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UBet App

UBet is a free app for your mobile where you can place real money bets on races and sports. Be it AFL, NRL, horse racing or a wide variety of local and international sports, there are 1000s of betting markets available offering huge range of bet types.

Also for the residents of Queensland and UBet agencies the easiest way to bet in cash is with UBet Tappy that allows you to build bets via the UBet app, create a barcode to scan in-store and pay in cash.

How to get started with UBet App?

UBet App

You need to download the UBet App from iTunes store for iOS iPhone and iPad. The app is free of cost to have this on your device. Due to restrictions on Wagering apps, UBet is currently not available for download within the Google Play marketplace. But you can download the secure UBet app directly from UBet site by visiting the following address on your phone or tablet:

So for Android mobiles before you install, you may need to allow apps from ‘Unknown Sources’ by following the instructions below.

  • Open the “Settings” app on your phone/tablet and tap ‘Security’
  • Look for “Unknown Sources” and tap to activate (make sure it is ticked).
  • Pull / Swipe down the notification panel from the top of screen and select the item “UBET_3.XX_production.apk” (XX will be the latest version number)
  • Tap the Install button and you’re ready to go!

Once you got the app now you need to register yourself with UBet as a player.

Next log into your account using your UBet username and password.

You can also set up PIN and fingerprint authentication for quick and easy access, as well as securely scan your credit card for automatic population.

The UBet app also allows you to deposit and withdraw funds, as well as view your pending and resulted bet and transaction history. Plus you can quickly build multis with app.

UBet Multi Builder

UBet Multi Builder makes it easy to get a quick multi on. You can place a head to head or line multi on:

  • Australian Rules (AFL)
  • Rugby League (NRL)
  • Rugby Union (Super Rugby and more)
  • Soccer (A-League, EPL, International)
  • Basketball (NBL, NBA)
  • Hockey (NHL)

Multi Builder is available on the UBet App for iOS or Android.

Features of UBet App

Features of UBet App

  • As said above with UBet app you can have Sport Multi Builder where you can now navigate from match-to-match and sport-to-sport all in the one place.
  • You can place Mystery Bets like mystery trifecta, first four or combo bet!
  • Located in the racing menu, the Quaddie Builder gives you quick access to all horse, harness and greyhound racing Quaddies.
  • You can set up a PIN or fingerprint authentication, where applicable, for easy access to the app.
  • Use the search functionality on your mobile to search for the runner, meeting, team, or round you want to place a bet on.
  • Add your credit card by scanning with your device’s camera.
  • All your transactions with the UBet app are encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

Using Cash Tappy with UBet App

UBet Tappy

Once you download and install UBet app, you can build your bets and in the betslip select the ‘Cash Tappy’ tab, tap ‘Get Barcode’ in-store and take to a staffed UBet terminal or Cash Self Service terminal with a barcode scanner to scan and pay cash for your bet.

As said above only customers located in Queensland UBet venues and agencies can  place a bet via the UBet iOS and Android Apps with Cash Tappy. You can also find your nearest UBet Tappy enabled venue at a Retail Locator for any venues located within Queensland at

You need not have to be signed in to use Tappy or have a UBet Account as you can build your bets via the UBet app, jump into the betslip and generate a barcode without being logged in or without the need for a UBet account.

If there’s a long queue at the teller you can skip the queue by scanning your barcode at a UBet Self Service Terminal with a barcode scanner and pay in cash or with your UBet card.

To enable or disable tappy go to betslip, click on the gear icon that appears at the top of screen and tap the toggle switch next to item ‘Pay Cash’ to enable or disable Tappy. You can only edit a Tappy bet if placed at a UBet Self Service terminal or if an error is encountered with your bets at a staffed UBet terminal.

Also with Cash out you can take control of your Bet giving you the option to obtain a return from your Bet early on Single and applicable Multi Bets before the Match or Event is over.

Share your racing and sports betting tips with BetShare with Ubet app

If you wish you can share your racing and sports betting tips with your friends with UBet app using BetShare . You can send tips from your betslip or ticket history via text message, email, social media and more.

Simply tap on the BetShare link in the SMS, Email or social media post from your friend.

If you have the UBet app installed, you will be sent to the BetShare screen in the UBet app or directed to a page which contains a button to ‘Open In UBet App’.

