Ninja Turtle or Nunchuku- Your iPhone cover case

I Phone Cover

Gotta iPhone device! Obviously you are worried how to protect it from any damage. For that you buy a smart cover to roll over it for safety. But do you know that there is a mobile phone cover that protects the phone and also looking trendy. It is called the Nunchaku style iPhone cover.

Designed for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the Nunchaku style iPhone cover is free to rotate like a nunchaku, it enables your phone to stand free like a tablet, and of course, it protects your phone’s screen.


  • It is very durable and lightweight.
  • You can Play with it just like nunchaku in your hand anytime or anywhere.
  • It offers protection against scratches, damages and shocks.
  • It can be as a stand while you are enjoying movies or E-books.
  • It has a Push-pull type which is very creative and unique.
  • It is easy and simple to install, no tool required.
  • All buttons and ports can be touched without removing the cover.

This cover is funny and interesting case for your phone made from high class resin material While the cover is really more like a butterfly knife than a pair of nunchukus, you’ll be turning heads no matter what it’s named.  The cost of this iPhone cover is 3,400 yen ($35)

Nunchuku is really a trick Cover case that will slide your phone out, you flip it up, and then you use it either flush against the back of the case, or you could prop it up and allow the case to double as a kickstand for your phone for you to watch movies, surf the web, use it on your night stand, and so on. This cover is designed to toss your iPhone around like one end of a nunchuck without actually flinging it against the wall. A swift move of the hand moves the front plate out; another snap throws it to the back. And be cautious in playing this Ninja trick as you might in show off break your iPhone. Therefore you have to make sure that when you get this iPhone cover your phone is securely placed inside.