Casino Games With The Best Odds

The 3 Online Pokies and Casinos Games With The Best Odds
The 3 Online Pokies and Casinos Games With The Best Odds

Casino games with the best odds can be pokies and card or poker games. When it comes to RTP, not all pokies games are created equal.

Even though plenty of punters love pokies, not all are familiar with the term RTP. This is a classic mistake since it profoundly impacts your winnings.

The RTP is the return to player, a percentage that shows how much players win back for every $100 spent. Since it’s based on these statistics, games that offer RTP’s closer to 100% are the most advantageous to play. This simple aspect of the game is crucial, since the RTP varies wildly with every game.

RTP from 90-98% is Great

Doing your research is essential since there’s no industry standard for setting RTPs. They normally range from 90-98%, depending on the game. Progressive jackpots are notorious for offering low payback rates, so avoiding them is a safe bet.

To find out the RTP of a game, check the percentage listed on the rules or paytables of each pokies. The provider should be happy to provide this info, so watch out if they try to avoid making it public.

Even with publicly available information, it’s hard to guess which pokie games offer the best RTPs. For this reason, we compiled a list of games with the best payout rates online. Prepare to stack the odds in your favour with this list of surprisingly profitable games!

Casino Games With The Best Odds

1. Alaxe in Zombieland (98.9% RTP)

Pokies Games
This game offers the best odds online!

Unsurprisingly, a Microgaming creation topped our list since they are undisputed titans. They’re responsible for some of the most prolific pokies releases, & they also hold the title for best RTP. Of all their quality games, Alaxe in Zombieland steals the show with its larger-than-life RTP. Standing at 98.9%, this is easily the best odds for any pokies game at the time of this writing.

Instead of just relying on good odds, this game is also wildly fun to play. It immerses punters into a zombie-filled adventure that’s packed with surprises. This game is in a league, so come experience it for yourself!

2. 1429 Uncharted Seas (98.6% RTP)

Pokies Games
Take on the high seas with this adventurous game!

Over the years, Thunderkick has made a name for itself by creating delightfully quirky games. These games refuse to fall into a category, but they all share one thing. A favourable payout rate is their MO, & out of all Thunderkick’s releases, this one stands out.

At 98.6% RTP, this is one of the most profitable pokies games a punter can play. A gorgeous theme accompanies these great odds. Punters sail the high sea, winning free spins & big payouts. This release is too appealing to ignore, so start your next adventure with 1429 Uncharted Seas!

3. Blood Suckers (98% RTP)

Pokies Games
This game lets players fight for their lives.

Netent outdid themselves with this wild release. On top of creating a gripping theme, they offer some of the best online odds. Players are guaranteed a fair shot at winning since it doesn’t get much better than this. This 25-line pokies brings a romantic vampire theme to life. On top of being wildly entertaining, this game blesses players with a 98% RTP.

An action-packed storyline complements all these factors. This game’s fast pace & fun bonuses keep the experience fresh, allowing punters to enjoy it for months. Throwing open coffins & killing vampires is always fun, so you might as well make some money doing it!

Casino Games with the Highest Winning Odds

If you have ever been to a casino being confused about what you should play, here you will learn how to choose the game with the best winning odds.

So that you can reduce your losses by enhancing your winning chances, there are a few specific casino games with high odds of winning. Try to engage yourself more by playing such games to avoid the risk factors.

Below are a few casino games to try your luck with high odds of winning.

  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Roulette

1. Blackjack


Blackjack is a card-based game with the highest winning odds of 52%, which is good compared to other casino games. Also, blackjack allows many players to play simultaneously, but every player has to beat the dealer individually. The player and dealer compete and try to get the upper hand, which is 21.

The winning of this card game is based on your luck and skill. You can win blackjack with some knowledge and skill set. So, the odds of winning blackjack are high.

2. Craps


Craps is yet another table-based casino game that you can easily find in online casinos and brick-and-mortar ones. Craps is also known for its high odds of winning, which is more than 49%. Gambling lovers admire craps more than any game because of the fun and thrill the game has.

Craps game can accommodate as many as 20 players at a time which makes it more fun-filled and live.

The craps game is quite simple and easy to master with practice and experience with the minimum skillset, and the winning odds are also high. This makes craps one of the most played casino games ever. If you are a newbie or have limited experience, it’s better to enter games like craps with good winning odds.

3. Roulette


You would be lucky enough if you tried your luck in roulette, as you may earn some good bucks. Classic roulette has been quite the face of the gambling world for many years, as it is unbeatable in popularity. Gamblers find wheel-based spinning games are way more fun than any other games.

Roulette is also a game of less skill, which makes it most popular. The rules are pretty simple compared to any other casino game. The winning odds are mainly due to luck and basic knowledge about the game. Anyone with determination can master it instantly.

Roulettes are available in most casinos online and physically. About the simplest rules and patterns, roulette has 50% odds of winning. It is always suggested that you try your luck by playing roulette.

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