If you don’t have the UBet app installed, you will need to install it by tapping the “Get UBet App” button for your device.

  • Simply add and place bets as you would normally inside the UBet app.
  • On your betslip confirmation screen, tap the “Share” button.
  • Choose how you would like to share your bet (via SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter or more).
  • Add your mates as recipients and hit send! You can add your own custom message in this step if you like – just keep the share address intact.

If you want to share bets from your ticket history then do the following steps

  • Go to your Ticket History screen (Accounts > Ticket History) and select the bet you would like to share. Any bet with open races or sport events are eligible to share.
  • Tap the share icon at the top right of screen
  • Choose how you would like to share your bet (via SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter or more).
  • Add your friends  as recipients and hit send! You can add your own custom message in this step if you like – just keep the share address intact.

Note that Betshare will not show the stake or your betting amount but only the details of race and sport events you have selected for your bet or multi.

Points to note when using the UBet app

  • You can also sign in with the same info as your account when you use UBet app. Your ticket and funds history will appear in the UBetapp.
  • To place the bet you need to go to the account section and use the card scanning feature, or manually add your card details. Only Visa or MasterCards are accepted.
  • You need to set up a bank account within the app in the account section to claim your winnings.
  • To listen to the Radio TAB in iPad from the media icon, select RadioTAB.  In iPhone/Android Phone: go to the racing menu select ‘Listen to RadioTAB’.  When you listen to RadioTAB, the live streaming download will come through the data plan or wireless connection on your device.
  • Federal legislation only allows live betting over the phone – Call the UBet Customer Contact Centre on 138 238 to place your live bets.
  • All your transactions with the UBet app are encrypted with secure socket layer (SSL) encryption.

Customer Care

Customer care Ubet

In case you need any help or find it difficult to use the app you can call toll free number 1800823888 24/7 or email them at or write to them at UBET PO Box: 248, Albion Queensland-4010. Interested in placing live bets call 138238 now.


Boost Mobile Plans

Boost Mobile recently announced new enhancements to its core Anytime Plus mobile plans, offering increased data inclusions and calls to standard International numbers in 50 eligible destinations. It’s obvious that mobile data continues to grow in importance for youth when considering a mobile network. In response, Boost Mobile’s new offers are highly competitive plans that include more data, importantly on every recharge, all on Australia’s best mobile network which ensures the Boost Customer also gets great coverage and speed.

The Boost team is excited to be launching these new offers that will benefit both new and existing customers as they want to make sure Boost constantly enhance their offerings and provide more compelling choices when it comes to pre-paid mobile plans, giving them more of what the user wants.

What is Boost Anytime Plus Pre Paid Plan?

Boost Mobile- Recharge Plans

Running on Telstra’s 4G network, Boost Anytime Plus pre-paid plans have more data on recharges of $20 and above – including an extra 8GB of data on the $50 Boost Anytime Plus, so you’ll get 20GB with every recharge.

  • You’ll also score 100 minutes of calls from Australia to standard International numbers in 50 countries when you recharge $30 or more.
  • The $10 recharge gets you 1GB data, unlimited calls and texts to standard Australian numbers, a 7-day recharge expiry and you can Stream Apple Music data-free. Subscription charges apply, though – and non-music content such as video, downloads, album art, authentication, social interaction will incur data charges.
  • The $20 recharge gets you all of the above but with 2.5GB standard data to use anytime and a 28-day recharge expiry.
  • $30 gets you 5GB standard data to use anytime, and you can roll over unused data to use within your next recharge when you recharge $30 more before expiry.
  • You’ll also get 100 minutes of calls from Australia to standard International numbers in 50 eligible destinations.
  • With a $40 recharge you get all of the above, plus 15GB of data. Also, there’s the $50 20GB deal, too.

Other Latest Boost Plans

From Unlimited Data and affordable Family Plans, to international calling options and Wi-Fi Hotspot Plans, you can choose the Boost plan that’s best for you.

Single plan from Boost Mobile

Single line plans with unlimited talk, text, and all the data you need


Boost Mobile- Family Plan

Family Plans with unlimited data, talk and text.

How to get this plan?

