own any of the Pixel series devices. You just have to root your Android phone using Magisk. For this, you’ll also need a PC with ADB installed or a terminal emulator app on your phone. Now, just follow the instructions listed out by XDA and download the Stadia app to enjoy your favourite game on any Android phone.

How to install Google Stadia on Android devices with Root

There are two methods through which you can run Google Stadia on any rooted Android device. The first method is through the installation of the Xposed Framework. And the second method is by using the Terminal Emulator app. Please note that Google Stadia currently only supports 14 countries. Therefore, you must reside in one of those countries to install Google Stadia on your device even after following the methods mentioned here. However, you must download the Stadia app from third-party websites if you don’t reside in any of the 14 supported countries.

The Caveat to Keep in mind


The fact is, rooting your phone and following these instructions isn’t a risk-free process, as it’s very much possible to brick your device and you will void your warranty.

In any way, Stadia checks for two system attributes to check if your phone is Stadia-ready. With this process you can fool the Stadia app by making it think, it’s been installed on a Google Pixel 4.

Most of the time, the average consumer doesn’t know about rooting their phone, let alone how to do it. Most people will need to wait for the service as it is yet to launch on their device before trying it out.

Of course, Google will beef up its device detection methods probably in a future update, but for now, still, you can make Stadia yours on any rooted Android phone with a solid internet connection.

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