This offer is open to new and existing customers, and is available now online or at AusPost, BigW, Coles, JB HiFi, Kmart, Target, 7 Eleven or Woolworths.

Also you can visit any one of the 12,000 retail outlets and have this plan at once.

You can also recharge with this plan Via your Boost mobile dial #111# or type

You can activate your SIM using your existing number or get a new one. If you are porting from Telstra to Boost Mobile, you will need a special blank Boost Mobile SIM. You can call 1800 026 678 and Boost will send one out to you.

To activate your SIM you’ll need: Your SIM serial number or service number (You can find these numbers either on your SIM Starter Kit or the Telstra packaging that came with your new device.) One valid form of ID like Australian driver’s licence or learner’s permit, Medicare card, Australian passport or International passport with valid Australian visa.

Then Simply head to and follow the steps:

• If you wish to keep your existing number simply select “Keep my existing number” during the activation process. You do not need to contact your previous provider. We’ll sort that out with them.
• When you’ve completed the activation form
• You’ll receive an SMS and email to confirm your activation is underway.

Your number should be active within 4 to 24 hours after activating. If you make a request outside business hours, including Sundays and public holidays, it will process it on the next business day. If you are keeping your existing number, you can still use the number with your previous provider until the switch to Boost is complete.When your Boost SIM is active, you’ll receive an SMS or email notification letting you know that your Boost Mobile service is ready to use.

Also there are four ways to recharge with Boost

  • The most popular option is on the Boost Mobile App. You can download android or iphone Boost app according to your device and recharge with your credit card.
  • Then recharge this plan by Dialing #111# from your phone
  • Or type from your phone’s browser
  • Or you can pay with a credit card, PayPal or a voucher purchased from a retailer.

With auto recharge option your phone will automatically recharge each month so you can get on with the more exciting stuff. Your recharge will be set to the same date each month. So if it is a 31 day month your recharge will last for 31 days!

How Pre Paid Plan works?

How Boost Prepaid plan work

To get the Pre Paid Plan you need to just buy the phone you want or have get the phone or SIM you already have, pick a plan and add money to your account regularly to maintain service. There are no annual contracts, no credit checks, no monthly bills, no coverage fees and no roaming charges.

When you choose prepaid, you pay for most or all of the cost of your phone up front, and save immediately by paying less for your service. On a traditional two-year contract, you might save money on the phone at first, but you’re actually paying for the phone as part of your bill every month. A prepaid plan with Boost starts at $35/mo, A plan on a postpaid contract often ends up costing you $100/mo or more.

Also prepaid gives you flexibility. If you don’t like your service, or just don’t need it anymore, cancel it as there are no long-term commitments here.

Boost offers everything from basic flip phones to ultra-powerful 4G LTE smartphones on plans with unlimited talk, text and data. Pick from top-tier manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and LG. Or choose a super-affordable basic phone if you don’t use and LG. Or choose a super-affordable basic phone if you don’t use your phone much, or need a quick replacement. Note that Boost Mobile runs on the Nationwide Sprint Network in Australia.


In a world filled with distractions, more people are turning to meditation to mitigate their stress. Now everyone is juggling so many tasks that it’s easy to lose track of the present. Everyday more people are experiencing unwanted emotional baggage from the grueling hours of modern society. You don’t have to be a hippy to want to clear your mind, and this epiphany is fueling fresh interest in meditation. Now that more business people are searching for inner peace, this once exclusively Eastern practice is invading the Western world.

Ironically, many mobile users are turning to meditation apps to get a break from the stresses of modern technology. While this may seem counter-intuitive, there are plenty of apps that are worth trying. These programs have managed to stand out amongst the sea of competition by easily helping users clear their mind with meditation. It’s never too late to start meditating, and it’s surprisingly easy to learn with the right guidance. For this reason, we compiled a list of the best meditation apps. They open up doors to new levels of self-awareness, so start training your mind to work for you!

Best Meditation Apps for Beginners

Meditation Apps

It’s never too early to learn meditation!

Meditation App #3: Smiling Mind – Out of all the available programs, this is the only one that caters to all age groups. Kids as young as 7 years old can start practicing a slew of intriguing meditation exercises. Each program is divided by age, with the first group covering 7 to 11 years. These can be used at home or in the classroom to help young minds cope with their emotions.

Even though this app caters to kids, it’s perfect for adults who are just getting into meditation. They have an easy-to-use interface that steadily trains users in doses that are easily retainable. The best part is, this app is completely free. There’s no excuse not to dabble in meditation, so start from scratch with this app!

Meditation Apps

Pick which setting fits your current mind state!

Meditation App #2: Buddhify – For a small upfront fee, users get access to over 80 meditation exercises. These are tailor-made to fit into every facet of your day. Users can use it when they are waking up, feeling stressed, having sleep problems or taking work breaks.

Each track ranges from five to thirty minutes, which allows them to be used in any schedule. It also offers a check in system that evaluates each user’s progress and qualifies how well you are meditating. At $4.99 for iPhone and $2.99 for Android, this is one of the most appealing meditation apps available!

Meditation Apps

This app makes learning meditation easy.

Meditation App #1: Headspace – For those who have trouble meditating, this app is the perfect tool. They offer a free course called Take 10 that contains 10 novice-focused 10-minute meditation exercises. These help users understand the fundementals of meditation with a personalized progress page. They also have a reward system for continued practice and a buddy system for friends to keep eachother motivated. Once you complete the Take 10 course, you can pay a monthly or yearly fee to keep honing your newly found meditation skills. This app is so effective that Emma Watson has endorsed it, so start meditating like a pro!


Thanks to Dell’s new XPS 8930 Tower, gamers on a budget have something to be excited about in 2018. Instead of trying to impress potential clients with a flashy design, Dell stuck to the basics. They created a computer that harnesses a surprising amount of internal power. This allows it to provide great gaming performance that can satisfy the most avid gamer. For those who want to build their own PC, this tower has a solid base for expansion.

Ironically, all this comes in a low key design. Equipped with an all black matte finish, the Dell XPS 8930 Tower is extremely unassuming. While the outside features aren’t flashy, the hardware is where the real action is at. The XPS 8930 sports powerful features that can be customized to be even faster. Starting at $1,000, this tower is too versatile to ignore.

Faced with rising prices of GPUs, towers like these are extremely enticing for gamers. To give our readers an intimate glimpse at this new release, we decided to try it out for a day. What we discovered was shocking, since the XPS 8930 kept us guessing. Explore the features of this promising release with our in-depth article!

Meet Dell’s XPS 8930 Tower

XPS 8930

Don’t let this tower’s looks fool you.

When examining the XPS 8930, users are automatically reminded of Dell’s silver XPS Tower Special Edition. It features the same simple appearance, but this design is highlighted by a black matte finish. These clean lines highlight the fact that this tower isn’t advertised as a gaming desktop. For this reason, it doesn’t have the same extravagant aesthetics as Dell’s Inspiron Gaming Desktop.

Even though it isn’t flashy, there’s plenty to be excited about with the XPS 8930. While the outside is tame, the inner hardware is where it shines. The base model comes with 8th-gen Intel Core processors, four-core Core i3-8100, 8GB of RAM & Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060. The latter is the most exciting, since it has 6GB of GDDR5.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 allows it to handle games seamlessly. On average it held a steady 50 to 70 fps on high graphic settings. Maintaining such fluid performance on a long range of taxing games is an impressive feat. This surprising capability puts the XPS 8930 in the same league as more expensive competitors. It’s on par with the MSI Trident 3, which is completely unexpected after comparing the prices of both desktops.

XPS 8930

The inner hardware is ready to accommodate customizations.

The best part is the XPS 8930 is ready to upgrade. For an extra $100, clients can move up to a Core i5 or drop $250 to get a Core i7. For those who crave more power, it can even be upgraded to a Radeon RX 580. On the inside there are two available slots of PCle that can accommodate expansion cards. These are flanked by two empty HDD slots. This gives users plenty of room to level up the specs as they save more money.

All these features make Dell’s new release an exciting entry-level gaming PC. The XPS 8930 delivers a refreshingly worthwhile PC for a decent price. Users aren’t stuck with the traditional hardware, so there’s plenty of room for this GPU to grow. It isn’t often that a company focuses on performance over aesthetics, so take advantage of Dell’s gaming revolution!


How can I stop my impulse of mobile checking all the time?

Most of you might be having an impulse to check your mobiles often. No sooner you get up from your bed you at once look at your mobile for missed calls, text notifications, whatsapp messages and your subscription app notices that you might have missed during your sleep at night. Then with the start of the day you keep on pressing your home button and swiping in and out to look at notifications, checking your Facebook profile or texting whatsapp messages to your friends.

This urge goes on throughout the day and has formed a routine in your life. If you are one of the mobile users who cannot control this pressure to check your phone often then here is how to stop your impulses in this mobile checking habit.

According to Max Ogles the author of the book Boost: Create Good Habits Using Psychology and Technology, if you have a smartphone, it’s pretty much guaranteed it’s distracted you in a moment when your attention should have been elsewhere. He argues that, even though smartphones are undoubtedly useful, they come packaged with detrimental psychological and physical effects:

He states in his book that a real scale has been devised to measure how much of a negative impact mobile phones can have on your behavior. The acronym “PUMP” stands for ‘Problematic Usage of Mobile Phones.’ The PUMP research points to real similarities between substance abuse addictions and technology overuse — to the point that ‘though problematic mobile phone use has not, to date, been recognized as a diagnosable condition, experts in the field are debating its inclusion as one.

Ways to stop the urge for looking at your mobile all the time

What you need to do to stop the impulse of mobile checking all the time according to Ogles

You need to weaken the triggers that too often compel you to check your mobile all the time.

Remove gaudy ring tones and turn off all notifications that don’t relate either to texts or phone calls.

You want to give your phone fewer opportunities to remind you it’s there.

Set a place for your mobile in your home where you can keep your mobile to rest and do not bother to look at it for few minutes, then lengthen your time to few hours.

Also to reduce your phone’s negative impact assign it a place other than your dining room, bedroom when at home so that you when you have your meals you are not disturbed and when you sleep and get up early morning you are not prone to finding your mobile. Mobile is out of sight and out of mind.  At work, leave it in your bag or purse out of reach. When you don’t give your phone a place, that’s when things get out of control.

Therefore these tips will certainly minimize your impulses to check your phone often. Remember you might be facing health problems, sleep depreviation and other emotional and psychological problems so better to take action right now.


Even though it’s easier to get hit by lightning than win a multi-million-dollar progressive jackpot doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Every year, a few lucky punters strike it rich on their favorite games. Instead of sticking to traditional games, these punters decided to try their luck with progressive pokies machines. While they pay out considerably less than their counterparts, progressive pokies have a certain allure. Their wins are larger than life, since they are fueled by all the previous losses. Every time someone plays and losses, a portion of the cash they spent goes towards augmenting the jackpot.

Overtime progressive pokies machines accumulate jackpots that are absolutely staggering. For this reason, when punters hit the jackpot they are instantly made millionaires. These impressive victories are too sensational to ignore, since they embody the dream of any ambitious punter.

Hitting these jackpots is so rare that it’s easy to think that these wins don’t exist. Even though it’s foolish to plan on winning, automatically ruling it as impossible is just as tragic. For this reason, we compiled a list of the biggest progressive pokies jackpots ever won. They are so large that they can inspire anyone to hit the casino, so encourage your inner-punter with this article!

Biggest Pokies Jackpots of All-Time

Pokies Jackpots

What are the odds of winning twice?

Pokies Jackpot #3: $27.5 Million – When a retired flight attendant entered the Palace Station in Las Vegas, she only planned on spending $100. She was 67 years old, and had already won big in the past. A few years earlier, she hit a $680,000 jackpot on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine at the same casino. This jackpot peaked her curiosity, so she tried the Megabucks machine at the Palace Station on November 15th, 1998.

When she exceeded the amount of money she planned on spending, something kept her playing. Whether it was intuition or pure luck, no one knows. The only thing completely certain is the fact that $300 into the game, she hit a staggering jackpot. The Megabucks machine awarded her $27.5 million, which ended up making history. It was the first time that a Megabucks had surpassed $20 million, and it assured that she was set for life.

Pokies Jackpots

This woman’s luck came to a dramatic end.

Pokies Jackpot #2: $34.9 Million – This victory is just as tragic as it is inspiring. When 37-year-old waitress Cynthia Jay-Brennan hit a Megabucks jackpot on January 26th, 2000, she assumed that her problems were over. Unfortunately, even the $34,955,489.56 victory couldn’t save her from fate. Just six weeks after hitting the jackpot, a habitual drunk driver slammed into the back of her car. The crash killed Cynthia’s sister and left her paralyzed. This tragedy fueled the urban legend that bad things happen to punters who win large jackpots.

Pokies Jackpots

This staggering victory turned one software engineer into a tycoon.

Pokies Jackpot #1: $39.7 Million – Even though the chance of winning was one in 16.7 million, one techie beat the odds. On March 21st, 2003, a 25-year-old software engineer made history at the Excalibur. After investing $100 in the Megabucks slot machine, he won the largest jackpot in Las Vegas History. In total he won $39,710,826.36, so it’s not surprising that he chose to stay anonymous. It’s the biggest pokies victory to date, but it’s only a matter of time before someone outdoes it.


Google Pixel 2

Google new smartphone Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have many new features. This new feature in mobile will automatically identify the name of songs whenever music is playing around you. The song name shows up on your lock screen, and with a quick tap, you can learn more about the artist, purchase the song, or play the track on your favorite music streaming service.

The best way to emulate the Pixel 2 “Now Playing” functionality is with a new feature in the most popular music-identifying app. So to start, go to the Play Store and install Shazam.


Once installed, open Shazam and run through the setup process. In the middle of your display will be a massive button of the Shazam logo. Long-press the button and a popup will emerge asking if you wish to turn on Auto Shazam. Tap “Turn On” here, then Shazam will ask permission to record audio, so choose “Allow.”

Shazam app

Now that Auto Shazam is enabled, anytime Shazam hears music, it will identify the song and notify you when it gets a match. Though it may take few minutes, but it’s amazingly accurate when it comes to finding any song playing. This even works when your screen is off like in the Pixel 2, but it’s more consistent with the screen on and unlocked.

Shazam App

To see the name of any song, just tap the Shazam found notification and you’ll be taken to a page with more details. If you wish, you can create an account with Shazam which just requires an email address to save your list so that always have access to it. This provides an easy way to stream or purchase the songs Shazam has identified.

Features of the Shazam app

  • You can identify music instantly and share in the thrill of music discovery with the artists like Drake, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled and others.
  • There are new discoveries from artists you’ve Shazamed that appear automatically.
  • You can follow new artists with a tap of a button and see what those artists are Shazaming.
  • Stay up-to-date about new singles, albums, and videos from the artists you follow.
  • Also enjoy music lyrics and YouTube videos. Preview songs and add them to Apple Music or Spotify playlists.
  • Also find out what’s popular in your town, your country and the world.
  • You can see what your friends are Shazaming when you connect your Facebook account

Aging isn’t easy, but it can be streamlined by using a few Android apps. It’s no secret that smartphones have revolutionized our lives, and this is especially true for seniors. What were once devices for younger demographics have adapted to cater to all age groups. In 2014, half of Americans aged 65 & over owned a smartphone or tablet. This was a drastic increase from a few years earlier, and this number is only going to grow.

As more seniors get comfortable using smartphones, their demand for apps is accelerating. Developers haven’t ignored this trend, and they have started creating more apps that are dedicated to elderly users. While some of these apps may seem repetitive or downright condescending, many are indispensable tools for seniors. We all know someone that these apps can help, which is why it’s good to stay informed on what’s available. For this reason, we compiled a list of the best Android apps for seniors. There’s no reason to age without assistance, so discover which apps provide the best guidance!

Best Android Apps for Seniors


Get news feeds that are catered to your interests.

App #3: Prismatic – When it comes to seeing interesting news, no app does a better job than Prismatic. They compile news stories from multiple publishers into an interface that’s just as easy-to-use as it is attractive. The layout is perfect for seniors, since it effortlessly displays multiple stories without being overwhelming.

Every type of news source imaginable is available, which leads to its most impressive feature. This app sports an impressive aggregation algorithm that adapts to each user’s tastes. It allows anyone to customize the feed by selecting their interests and the app takes it from there. This algorithm is constantly learning, so the more it’s used the more relevant the news stories become. It’s not often that an app learns with you, so don’t miss out on this futuristic news source!


Take the guesswork out of medication with this app.

App #2: Medisafe – For those who are taking multiple medications, this app is a godsend. It’s not everyday that an app provides medical guidance that’s approved by the FDA. From keeping track of medicines to detailing treatment plans, this app guides users on their path to wellness. There’s also the option to set reminders and create status reports to keep users accountable. Medisafe stores all user information in a secure manner, so there’s no excuse not to utilize this app!


Stimulating brain function is a great way to ease aging.

App #1: Lumosity – To stay healthy at an older age, engaging the mind is essential. Studies show that stimulating the brain with small exercises helps mitigate the risk of Alzheimer’s & dementia. On top of these health benefits, solving puzzles and other mental challenges is extremely entertaining. In this sense, Lumosity went above and beyond.

They provide countless games that are specifically designed to stimulate memory & cognition. Instead of being boring, these games are extremely entertaining. Lumosity went out of their way to make their games as entertaining as they are healthy. This attractive design and simple premise has made it a hit amoungst elderly smartphone users. There’s no reason to let a good mind go to waste, so revive it with this app!


How to convert your old mobile into super smart usage at home with six easy ways

What you do when you discard your old mobile phone? Throw it in the bin or send it for recycling and buy a new smartphone.  According to a Deloitte consumer survey from 2016 only about 13 per cent of people actually recycle or bin their phones.  Old mobile handsets seem to be of no use to many but being a bit creative you can make full use of this not wanted mobile and convert it into super smart usage at home. Here are the six ways you can think of reusing your old device before sending it into the trash.

1. Hand it over to your kid to play

Old mobile use

Kids always want your phone and whats better to hand them your old mobile. You can lock down the settings on your old phone and make it into a kid-friendly entertainment device. In old iPhone just  go to Settings app > General > Restrictions > Set a passcode and turn restrictions on. From there you can turn off access to everything you don’t want your child to fiddle with, including the web browser, camera, location services and the ability to install and delete apps or make in-app purchases.

On an Android phone the best way to set it up for your child is to create a user account for them that has restrictions applied to it. Go into: Settings > Users > Add user or profile.Create a restricted profile and toggle off the things you don’t want your child to have access to.

From the Google Play Store you can also go into parental controls to limit what type of apps and content they can look at and download.

Then once your phone is set up how you like it, just go to the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store, browse the kids or family categories and fill up your phone’s home screen with a few essential games or media players.  Get a sturdy case and maybe a screen protector and you then have the ultimate kid-proof device. Now they won’t be bugging you for your phone.

Though a smartphone without a sim card can still dial triple-0 it is better to put the phone into airplane mode it will help stop accidental calls and save battery life too.

2. Old phone now a dedicated MP3 player

Convert old phone into MP3 player

Old phones will help you make room in your new smartphones. All you need is to fill your old phone with all the music and empty your new phone creating lots of space for more valuable data on new mobile. This serves two purposes. Neither your best song albums are lost and new phone works more efficient due to more memory. Also if your phone usually gets low on power by the end of the day, it makes sense to listen to music on a separate device during your daily commute.

It might also be easier to keep your headphones attached and wrapped around an old device than go fishing in your bag for the cords and dongles.  If you prefer to go with streaming music services, that’s still fine on an old phone with no mobile data. Also you can save music for offline use if you have a subscription to a streaming service with that feature and just download your playlists at home over wifi and then you’ll have your collection on the go.

3. Enjoy listening to digital radio

Enjoy listening to digital radio

Old mobiles can also be used for listening to the digital radio. There are a lot of different radio apps available for both Android and iPhone, many of them free. The apps will stream over your home wifi as you do not need any sim card or radio receiver for that.  Make a mobile stand or buy one and keep radio mobile in your kitchen, living room or even in your car.

4. Convert it into handheld gaming device

Old phone now a pokies player

How about converting your old mobile into a handheld gaming device? You can play free pokies and download any games app you want. You can buy controllers or adapters that turn your old device into a much more comfortable and traditional game machine. Android phones are best for this as they allow you to use an array of Bluetooth controllers you may already own, instead of a controllers made only to work with an iPhone. Both phone ecosystems will have controller-compatible games available to download but Android also offers emulators for classic game systems. Using an old phone just for games is a great way to avoid draining the battery of your daily driver.

5. Monitor your house activity

Old phone camera

An old phone can also be used as a cheap device to monitor your house. All you need is a spare phone, your choice of security camera app and a wall socket. Just position the device and plug in the power cord and then you can record footage or even stream remotely to another mobile phone. Some apps also have a feature that will allow the device to only record when it detects movement.

6. Keep your business secret

Keep your business secret with your old mobile

With an old mobile phone, particularly an iPhone running iOS 8 or later, with no sim card you can have a secure communication even if you have to dig into the settings to disable GPS. One of the most secure communication devices you can buy is an iPod Touch with just Signal or WhatsApp installed. There’s no GPS, the operating system and your messages are encrypted and if you only use it for chat, you’re less likely to get the device infected by visiting a malicious link. So whats better use an old phone can do to keep your secrets.

For business communications you can use encrypted devices like these to ensure tips or confidential information remain secret. There isn’t any super sophisticated custom hardware involved here as everyday consumer devices offer full system encryption. Depending on your needs, keeping your encrypted communication to a separate device can be smart practice.

Besides these six ways that can make your old mobile into great usage at home you can also give your old device to the underprivileged. Many a times the persons that work for us at home cannot afford to buy a iPhone or a better Android smartphone. So instead of throwing it away you can lend them for free so that they can make full use of it.


For a phone with no solid release date, the Galaxy S9 has already taken the industry hostage. It won’t be unveiled until February 25th at Mobile World Congress in Spain, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors. Samsung fans have been debating for months on what their new flagship phone will look like. Everything from under the glass fingerprint scanners to improved facial recognition features are being speculated. While these are all tempting additions, it remains unclear whether they will actually be included in this release.

Even though there’s still a month to go before the S9 is seen by the public, Samsung hasn’t stopped teasing us. They just sent out an invite with a big nine that says “Camera, reimagined”. This hints that the camera is going to feature drastic improvements, making it the focal point of the phone. While this is exciting news, there are plenty of other potential features that are nothing short of groundbreaking.

Faced with so many rumors, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know what to expect. To clear the air, we compiled a list of Galaxy S9 rumors that are most likely to be true. These have all been verified by industry insiders, so the odds of them becoming part of the S9 are overwhelming. Get a better idea of what to expect with this eye-opening article!

Most Credible Galaxy S9 Rumors

Galaxy S9 Rumors

Samsung is driving speculations through the roof with this invite.

Rumor #1: Improved Facial Recognition – Even though the S9 won’t sport a Face ID-style depth-sensing facial scanner, it’s still getting upgraded. Samsung has gone to great lengths to improve their 2D facial scanning, and the S9 will feature these changes. The new iris scanner will sport 3MP, which is a drastic improvement from last year’s 2MP model. This extra megapixel will allow the iris scanner to recognize users easier in low/high light environments. To back up this change, the phone’s biometric software will also be upgraded.

Rumor #2: New Chip – Sticking to tradition, Samsung will debut their new chip in a flagship phone. While the Galaxy S8 featured the Snapdragon 835, the S9 will boast the Snapdragon 845 chip. This chip was co-designed and manufactured by Samsung, so it’s no surprise that it will be featured in the S9.

Using the Snapdragon 845 will give users access to a slew of improvements. The new chip will improve the speed and power efficiency of the phone. It also has a dedicated AI chip that will undoubtedly improve Bixby’s functionality. On top of AI technology, the 845 chip will include a Secure Processing Unit. This will work in conjunction with Samsung Knox to provide even more secure ways to store payment and biometric data.

Galaxy S9 Rumors

One of the countless S9 renditions circulating online.

Rumor #3: Improved Camera – After seeing Samsung’s invite, this improvement is a given. While dual cameras on both models are unlikely, the S9+ will probably sport dual cameras. Even though the smaller model will have one camera, it has some key improvements. According to Chinese site Vechgraphy, the main camera on both phones will have a f/1.5 aperture. This is wider than the Note 8’s f/1.7 lens and will help provide better photos in low-light environments.

Another rumor is that users will be able to manually switch between f/2.4 and f/1.5 apertures. This will provide crisper portraits and better photos in any imaginable environment. Whether Samsung has more tricks up their sleeves remains to be seen, but these factors are the most likely to come true!


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